Live: Court rejects Asaram Bapu's bail plea

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu's deadline to appear before the Jodhpur Police in a sexual assault case ends today.

Aaron Pereira September 04, 2013 17:28:06 IST

5.17 pm: Court rejects Asaram Bapu's bail plea

The Jodhpur court has rejected the bail plea of Asaram Bapu in the sexual assault case.

CNN-IBN reported that the police have alleged that Asaram's followers had attempted to bribe them.

The defence had arugued that the girl is not a minor, while the prosecution had said that if Asaram gets plea he might influence witnesses.

Also, CNN-IBN reported that the Jodhpur DCP has received threats over the arrest of the self-styled godman.

12.45 pm: Court reserves order on Asaram Bapu's bail plea

A Jodhpur court has reserved till evening its order on controversial godman Asaram Bapu's bail petition.

The lawyer for the victim Anand Purohit had told the court that Asaram is an influential person and he could influence the family of the victim.

Asaram's lawyer has reiterated that the girl was not a minor and had reportedly told the court that the trial is now being influenced by the media.

The order could be pronounced after 2 pm.

12. 10 pm: Unable to sleep, Asaram sprinkles Ganga jal in prison cell

Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu, arrested in a sexual assault case, remained restless and was unable to sleep properly during his two-day stay in a prison in Rajasthan, sources said on Thursday.

"Asaram Bapu slept on a 'chatai' (mat) in the room. He sprinkled 'Gangajal' (holy water) in the room to purify the surroundings. A few prisoners looked after his needs," sources told IANS. Read more here.

10. 15 am: Gujarat govt issues notice to Asaram's ashrams

The Gujarat government on Wednesday issued notices to at least four of Asaram Bapu's ashrams in places including Kutch and Bhavnagar.

According to a Times Now report, the ashrams have violated land laws and have built illegal structures. More details are awaited.

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4.33 pm: Asaram Bapu's bail plea deferred till 11 am tomorrow

The Jodhpur court hearing the case over Asaram Bapu's bail plea in the sexual harassment case has adjourned its proceeding and deferred the hearing till 11 am tomorrow.

The self-styled godman had asked for bail citing poor health.

12.13 pm: Asaram's bail plea deferred till 2 pm

Asaram's bail petition which was to come up for hearing at 11 am today has been deferred till 2 pm this afternoon, media reports have said.

Among the reasons the prosecution will seek rejection of Asaram's bail plea are that he could go underground and that Asaram, along with his large number of followers, could influence the family of the minor.

11.03 am: Asaram's ashram fined Rs 18 cr for encroaching govt land

Life for Asaram Bapu just got tougher. After being accused of sexually assaulting a minor in his Jodhpur ashram, the self styled godman has now been accused of encroaching land and evading rent in Gujarat.

On Monday, the Gujarat government levied a 18-crore fine on Asaram Bapu's Jahangirpura Ashram in Surat. The ashram has been accused of encroaching land reserved for a water harvesting project in the city.

7.10 am: Asaram's bail plea to be heard at 11 am

Controversial godman Asaram Bapu's bail petition will come up for hearing at around 11 am this morning.

Asaram has been sent to 14-day judicial custody for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor at his Jodhpur ashram.

Meanwhile, police struck down on Asaram supporters who were protesting outside the jail where he is lodged.

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10.15 pm: Sharad Yadav wants strict action against Asaram supporters

JD-U President Sharad Yadav today demanded "stern action" against supporters of Asaram Bapu for "obstructing the course of law" as they came into the streets protesting against his arrest.

"Those who are obstructing the course of law should be sternly dealt with. They are misusing their democratic rights to protest. Democratic rights are not given for masquerading in favour a rape accused," Yadav told PTI.

He said the protesters are not coming forward to fight for any social cause.

"If they are trying to put obstructions, the administration should deal with them sternly. What they are doing is unlawful. Nobody can be allowed to take law into their hands," the JD-U chief said.

Earlier in the day, Yadav had said, "I wanted Asaram to surrender to the law. It has happened."

He also appreciated media's role for taking up the Asaram issue.

