Firstpost Editor's Picks: Amit Shah in Lok Sabha, G20 summit in Osaka, Copa America 2019; today's must-read stories

In Lok Sabha, Amit Shah redefines notions of 'Insaniyat, Jamhuriyat and Kashmiriyat', throws down gauntlet to Congress

"Insaniyat" according to Amit Shah was providing toilets to women, building homes for the poor, providing security to people and instilling a fear of the law among those who were tried to create an atmosphere of fear. "Jamhuriyat" meant free and fair elections for 40,000 panchayats, that gave the opportunity to common people to come and take uo leadership positions in their area, were successfully conducted. "Kashmiriyat", he added, is about being part of the country, the welfare of the state and protecting its culture.

G20 Summit in Osaka: Donald Trump sounds conciliatory note, but his inconsistencies hamper India-US ties

At one level, there is a temptation to interpret Donald Trump’s words as the negotiating idiosyncrasies of a head of state who uses posturing as a bargaining chip while “cutting deals”. Being transactional isn’t bad. It makes for a clearer understanding of the issues on the table, and both sides can focus on self-interest (that ultimately drives all foreign policies) and try to thrash out a common, mutually acceptable outcome. The problem, however, is that Trump believes that his approach is working and the recent relative successes of his strong-arm tactics with respect to Mexico and Canada should tell us that Trump is buoyant over his approach and this confidence may bring some rigidity that India may find difficult to tackle.

EPFO has enough surplus to hike interest rate to 8.65% for FY19; hope the Finance Ministry does not put roadblocks

The Finance Ministry is wrong when it benchmarks bank fixed deposit interest rates with EPFO’s. It should not compare apple with oranges. True, banks are finding it difficult to lower the lending rates as they are unable to lower the deposit rates significantly because small savings schemes, constantly snapping at their heels, offer higher rates of interest. But EPFO isn’t a bank or a small saving scheme but more in the nature of a mutual fund with its subscribers being the employees.

Copa America 2019: From being whipping boys to cusp of landmark moment against Argentina, Venezuela have come long way

South American football has progressed so that the mere suggestion of a competitive Venezuela against Lionel Messi and Argentina can’t be ridiculed anymore. Argentina endured a torrid group stage, but remain favorites to prevail in the last eight. The last time Messi visited the Maracana, Germany defeated Argentina in the final of the 2014 World Cup. Since that fateful July day, Argentina have regressed. That is the reality Messi and Co face, along with the vast improvement of their opponents.

In defence of Kabir Singh: Filmmakers should have the right to explore the mind of a flawed person

Cinema is a reflection of our society and people who do crazy things exist all around us. Many human beings have serious flaws — some moral, some behavioural and some philosophical. Psychologists will tell you that humans make irrational and illogical decisions all the time because evolution has taught them to think and act quickly, primarily for survival, a euphemism for plain selfish behaviour. Such people come from among us. They are us. And their stories, howsoever dark, depressing and volatile, are still stories that can be told.

Updated Date: Jun 28, 2019 20:47:35 IST