Read: LTTE’s wireless messages after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination (Part 2)

Editor’s Note: This should be read as a sequel to the earlier story: LTTE's messages tell why Rajiv’s murder should be re-investigated (Part-1).

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court verdict saved three death row convicts—Santhan, Murugan and Perarivalan—from the gallows. The apex court bench rejected the Centre's submission that there was no unreasonable delay in deciding their mercy plea and the prisoners still fit the bill to be hanged to death.

The second and concluding part of the LTTE’s intercepted wireless messages puts in focus the importance of Santhan for the LTTE. Santhan is one of the three death row convicts, along with Murugan and Perarivalan, whose death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court on 18 February, 2014. Notice the fact that Santhan was able to deliver three kilogram of gold days after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination when the entire nation was on highest security alert.

Former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Reuters

Former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Reuters

10.6.1991 (91-910):-7.00 Hrs.

To... — As directed, we have taken "Thathuvam" code sheet.

11.6.1991 (91-95) 09.00-09.17 Hrs.
Reduce the wireless communication. There will be TV disturbance during communication.

Persons known to us were caught. Lingam associate of Jeewaratnam was also caught. Hectic search on for Chokan. Due to separation of Anbu, Thatya is not active. Effort by me in vain. No response unless given encouraging news.* (91-95):
To ... Number of persons came in the vehicle — Two were rescued. We are searching for others. I will inform after they are located.

12.6.1991 (91-910):
Nine persons including Karikalan were not rescued. Vehicle also sunk.
The code sheet name "Migaiyil" can be changed as "Thathuvam".
Don’t ask what for?
Thatya... Today it may not be possible to recognise our brave people and carve their victories in golden words in our group’s history but their aims of goals will not change for ever. There is no need to mourn their departure, instead feel proud for their friendship. Don’t get disheartened. Get ready to make a change in the pages of our history.
Without taking food, reducing the activities will create problem for you as well as for the care-takers.

.....(.) Have you received three kg of gold from Shanthan. If not give the address it will be delivered there.

Is there any problem for Neelan and Indu Master?**

Can you observe the telephone communications of Neelan, Charles?
What happened to the journey of Shanthan?

Will there be any problem if Charles comes there? He wants the address.

.....() Can meet Neelan on.. come and meet at the specific data .. place...
....(.) CBI has released the photos of Thatya and officer girl.* Hence, I am keeping Thatya with me ready with weapons without leaving her alone in any house. My LTTE name has come out. (91-910):
.....(.) There is a radio news that nineteen year old Dhas is also involved in the assassination. Who is he? In which newspaper your LTTE name has come?
....(.) Asked to deliver five code sheets to you. Collect it if there is any contact.

....(.) Received gold from Shanthan.
Many were arrested in the airport. Hence, journey of Shanthan postponed. I may face problem and enquiry. Neelan is not coming out.
The name of Indu Master has come out. It is his own creation. Even if risk is taken in his problem will be difficult to meet Indu as pointed out by Ramanan.
. ..
... losses avoided. I swear on the sweet name of my leader, no stigma will be created by me for our group or the militants who died bravely. I have not forgotten.

The brother of officer girl her mother were arrested.**
.....(Payas) along with the family was arrested. Indiran Kutty and Gundappa were arrested.
As shown by Indiran-Kutty, Kumar has gone to the house of Chokan. No problem for Kumar.
.... (Payas) was caught. He was beaten in his house whereabout of Kanthan.

....(.) Many of your supporters who helped you may not have been arrested. They may mount surveillance on them. Be careful. Be ready to go like that.

14.6.1991 (910-91):
.....(.) Starting from yesterday morning till after noon the persons arrested at Mount Road were kept for the purpose of identification.
....() , *For us to come many have to put in their efforts. No news about the father of Radha who has gone to Delhi. (91-910):
Major. David (.) Captain Karikalan.
Vehicle fitted with four engines of 150 HP sunk? The reason is bad weather.
If arrangements are made outside Madras near the shore of Pondicherry or Chidambaram, can yor go there? This is not confirmed. I am yet to take steps. 16.6.1991 (910-91):
....(.) It is true that Indu Master and officer girl were arrested. They will be produced at Chingleg at Court on 12th of 7th month. .....(.) Came to know through newspapers regarding Kasi Anandan.

Whether the meeting was in Delhi or in Madras? (910-91):
It was in Madras. The name of the CBI officer is Karthikeyan, who is next to Vijay Karan.*

(91-910)-16.08 Firs.
......(.) We informed earlier that five boys of Ravi sent by you to me died in Ylusia. Do you remember? They were caught by Sri Lankan navy. As they have given statement saying that they are businessmen. Navy released two of them. These two at had come to India with passports.

16.08- 16.12 Hrs.
Contact them through Ravi. Be careful. Sometime surveillance on them will create problem for Ravi’s men. 17.6.1991 (910-91):
To .....() The photos to Thatya and mine are displayed throughout Tamil Nadu.
There is a news in Dinamani about the confirmation of the meeting between CBI officers and Kasi

16.02 Hrs- (910-91 ):
There is a Nepali friend for Roopan. Easun. Can he go with him to Nepal, Burma border and places in Assam? 18.6.1991 (910-91)08.00 to 8.03 Hrs.
To... () Obtained five code sheets from Neelan. 08.05 Hrs.
There will be a problem for defending officer girl. (91-910) 16.05 Hrs.
I am warning. It is not good to interfere in the affairs of officer girl.