"Media raised the issue and in the process mediamen were attacked by Asaram supporters repeatedly. But despite that media continued to raise the issue. Media's role is commendable and I welcome it," he said.


7.32 pm: Not just Asaram, all offenders should be punished, says Cong

"Why only saints, all offenders of such crime should get punishment," Congress today said when asked whether it was good that saints accused of such crimes are being sent to jail.

Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhury made the comment as the self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, was remanded in 14-day judicial custody by a court in Jodhpur.

"Law is equal to all. The message is that no one is above the law. Law takes its own course," she told reporters while repling to questions about the arrest of Asaram.


6.57 pm: Over 500 Asaram supporters protest outside Jodhpur jail

More than 500 supportes have gathered outside the Jodhpur Central Jail to protest the arrest of the godman.

Asaram has been sent to 14 days in judicial custody by a Jodhpur court.

The supporters had to be lathicharged outside the jail as they gathered in his support and started what the police say is an illegal protest, reported CNN-IBN.

4.51 pm: Asaram's bail plea to be heard by court tomorrow

Additional Solicitor General Anand Purohit said that Asaram Bapu's bail application will be by the court tomorrow at 11 am.

He said,"In his bail he has said that some politicians are behind the accusations and that he is unwell."

4.45 pm: Trying to nab other accused in case, Jodhpur DCP

Jodhpur DCP Ajay Lamba said that interrogation of Asaram Bapu was successful and that the police are on the look out for other accused in the case.

Lamba said, "Asaram has co-operated. We were successful in probing him."

Meanwhile Jodhpur Central Jail SP Rakesh Mohan said that the self-styled godman will be treated a like any other person.

"Facilities given to Asaram will be provided depending on his behaviour," Mohan said.

4.34 pm: Asaram Bapu sent to 14 day judicial custody

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu who has been charged for sexually assaulting a minor was produced in the Jodhpur district court and was sent to 14 days in judicial custody. He has earlier gone through a potency test and has been questioned by the police in connection with this case.

After appearing in court Asaram was taken to the Jodhpur Central Jail.

A battery of lawyers was present and applied for baill, reported CNN-IBN.

He will be in all likelihood put in a solitary cell.

12.20 pm: Asaram mentally fit, cannot reveal details of potency test, says police

Jodhpur DCP Ajaypal Lamba on Monday said controversial godman Asaram Bapu is mentally and physical fine and he is still being questioned.

"We are still questioning him.. he also met his lawyer today," Lamba said.

Lamba refused to reveal details of the potency test that Asaram underwent saying it was confidential and was currently with the medical officer.

The police officer further said that as of now the focus was on Asaram and his aide Shiva, but added that more people could be arrested.



10.05 am: Asaram Bapu's custody ends today

The one-day police custody of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu ends today, but the police may seek further custody of the spiritual leader.

According to reports, the Jodhpur Police is likely to file a chargesheet in the case soon and may make further arrests.

8.20 am: Police to file chargesheet against Asaram Bapu

Jodhpur Police on Monday said self-styled godman Asaram Bapu failed to defend himself and a chargesheet in the case will be filed soon.

According to CNN-IBN, while Asaram is the only accused as of now, police officials have not ruled out more arrests in the case.

7.10 am: Asaram clears potency test, to be taken to crime scene

Jodhpur Police on Sunday took self-styled godman Asaram Bapu to the crime scene to reconstruct the crime.

Asaram claimed innocence after he cleared a potency test conducted on him at the SN Medical college in Jodhpur.


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7.00 pm: Police recceive one day custody of Asaram Bapu

The Jodhpur police have received one days remand custody of Asaram Bapu so that they could further question him in relation to allegations that he sexully assaulted a sixteen-year-old girl.

Bapu who was brought before the Jodhpur police after being arrested in Indore, claimed innocence before investigators in Rajasthan and denied the allegation of sexual assault, Jodhpur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph said.

"Asaram denied the charges and said he is innocent," Joseph told reporters in Jodhpur city.

