NEWS18 Exclusive: DMK has fulfilled almost 70% of poll promises, says Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin

In an exclusive interview to News18 Tamil, Chief Minister MK Stalin attacked ADMK for not announcing any beneficial schemes for the people of Tamil Nadu

Karthigaichelvan S September 20, 2022 14:28:50 IST
NEWS18 Exclusive: DMK has fulfilled almost 70% of poll promises, says Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin. News18

New Delhi: The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam exuded confidence that the party will win all 40 Lok Sabha seats from the state in 2024 General Elections and take “pole position” to drive an anti-BJP coalition to power.

In an exclusive interview to News18 Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister MK Stalin hinted that the party would keep its post-poll options open, but categorically ruled out entering into any electoral understanding with the BJP.

Transcribe of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK leader MK Stalin

Q: We can see that you are visiting every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu . Is it really needed?

A: I am not doing this to earn a good name from the people. This is how I work. Usually I will be doing this for the party now doing this for both party and the governance. That may be seen as I am working hard but no my style of working is this.

Anna (Ex.CM of Tamil Nadu) before his death said about me in three words “Hardwork hardwork hardwork”. And i am working hard constantly to keep up the words. I usually conduct review meetings with all the departments to ensure that the developmental works are in progress. I will also ensure the people benefit schemes are also reaching to the grass root level.

Before swearing in to the CM of Tamil Nadu, I said, “I will give a governance that will in turn make the people who voted for me proud and to the rest of the people guilty for not voting for such a good governed party.”

Q: You said that you have been trying hard to fulfill the election promises and in these 15 months of governance what do you think are the top 5 priority promises that need to be fulfilled?

A: I signed five signatures immediately when I was sworn in as the CM. One of them was free transportation services for the women that in turn saves 1000-2000 rupees in each household and I see the happiness in the working women. The second one was 1,000 rupees for the education expenses of the students who studied in Government school and are now doing their Under graduation. Both of these were implemented and now we have started the free breakfast for the government school students. And the free meals for the school children have a great history as all the CM s showed their methods of improvisation on this scheme. I see these schemes as the important ones.

Q: You were sworn in during the time of Covid and the financial crisis. Was the governance an easy one or was it a tougher one ?

A: Our party was sworn in during the most critical days of the state. The road ahead of us was a bumpy road. COVID-19 waves hit the all time high and we managed to keep that in control. The ADMK regime kept five lakh crores as debts. ADMK did not do any beneficial schemes for the public. We aren’t able to do anything so easily. We have fulfilled almost 70 per cent of the poll promises. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Q: What is Dravidian Model Governance? Is it greater than the national model of governance? If so, how?

A: I don’t want to mention my rule as Stalin’s rule. I want this government to be mentioned in the Dravidian model of governance which means the collaboration of Anna’s and Kalaignar’s governance. Need to run a government like that so we are planning for that and will be executing the same. Everything for everybody is the main motto of the dravidian model of governance. To be more specific i just mentioned and released the book Dravidian model it speaks about the Dravidian model of governance.

“Social Justice is an Dravidian organisation. It is the important gift that has been given to the country. The lives of the Poor and the down trodden have been improved as the got education and jobs are because of the reservations. Social justice means its the inclusive growth of all the communities. The government will also be an inclusive government for all the people in Tamil Nadu. Growth in equal proportions to all the communities in Tamilnadu is the Dravidian model of governance. ”

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Like wise “priests in temple can be of all castes” scheme was a dream for Thanthi Periyar but he cant able to bring that. Kalaingnar (M.Karunanithi) knocked the doors of the top courts and it was about to happen also but he cant able to implement that. And after I sworn in as the chief minister I implemented it and I am proud in saying that I have done the same.

Q: Property tax hike and hike in electricity bills are being largely criticized by the oppositions cant it be avoided?

A: Middle class and the low class people are not affected by this hikes. When compared with the other states of India, Tamil Nadu has the lowest rates per unit for the electricity. Due to the poor governance by the ADMK, Electricity department is facing a huge loss in crores. If you don’t raise we cant able to give you any subsides said the central and hence we don’t have no other go other than to rise the electricity bills. That too in Low and middle class are not affected.

You said, ” we need to win 40 constituencies in the upcoming lok sabha polls in a party meeting. You are in constant touch with the many regional parties and national party. Will you be a “king maker” in the next Lok Sabha polls “.

I know my heights. Many regional parties and the parties against BJP are in constant touch with me. But in Tamil Nadu we will be having the same alliance and we will strengthen that again so that we can win all the 40 constituencies including Pondicherry. After that we will analyse the national scenario and we act.

Q: Will the alliance in Tamil Nadu continue as it is?

A: This alliance is not for elections. We are like minded parties we share same policies. So we will continue this more stronger.

Usually there is a saying that “North is growing and South is fading away” but it was not the same in the last twenty years, Tamil Nadu represented a large in formation of the central government. Will this continue in this elections too. Will Tamil Nadu decide who will be in the power in centre this time too?

I already called a joint alliance for all the opposition parties. Each and every opposition party needs to come together to form an alliance in national level and contest in the Lok Sabha polls only then we can able to defeat the BJP in this scenario. That is what i am telling now also a strong national alliance of all opposition parties are the need of the hour.

Q: In some states Regional parties are strong will those are also needed to be a part of alliance with the congress?

A: That’s what I am saying all the opposition need to come together and face the elections and taste the victory. If some go alone that will affect the election victory.

Q: So you will be having the same alliance? you will not consider having alliance with BJP?

A: Why do you have doubt on that? There is nothing to be speculated or doubted on that we will be having the same alliance.

You have been talking about State’s Rights not only you it was started from Annadurai. So how far is the other regional parties hold on this?

I don’t know whether the other regional parties stand on the state autonomy. But the state s rights has to be safeguarded. Anna said about the state s right also earlier and Kalaingnar was also keen on upholding the state s rights. Kalaingnar said “alliance in center and rule solely in state” we will follow that.. Now the central government is taking all the rights from the state like Finance, Education, GST. They are trying to threaten the regional parties with all these if these should be prevented then the State autonomy is much needed now. Many CM s have started raising their voices for that now. I see this as a good sign and i wish them success in their attempt.

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