19.6.1991 (91-910)-8.02 to 8.10 Hrs.
Don’t interfere in the affairs of Neelan and others. They are not children. At present it will be difficult to attend to your own affairs. In the midst of this don’t interfere in their affairs. Give enough money to them and ask them to look after themselves. If there is no communication for one month ask them to communicate. (910-91) 08.11 Hrs.
To ...() Foreigners are suspecting. There is a news about award of 10 lakhs for information about me. Five lakhs for information about Thatya.

(91-910) 09.06 Hrs.
To.....() Inform whether the boys of Ravi were careful. (91-910)09.11 Hrs.
How is the situation at Kodiakarai, Thondi and Nagapattinam. (910-91) 09.27 Hrs.
To.... () Kottaipattinam was seen through Ravi. Police are alert in all the places. Anyhow, I will take the risk and come. (91-910) 09.40 Hrs.
....() I will give the reply in the evening. 16.00 hrs.
.....(.) Can you not change your place in Madras through Ravi’s contact?
Santhan agreed to help. If needed I will arrange for their help. It is difficult to come in the midst of goods. For ties a strong driver and cleaner are needed.

.....() Any contact with Shanthan? When and where to meet Shanthan?
16.18 Hrs ....() The journey of Shanthan will be on 1st July. Go via Bombay.

(910-91) 16.20 Hrs.
As instructed by Kittanna, Kasi Anandan went to CBI to help in their investigation.
16.25 Hrs.
In search of me CBI surrounded the earlier house of Jeevarathnam at Kodambakkam.

20. 6.1991 (91-910) 08.15-08.23 Hrs.
When and where to meet Shanthan at Madras? Data given to him...

07.30-08.00 Hrs.
In case of emergency my weapons will take action on the enemies. The place where Robert and others on the CBI Office is known and I have taken position. If I meet Shanthan I will hand over Nitya and follow it up. They are also co-operating in Rajiv Gandhi assassination.* Gundappa can be killed. Chandrahasan is not seen. Expecting the reply. The soul of sister "Anbu" will rest in peace. The morale of CBI will come down.

Yesterday I met Ravi and sent him to Pudukottai. Decide in sending a trawler or vehicle.....

21.6.1991 (910-91) 08.00 Hrs.
.....(.)Tomorrow if I meet Shanthan I will talk to him. Further Mani is also with him.

08.30 Hrs.
More Sri Lankan Tamils are giving information. They give information when they see persons resembling both of us. Yesterday two were arrested at Dindivanam. Public attempted to kill them by beating. There is a news that both of us were arrested. The person who gave the information is Chandrasekar, Mannar district. He is now in the refugee camp at Athiyendal in Thiruvannamalai . Three children.

08.55 hrs. (91-910):
.....(.) Whether all of you have cyanide capsules? Did Indu Master have cyanide capsule? Does he know the message given by us?

16.15 Hrs.
Even if safe place is arranged after talking to Shanthan. Don’t have contact with Ramanan and Neelan. If Neelan and Ramanan are not having cyanide capsules arrange through Ravi.
If vehicle is arranged only Raghuvaran, Neru and Nitya need come.

16.15 Hrs.
Contact with Shanthan need not be known to Neelan and Ravi’s men.
The house of Engineer Karunakaran is a noted place. Don’t use this place more than the first meeting.

It is understood that Ravi’s men are struggling without strong base.
Expecting to meet Shanthan. 22.6.1991 (910-91) 08.00 Hrs.
.....(.) Whether our wing has done the Colombo action? Can I know?

(91-910) 08.30 hours.
......(.) This is one of the steps of Black Tigers. We will discuss it. You also come. We can do more.

32.6.1991 (910-91):
Had contact with Shanthan. Closing the wireless communication and leaving with him. He told vehicle can be arranged in a week. We will close the communication after getting your reply. Had contact with Radha. Journey on—­

(91-910) 16.00 Hrs.
In Indian news it is learnt that a Special Police Force was formed to arrest both of you. Be careful about this Special Force. They are trying to capture you alive. Using tear gas, other gases they may try to thwart your attempt to consume cyanide unexpectedly.

(91-910) 16.00 Hrs.
Yesterday 60 HP engine fitted big vessel sank in the sea. Due to bad weather. No casualty. Don’t expect the vehicle immediately. Inform Shanthan about this.”

* This message was sent by Sivarasan to Pottu Amman when Subha gave up food for several days, mourning Dhanu ‘s death. The message begin­ning with the words “Thatya... Today it may not “ is Pottu Amman’s re­ply sent next day.
** LTTE’s code name for Murugan.
* Officer girl was used as a codename for Nalini by the conspirators.
** Yet another example of disjointed, broken wireless message.
* A full stop or a comma before an intercepted coded wireless message indicates that some words preceded which could not be decoded.
* This is factually wrong because at the relevant time, Karthikeyan was a joint director, a rank which has additional director and special director above it.
* It is shocking. How could the LTTE cadres use the words "Rajiv Gandhi assassination" in a coded message?


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Updated Date: Feb 20, 2014 08:57 AM

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