5.15 pm: Asaram Bapu is in good health, police seek two-day custody

Police commissioner Biju George Joseph has said that the police have asked for a two-day period remand, and that Asaram Bapu's health is stable. "We have asked for a police remand. During this remand, we can clear doubts and complete the investigation," said Biju George Joseph, the police commissioner in Jodhpur to reported as seen on IBNLive. "We have asked for two days right now." Police have said that Asaram has so far denied the allegations.

He also said that Asaram Bapu will be questioned extensively during the remand period. However, he said that he could not share any details of the information. Joseph also refuted reports that the self-styled 'god man' is not eating and drinking. "He is eating. He is fine," he told reporters. "He is being produced in court now." Asaram has been checked by a medical team from a medical college.

He also said that Asaram will be taken to the scene of the alleged crime to "recreate the scene."

"As soon as we completed our investigation, we went to arrest the accused," he said when a reporter asked about the alleged delay in Asaram Bapu's arrest. "There was no satisfactory defence, so we arrested him."

Joseph said that after the custody, the police would request for an extension of police custody or remand.

"We will take every effort to ensure there is no break down in order," said Joseph, regarding the Asaram Bapu supporters who had gathered outside the police station to protest.

The police have said that they have not taken any decision on whether to pursue the other three accused or not.

4.55 pm: Asaram bapu taken to magistrate's office

The police have taken Asaram bapu to the magistrate's residence in Jodhpur. According to IBNLive, the police will be attempting to get a seven-day remand for Asaram Bapu.

Sources have also told IBNLive that Asaram will probably be taken to the scene of the alleged crime at a later point. The Jodhpur police commissioner is personally overseeing the case.

4.45 pm: Asaram Bapu taken to R.A.C Battalion rest house for questioning

Asaram Bapu has reportedly been taken to the R.A.C Battalion rest house in Jodhpur for further questioning by the police. Besides the police, a medical team and lawyer are also present.

3.50 pm: Asaram Bapu taken for questioning to 'undisclosed location' by police

According to reports on CNN-IBN, Asaram bapu has been taken to an undisclosed location for further questioning by the police.

Security has been beefed up in Jodhpur, and Asaram's supporters have been barred from entering the area.

3.00 pm: Ashok Gehlot assures a fair trial and due punishment if Asaram found guilty

"There will be a fair trial, and if anything is found, severe punishment will be meted out," Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said to mediapersons.

"The police should be allowed to do its job of unbiased investigation. We want that whoever is guilty should be punished," said Gehlot.

The chief minister said police have made arrangements for maintaining law and order in Jodhpur.

Meanwhile, Kiran Bedi has also sounded off about the issue on Twitter.

1.00 pm: Police seeking seven-day custody as Asaram supporters rally

Sources have said to CNN-IBN that the police will seek a seven-day custody of Asaram Bapu, and they will take him to the scene of the alleged crime to carry out further investigations.

Around 50 supporters of Asaram Bapu have assembled at the Delhi airport in support of the godman. Supporters have also blocked local trains at teh Ulhasnagar station in Mumbai.

12.30 pm: Girl's father ends hunger strike after Asaram's arrest

The father of the 16-year old girl, who has accused Asaram Bapu of sexually assausting her, called off his fast-unto-death in nearby Shahajahanpur district soon after the arrest of the godman in Indore.

Circle Officer, City, Rajeswar Singh offered the girl's father juice to end his fast that he began yesterday morning
demanding immediate arrest of Asaram.

"The first hurdle has been overcome. We would take our fight forward," the father said after ending his fast after

He thanked the media saying "the arrest has been made possible because of their efforts".

12.00 pm: Asaram lands in Jodhpur

Asaram Bapu has landed in Jodhpur. Police sources also told CNN-IBN that they will be taking him to an undisclosed location for questioning.

11.16 am: Asaram gives Sushma, Digvijaya another reason for Twitter war

As if all the drama over the Asaram Bapu sexual assault was not enough on its own, the issue has led to yet another social media slinging match, with Congress General Secretary Digivijaya Singh taking a dig at Sushma Swaraj on Twitter.

It all started when Singh tweeted, asking why the usually vocal Swaraj was being silent over the allegations of rape against Bapu:


Sushma Swaraj replied to the tweet this morning. And all things considered, she responded quite calmly. Whether Digvijaya will take his tweets further or if he will let the matter lie, only he knows.



