Sushant Singh Rajput death: Rhea Chakraborty denies allegations of money laundering, drug abuse

Rhea Chakraborty, accused of abetting Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide by his family, has opened up on the various allegations on her, including misappropriating the late actor's wealth and 'controlling' him.

FP Staff August 28, 2020 14:05:24 IST
Sushant Singh Rajput death: Rhea Chakraborty denies allegations of money laundering, drug abuse

Actor Rhea Chakraborty, who is accused of abetting Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide by his family, has opened up on her relationship with the late actor in interviews to several TV news channels.

Chakraborty, along with her family members, is also accused of misappropriating Rajput's wealth by the actor's family but she dismissed the allegations in a TV interview.

Enforcement Directorate, Central Bureau of Investigation, and Narcotics Bureau are investigating various charges of involvement against Chakraborty in the actor's death.

Sushant Singh Rajput death Rhea Chakraborty denies allegations of money laundering drug abuse

Rhea Chakraborty. Image from Twitter

On missing the late actor's funeral

The actor said she was not on the list for his funeral as his family members "don't like me."

Chakraborty said she wanted to attend the funeral but dropped the idea at the suggestion of her friends as the family did not want her there.

The actor said her friends told her that "you will be ridiculed, you will be thrown out. You are already not in a sound mental state. Don't come here."

Chakraborty said two of her friends told her to see his body in order to get closure. She said she saw Rajput's body for three-four seconds, and she "said sorry and touched his feet."

She added that the 'sorry' was misconstrued by several media outlets. "Yes, I said 'Sorry babu'. When you see a dead person, what else will you say? I said sorry as he was no more. When you love someone and they die, you say sorry. Sorry that you aren't here. Sorry that a joke has been made out of your death," she clarified.

On allegations of "controlling Rajput's life"

Chakraborty rubbished the claims as "baseless" and said most of the staff were either hired by Rajput or his sister Priyanka.

On Rajput's mental illness

Rajput, she was told, used to get claustrophobic during flights and took medicines. She got to know of his disorder during their Europe trip.

"We landed in Paris first, and he didn't come out of his room for the first three days. I wondered what the matter was. He was so excited that we will go to Paris so that no one recognises him. So that he could show me his real self which was his fun nature. That he could walk on the streets, something which he could not do in India. But he didn't come out of his room. He was much better when we went to Switzerland next. He was high on energy and he had started getting out, he was happy," she said.

The actor said when they went to Italy, they stayed in a Gothic hotel that had "a weird dome-like structure and strange photos. Chakraborty talked about checking out, "but he didn't listen to me."

"After that, his condition started getting worse little by little. He didn't want to come out of the room on the whole trip. I talked to him and he told me that he had an episode of depression in 2013. Then he told me everything, that he was better after meeting the psychiatrist. He used to get anxiety attacks many times. But he had started feeling more depressed and worried. So we had to cut our trip short. If your partner is not feeling well, what else will you do? You'll come back," she said.

On her media trial

Chakraborty said her media trial was a "witch hunt."

"Loving someone has become the most wanted crime," she said, adding that she now just wanted to "take a deep breath" and have a normal day with her family where someone is not facing an anxiety attack.

"This is a conspiracy to break me, my family. Kangana Ranaut ji said 'It was a systematic breakdown of a fragile mind', then what is this?"

Referring to her 16 July post on Instagram where she had tagged Home Minister Amit Shah, requesting for a CBI inquiry, Chakraborty said she had cooperated with Mumbai Police, and is doing the same with the ED and the CBI.

"Am I not allowed to prove my innocence?" Chakraborty asked, adding that stories were being fabricated to show her in an evil light.

On charges of money laundering 

Chakraborty negated all claims of her allegedly siphoning off money from Rajput's account adding that she, on the contrary, returned a small sum of money back into his account. The money, Chakraborty claims was on account of Sushant paying for a hair and makeup session for her, which she later thought appropriate to transfer back.

The actress said that a Mumbai property belonging to her is being portrayed as a financial liability for Sushant. She said she still pays the EMI for it, and has already submitted documents to the ED on the same.

On the use of drugs

Chakraborty vehemently denied using any drugs for recreational purposes, and added that Sushant was in the habit of taking cannabis regularly, and she was trying to curtail this desperately. She also added that she is ready to take any drug test to prove her innocence.

On Sushant's #MeToo allegations

Rhea added that Sushant was very badly affected by the sexual harassment allegations which were levelled against him by his Dil Bechara co-star Sanjana Sanghi. The fact that the actress took a considerable amount of time to open up and clarify the statements as false has already done the required damage, Rhea claimed.

Sushant, according to Chakraborty, suffered owing to the false accusation, and would be extremely upset whenever this question was brought up in any interview.

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