Missile Race: India vs Pak vs China

CNN IBN's Strategic Affairs Editor Surya Gangadharan gives you an introduction into India's missile capabilities in this video.

He compares India's newly successfully tested missile Agni -V with missile technologies of our neighbours - China and Pakistan.

Screengrab from CNN-IBN

While China's DF-31 travels 8000 km compared to Agni's 5000 km range distance,  Pakistan's Ghauri is still playing catch-up at 1500 km. While Pakistan has been at it for quite a while, Musharaff had stopped funding the Ghauri project a while ago.

India successfully launched the Agni-V missile yesterday morning, marking the country's entry into an elite group of ICBM capable countries. The Agni-V which cost the DRDO Rs 25 billion to construct, has a range of 5000km and can carry a 1.5 ton nuclear warhead. These are the first images of the successful launch.

Updated Date: Apr 20, 2012 12:39 PM

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