9.49 am: Security tightened in Jodhpur

Security has been tightened in Jodhpur ahead of the arrival of arrested God man Asaram Bapu for questioning in connection with a sexual assault case. CNN-IBN reported that there was heavy police deployment in the city.

Asram Bapu supporters from outside Jodhpur will also be barred from entering the city.

The police team accompanying Asaram Bapu have left Delhi and are expected to reach Jodhpur shortly. He will then be produced before a Jodhpur court before being taken for further questioning.

Meanwhile the father of the 16-year-old girl who has alleged sexual assault has said that he has been receiving death threats from supporters of Asaram Bapu but has vowed to pursue his fight for justice.

9:30 am Asaram Bapu reaches New Delhi en route to Jodhpur

Rape accused Asaram was arrested last night by theJodhpur police from his Indore ashram in Madhya Pradesh for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

Security around Jodhpur airport has been beefed up as Asaram has reached New Delhi and will be brought to Jodhpur by 10:30 am for further questioning.

The 16-year-old girl had lodged a complaint with police on August 20, accusing Asaram of sexually assaulting her at his Jodhpur ashram.

8:38 am Asaram Bapu arrested from Indore

The 72-year-old self-styled godman Asaram Bapu was finally arrested last night from his ashram in Indore.

Jodhpur police will fly him out to New Delhi today from where he will be taken to Jodhpur.

"Jodhpur police questioned Asaram at his ashram in Indore and then arrested him. They have brought him to the Indore airport and are scheduled to fly to New Delhi today. Members of Asaram's ashram did express opposition to his arrest, but the officers explained the situation to them, and were able to get Asaram to the airport without much problem," SP Indore (East) OP Tripathi told CNN IBN.

The deadline for Asaram to surrender in the sexual assault case ended on Friday.

The arrest was made after a team of doctors from Indore's Medical College found him fit for questioning and travel.

Armed with the medical report, a team of Jodhpur police arrested Asaram and whisked him in a white jeep about half an hour after the stroke of midnight, after waiting for nearly eight hours at the ashram.

The sexual assault case was filed by an inmate of his Chhindwara-based ashram in Madhya Pradesh. The assault allegedly took place in Jodhpur following which a case was initially registered in Delhi and later transferred to Jodhpur for probe.

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9. 05 pm: Jodhpur Police begins questioning Asaram

A team of Jodhpur Police have begun questioning self-styled godman Asaram Bapu at his ashram in Indore.

The police have said that if Asaram fails to defend himself, they will arrest him.

6.45 pm: We will interrogate Asaram today, says Jodhpur DCP

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu will be questioned by the Jodhpur Police later this evening, Ajay Lamba, DCP of Jodhpur told media.

"We will question him in his Indore ashram, if he does not cooperate with the police, we will arrest him."

Commenting on Asaram's son statement that his father was unwell, Lamba said that as of today Asaram was fit for questioning.

"Yesterday a medical report said he was suffering from a neurological problem and therefore was unfit.. but today the report says he is fine and can be questioned," Lamba said.

With regard to the attack on media by Asaram's supporters, the police officer said 13 people have been arrested and they have been charged with attempt to murder.

4.49 pm: There was no rape, says Asaram Bapu's son

Speaking to the media from the Asaram Ashram in Indore, Narayan Sai, Asaram Bapu's son said his father was unwell and therefore could not present himself before the police.

"He is unwell.. he is not underground or evading the police.. the moment he gets better, he will cooperate with them," Sai said.

He also added that there was no rape in the case. "I can say with 100% certainty that there was no rape."

Sai also apologised for the attack on the media saying what happened was wrong and the media should not have been targeted.

4.30 pm: Asaram will hold press conference, says lawyer

Asaram Bapu will hold a press conference later today to clear his stand on the case, CNN-IBN reports. Senior police officials, including the IG, SSP and SP are outside Asaram's Indore ashram where they believe he is hiding.

4.20 pm: Asaram's aide surrenders to police

Shiva, an aide of Asaram Bapu has surrendered to the Jodhpur Police and he has been taken to an undisclosed place for questioning, media reports said.

