Watch: Deepak Sharma, the man who took a 'Meme' too far

Deepak Sharma started off as an average 'meme-subject'. He had done something funny that the internet liked (or couldn't stand) and that catapulted him into a world of 'sharers', 'likers', and 'commenters'. His entry into the meme world was an angry video where he listed his achievements for people who believed him to be uneducated. He especially focussed on his impressive educational qualifications, like an undergraduate degree in Microbiology, Masters in Interior Design, and an MBA in Interior Design Management.

His first video led to memes mocking his take on "secular Hindus", and some poking fun at his "achievements". But Sharma went from funny and weird, to horrifying and upsetting, really fast. He released a video where he beat up a young boy, and accused him of creating memes or "maymays", as he called them, about his religion. The self-proclaimed protector of Hinduism beat on the defenceless boy, while threatening other such meme creators.

The response to this video was mixed, like everything on the internet, a few enjoyed the horrifying visuals and goaded him further. But mostly, people looked him up and began to report him. Sharma's now deactivated Facebook profile said he is from Jaipur. A report on Storypick quotes Jaipur Police, "We have noticed the incident, and are taking action.”

Sharma's responded to the police getting involved, in an interview to ANI, where he defended his actions by comparing them to those of film actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. He said that his "film" was just attempting to send out a social message, and should be seen as such.

"My name is Deepak Sharma and I am from Rashtriya Swabhiman Dal. In the video, I had already mentioned the heading as "'A' Film". I do not have to explain here what 'A' film means. If you watch that video clearly, you will come to know that it was filmed to show that if you post such demeaning things on the internet, it hurts the sentiments of the society and in turn, you will have to face the consequences. I haven't mentioned his name, then how ca'n people jump onto the conclusion that he is a Muslim," Sharma said.

He added, "The film stars are not arrested for spreading such messages. I have put the heading of the video as 'A Film', so I don't think the police will have any kind of discomfort with that. A sane person will understand what I have been trying to show in that video."

"I haven't only talked about Hindu religion; I have included every religion in that context. It has been seen in 'the film' that people will have to face the repercussion of their behaviour, if they harm the sentiments of the society. I do not understand how a person can be arrested for making a video," he insisted.

So far no action has been taken against Sharma. He is a reminder that in India now, people are being beaten up for making jokes, and the ones doing the beating are going scot free.

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Updated Date: Aug 03, 2017 16:05:49 IST