Kumbh: It's Not Just a Mela — In Episode 2, exploring the security arrangements in the holy city

Imagine a country the size of Belgium, which can brave disasters and terror attacks. The security apparatus at Kumbh country is working on similar lines, as the tent city turns into an impregnable fortress. One and a half crore pilgrims are expected to take a holy dip on the day of the first Shahi Snan on 15 January. Over 20,000 police personnel are being supported by additional air power, spotters and emergency units on land and in water, medical equipment and mobile police command posts. Police officials are taking daily briefings on security threats. The Army has been asked to be on standby as the threat perception appears to have increased over the last couple of days

In another first, the 3,200-hectare tent city will have an unblinking eye-in-the-sky coverage through hi-tech cameras mounted on aerostats. These modern surveillance tools can track fleeing suspects, alert bottlenecks and assist police on the ground for crowd management. Around 40 permanent police stations and 62 police outposts will ensure law and order during the 55-day spiritual gathering. Over 40 fire-fighting centres and another 40 watch towers will keep a close eye on suspicious activities.

National Disaster Response Force, Border Security Force, Central Reserve Paramilitary Force and anti-terror squad personnel will also have boots on the ground. Mock drills are being conducted regularly to avert any untoward incident. National Disaster Management Authority observers are monitoring the responses of each agency during the mock drills. Experts have also suggested some additional measures to ensure pilgrims’ safety​. The paramilitary forces will be deployed as striking and cordoning forces in case of a terror attack. Security agencies are confident about thwarting terror attacks because of limited access points in the tent city and constant surveillance via 1400 cameras

Updated Date: Jan 17, 2019 18:04:46 IST