2.50 pm Jodhpur police enter Asaram's Indore Ashram premises

According to a CNN-IBN news flash, the Jodhpur police have entered Asaram's Indore Ashram premises. Asaram Bapu is inside the ashram, says Indore's DM.

1.40 pm: Union Home Ministry seeks report on attack

Taking note of the attack on journalists by supporters of Asaram Bapu in Jodhpur, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has sought a report from the state government of Rajasthan.

IBN7 staffer Shyam Singh Sreeram and journalist Bhawani Deora were injured in the attack, which started after supporters of Asaram outside the ashram had a showdown with journalists on why they were not referring to their leader as 'Bapu'.

Six people including the caretaker of the Jodhpur ashram were detained in connection with the attack. Police said the attackers appeared to be women supporters.

1.00 pm: Six Asaram followers detained for attack, ashram sealed off

Following the attack on journalists including a reporter with IBN7 by supporters of Asaram Bapu in Jodhpur, local police sealed off the premises and ordered the growing crowd of supporters and mediapersons outside to disperse.  Six supporters of the godman, wanted in a sexual assault case, were detained in connection with the attack during which stones were pelted on an OB van and cameras smashed.

Meanwhile, the father of the 15-year-old victim launched a hunger strike sttaing that he will not eat until Asaram is arrested

11.00 am:  Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari condemns attack on IBN7 journalists

Manish Tewari said, that it a very unfortunate incident of journalists been attacked by the followers of a religious preacher. "If you believe in spirituality & religion, tell your flock to be disciplined & non-violent." He said no one is above the law & it doesn't discriminate against an ordinary mortal & an alleged godman.

10. 50 am: Asaram is not Indore, says police but Rajasthan police insists he's there

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu who is facing sexual assault allegations is not in Indore, according to city SP Govind Rawat. He also said that Jodhpur Police has not contacted them.

Meanwhile a Rajasthan Police team has left to question Asaram Bapu in Indore and “then probably arrest him”, said an official said. According to Ajaypal Lambha, DCP Jodhpur, said that Asaram is in Indore and he said, "We have sent our team and are in touch with the Indore police."

31 August 9.00 am:  Asaram supporters attack IBN-7 journalists in Jodhpur 

Self-proclaimed god-man Asaram Bapu’s supporters on Saturday allegedly attacked IBN7′s reporter Bhawani Deora and another IBN7video journalist, reports CNN-IBN.

The attack took place when the godman’s supporters gathered outside Asaram’s ashram in Jodhpur and took exception to the presence of the press. Bhawani was reporting on the updates in connection with the sexual assault case against Asaram. It seems that the supporters were particularly angry at Bhawani and asked him why his channel IBN7 was not referring to their leader as ‘Bapu.’ More details on that here.

End of updates for 30 August

7.10 pm: Asaram Bapu has still not reached ashram

CNN-IBN reports that though Asaram Bapu had left for the ashram after he missed a flight, he has not reached the ashram.

The ashram is five-minutes away from the airport. CNN-IBN reported that Asaram's SUV was not seen anywhere near the ashram.

7.08 pm: Police team to leave for Bhopal tonight, DCP Jodhpur

DCP Jodhpur says that a team of police will be going to Bhopal to arrest Asaram Bapu since the deadline to join investigation is over. The team will be leaving tonight by train.

DCP Ajay Lamba said, "Our team of policemen will leave for Bhopal tonight. We also expect Asaram Bapu to flee from Bhopal and we are prepared for that."

Lamba says that Asaram's letter to the police is not convincing and he will be probed and arrested.

"There are many things that we have found during investigation and we will probe Asaram Bapu about it," Lamba said.

Lamba added that the police have enough evidence against the self-styled godman and he will be arrested unless he has a strong defence.

When asked if Asaram Bapu was given so much time because of his popularity Lamba said, "The time was given to him considering that he is a senior citizen. We have to give him time because he is over 75 years of age"

Lamba clarified the police team is going to Jodhpur for investigation and arrest is a part of the investigation. "We are putting our best efforts, and going according to legal provisions," the DCP of Jodhpur said.

