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Gwalior Fort: In this 360 degree video, we take you on a walk through this magnificent monument

This historically rich city of Gwalior, in Madhya Pradesh, has a plethora of sights for tourists to take in. But none is perhaps as exquisite as the Gwalior Fort.

This 8th century fort, situated on a hill, encapsulates a range of influences in its architecture. It's noted for having the oldest recorded inscription of the mathematical term '0' in a small temple situated within its precincts.

Shades of blue adorn the walls of the fort — the azure hue is as much a treat for the eye as the fort's story is to history buffs. A huge plus is that much of the fort's structure is still intact

There are several myths that surround the fort, and its rulers. These would make for delightful tales to be told around a campfire, as you sip on hot cups of chai.

If a trip to the fort seems a bit far away at this point, how about taking this virtual walkthrough we created, with this 360 degree video?

Explore the ‘almost real’ historical structure and the monuments it houses.

Side note: our producer on this shoot hails from old Gwalior. The terrace of his maternal home overlooks the fort.

You can also experience Khajuraho and its monuments, in a similar 360° walkthrough or travel to Mandu, to relive the glory of its historic ruins.

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