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Discriminated due to his turban, Sikh postman wins battle against Disney

In another case of discrimination based on religion, a Sikh postman employed with Disney alleged that he was being segregated from customers at the park due to violating what they called a 'look policy', reports BBC.

Repreentational image. IBNLive

Repreentational image. IBNLive

Gurdit Singh, who has been working with Disney since 2008 was assigned to deliver posts on only one route which conveniently kept him 'out of sight' from the customers while the remaining staff got to rotate through different routes.

In May this year, Singh's lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and The Sikh Coalition wrote to Disney expressing their concerns over his treatment and following which Disney stated that Singh is free to deliver on all routes.

His lawyers argued that this was a violation of his civil rightts and was "specifically, because of his racial/ethnic and religious appearance"

After his win, Singh stated that he was 'incredibly thankful' to Disney and hoped that the policy would open doors for more Sikhs to practice their religion freely there.The company however maintained that it did not discriminate based on religion.

This comes a month after another Sikh was told he could not join the US army unless he removed his turban, shaved and cut his hair. According to Guardian, 20-year-old Iknoor Singh, a resident of Queens, New York has had always wanted to join the army and pursuing a military career was his lifelong dream.

Updated Date: Jul 13, 2015 14:55 PM

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