He also hoped that the local police will support the Rajasthan police to nab Asaram Bapu.

The DCP also did not rule out law and order problems in Jodhpur if the godman is arrested and said that they are fully prepared to tackle any such untoward incident.

6.50 pm: Rajasthan police say no option but custodial interrogation

Rajasthan police sources have told CNN-IBN that they have no option but to arrest Asaram Bapu as he did not appear before them for interrrogation. Hence, he will have to face custodial interrogation.

The police said that he was given enough time to appear before them and that they will not buy the fact that he could not surrender because he missed his flight.

6.48 pm: Asaram Bapu likely to be arrested tomorrow morning

Rajasthan police sources have told CNN-IBN that self-styled godman Asaram Bapu is likely to be arrested tomorrow morning. Police teams will be going to Bhopal at 9 am to arrest Asaram Bapu.

6.19 pm: Asaram Bapu misses flight from Bhopal, heading back to ashram

Godman Asaram Bapu was to fly to Gujarat from the Bhopal airport missed his flight and is now heading back to his ashram. His deadline to surrender to the police expires today

5.07 pm: Asaram Bapu withdraws anticipatory bail plea

Asaram Bapu today withdrew his anticipatory bail plea from Gujarat HC only hours after filing it, as the court said that it was inclined to reject it.

The godman's deadline for appearing for questioning expires today.

3.50 pm: Asaram Bapu applies for anticipatory bail

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu has applied for anticipatory bail before the Gujarat High Court  a few hours before his deadline to appear for questioning ends.

Jodhpur Police had issued summons to Asaram asking that he appear before them for questioning by 30 August.

Asaram's son said his father would not appear before the police today because he wasn't keeping well. Earlier in the day, Asaram's lawyer said his client will not appear as there was a death in the family.

12.33 pm: Asaram Bapu will not surrender today, says son

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu will not surrender before the Jodhpur Police today,

"He has no plans to surrender today before the Jodhpur Police," his son Narayan Sai told PTI.

11.46 am: If Asaram has no defence, he will be arrest, Jodhpur DCP

Jodhpur DCP Ajaypal Lamba said Asaram Bapu will not be granted any further extension and he has to present himself by this evening.

"We are expecting him by today evening, after interrogation we will decide whether to arrest him or not. If he doesn't have anything to prove himself innocent there is no option but to arrest him."


10.36 am: Police teams to be sent to Madhya Pradesh

CNN-IBN reports that three police teams have been readied to be sent to Chindwara, Bhopal and Ahmedabad if the controversial godman fails to turn up by this evening.

10.17 am:  Deadline ends, will Asaram be arrested?

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu's deadline to appear before the Jodhpur Police in a sexual assault case ends today. His lawyer, however, claims that the spiritual leader will not be able appear before authorities as due to the death of a relative.

Live Court rejects Asaram Bapus bail plea

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu. AFP

The Jodhpur Police are not yet treating Asaram's lawyers statement as an official communication.

As of now, the police have refused to grant Asaram an extension saying they will arrange for his arrest if he fails to appear before them by this evening.

“If Asaram does not turn up by then (the end of the deadline), we will arrange for his arrest and bring him here for interrogation,” a police official told PTI.

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Jodhpur Police drop charges of rape against Asaram Bapu

Jodhpur Police drop charges of rape against Asaram Bapu

The Jodhpur Police on Monday dropped charges of rape against self styled godman Asaram Bapu in a case filed by a minor, CNN-IBN reported.

Asaram might flee Bhopal, says DCP Jodhpur

Asaram might flee Bhopal, says DCP Jodhpur

DCP Jodhpur Ajay Lamba said, "Our team of policemen will leave for Bhopal tonight by train. We also expect him to flee from Bhopal and we are prepared for that."

Where's Asaram Bapu? Police have no clue

Where's Asaram Bapu? Police have no clue

Police were today clueless about the whereabouts of Asaram Bapu, who is believed to have fled his Bhopal ashram, as Jodhpur Police was on his trail for arresting him in connection with the charge of sexual assault of a minor girl.