From lesbian experiences to reliable wives: What Indian men want to know about women on Quora

By Vinay Kumar

Women seem to remain a mysterious species to men. Especially Indian men. The internet hasn’t really helped, rather it has obfuscated and mythologised more than clarify. But it has helped build a platform for many stumped Indian men who seek answers. Quora is a place where everybody gives such polite answers, it makes you wonder if it’s a setup or an elaborate prank.

Here are some questions Indian men asked about women that made us fall off our chairs. We’ve also picked some of the, ahem, ‘interesting’ answers for you.


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Quora Answer: “Yes. I do find Japanese women very attractive. And I know that there's a lot of difference between Japanese, Korean and Chinese women. The traits which I find attractive in them are that, Japanese women are very cute and shy, and as a wife, they are very obedient and reliable partners. Having watched anime for a long time, I am quite aware of the culture and I even follow a bit of J-Pop. (Angerme's Meimi Tamura is one of my favorites!).”

What better way to learn about an entire nation’s culture than an art form that has a bizarre obsession with breasts, overly sexualises female characters and unusual expectations of the female form. Anime can sometimes be genius, but no it isn’t the best way to learn about Japanese culture. It’s like someone wanting to understand Indian culture through Chhota Bheem. Just, no.


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Quora Answer: “Well..... they do.....though not that common. Most girls just make fun of each other’s bodies or looks, as silly humor, nothing else. But there are girls, reportedly from Anglo-Indian communities, who have lesbian tendencies. Even here, mostly in good, but private jokes. Much less as a relationship. I was told this sometime back by some common friends, they can be trusted. Very rarely with other communities because of their upbringing and stuff. Hope this (actually) helped :)”

This keen interest in what’s happening in your neighbour’s house is perhaps normal human tendency – but our friend here seems a bit too nosy. The dude who answered is clearly a budding anthropologist *eye roll*. Apart from his believing dumb rumours.


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Quora Answer: “Probably not. Once a person breaks the line, one is free to do it again and again. If one has tasted alcohol, there is a good chance that one might resort to it multiple times without any regrets. Same thing happens with ‘relations’ (probably to a lesser degree). This is applicable to the males as well.”

This dude has been watching all the wrong movies. We recommend that he take a look at The Ladies Finger’s film reviews. It might help him drop the cheesy filmy dialogues that aren’t cool anymore, unless he’s Chiranjeevi. If he’s not, then he’s not. Better luck next life.


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Quora Answer: A few women jumped in to answer this one, and it was interesting to say the least. Here’s one of them:

“Not necessarily. However, what many Indian women can find with ‘white guys’ is non-judgements regarding their sexual history. I never get the question ‘How many?’ from white guys. A good friend of mine (Iranian) came up with a beautiful analogy. Many Indian guys believe they are purchasing a ‘used’ car. But it is not the case. It is the difference between a car that works and a car that doesn't. A woman who isn't sexually active around the age 20-30 could indicate serious medical or psychological issues.”


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Quora Answer: This is the question with most responses from our selections today, and the answers are all over the place. The most common are mother, sister, women in the family, and other local heroes. Oh, and Neerja Bhanot, the flight attendant who was shot dead by the terrorists while saving the passengers of the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 on 5 September 1986. Another popular choice turns out to be Merin Joseph, “The Most Beautiful IPS Officer in Kerala.” Like she wasn’t annoyed enough already.

We can’t pick one answer for you here, you must read them all. There is so much hate on the Internet in general, but all the nice people seem to gather on Quora. So drop whatever you’re doing to join Quora and bask in the respondents’ sweet-too-sweet sensibilities.


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Quora Answer: This is the question of the hour! Everybody wants to know the answer! Please tell us! Well, not really, we’re kidding. But the people who responded weren’t. One of the respondents wrote: Friend, philosopher and guide for life. Actually its tough question to answer because every man has his own conception for his partner-to-be. But as man I think first he wants a close friend with he can share everything... here everything mean everything. Second he wants a philosopher whom he can ask what solution of small problem or big problems he faces in life and also he want to maintain his ego. This can happen only with good understanding mature girl. Same way at last we wants guide who will guide him to prosperous life with her smile and encouragement. Thats all.”

This guy needs to keeping writing such stuff. I’m sure someone will commission you to write a book. Just make your email address public and keep checking your inbox.

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Updated Date: May 29, 2016 15:15:02 IST

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