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Lawless UP: Girl gang-raped by 5, police break law to reveal identity

"She joined a male friend to celebrate his birthday. She came back home after being raped by the friend and four other men. When she was in a state of trauma, police made available to the world, her name and address. She was even presented as an accused. As if she was just asking for it. She had been willingly drinking vodka with the boys to celebrate a birthday.”

In an incident which has once again exposed lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped in a moving car on Friday in Noida, Delhi’s satellite town.

The police has arrested four of the accused — Himanshu Sharma, Rahul Arya, Sunil Singh, and Saurabh Chauhan. Fifth accused, Neeraj Singh, is absconding.

All five accused are in their twenties.

According to a news report in The Indian Express, the victim knew Rahul, who used to work as a security guard in a shopping mall in Sector 25, Noida. On Friday, Rahul allegedly told the victim that it was his birthday the previous day and asked her to join him at the party at Saurabh’s house in Noida’s Gijhod village.

“The other four friends were waiting at the house. The five men and the girl consumed alcohol here. Then they forced the girl into Saurabh’s car and gang-raped her behind Krishna Hotel in the village between 7.30-8.30 pm. They dropped the girl at Priyadarshi Park at 9 pm, and threatened her of dire consequences if she spoke to anyone about the incident,” The Indian Express quoted Anant Dev, Superintendent of Police (City), as saying.

The girl went to a friend’s house and narrated the incident to her. When the friend’s mother saw the girl’s condition, she informed the family, who took her to a nearby hospital for medical examination.

 Lawless UP: Girl gang-raped by 5, police break law to reveal identity

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There is a possibility that this was not the first time Rahul and his friends allegedly raped the victim.

The Times of India has quoted the victim as saying that the same men had raped her on 24 May last year. There was no independent corroboration of this charge, says the national daily.

In violation of a Supreme Court order regarding disclosure of identity of rape victims, the press release issued by the Noida police gives details of the victim including her name and address. Further, while interacting with the press, Superintendent of Police (Noida, city) questioned the girl’s behaviour by saying that she willingly went to Saurabh’s house and was drinking vodka with the boys to celebrate the birthday.

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Updated Date: Feb 27, 2012 11:19:25 IST