Delhi Live: Cab drivers protest against ban on Uber services

The lawyer of rape accused in the Uber case Shiv Kumar Yadav defended his client on Tuesday saying that even though Yadav was booked in a rape case in 2011.

Aaron Pereira December 12, 2014 15:00:27 IST

2.59 pm: Taxi drivers protest against ban on Uber

Hundreds of cab drivers employed with the internet-based taxi firm Uber on Friday staged a protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi demanding revocation of the ban imposed on the company's operations.

According to the protesters, their livelihood is getting affected because of the ban imposed on the company. - PTI

08.40 am: Shiv Kumar admits to having sexually assaulted several women

Uber cab driver Shiv Kumar Yadav on Thursday admitted to have sexually assaulted many women, sources have told CNN-IBN.

The accused has revealed that he targeted women who took cabs from Gurgaon malls to Delhi. Yadav's admission came during his interrogation by the police.
A Delhi court had sent the accused into a judicial custody till 24 December after being produced by the police on Thursday evening.

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10.57 pm: Police aim to file chargesheet in Uber rape case in record time of 2 weeks

Delhi Police is aiming to file a charge sheet in a record two week's time in the Uber rape case, lesser than the 17 days it took to file one in the 16 December 2012 gangrape case.

"This case is not as complicated as the one which took place in 2012. Here we have just one accused and most of the case property has already been seized and sent for forensic examination. This includes Yadav's phones, his clothes and other things. The car has already been examined thoroughly by a CFSL team," said a senior police official associated with the probe.

Shiv Kumar Yadav, the Uber cab driver, had allegedly raped the woman, who works in a finance company in Gurgaon, on Friday night when she was headed back home in north Delhi's Inderlok area.
We are aiming to file a charge sheet in two week's time, the police official said.

Official sources also said that the family of the victim has offered them Rs 1 lakh as an acknowledgement of their efforts in solving the case but police refused to accept any award as it was part of their duty.

10.14 pm: Agent who helped Uber driver with fake documents held by cops

An agent of a finance company, who allegedly helped the Uber rape case accused Shiv Kumar Yadav to procure a fake character certificate to get All India Tourist Permit, has been detained, police said on Thursday.

The 32-year-old cab driver, during interrogation, had told police that he had procured fake character certificate issued in the name of an Additional DCP of Delhi Police from an agent of the finance company agent.

"We have detained the agent named by Yadav. During questioning, the agent told us he had procured it from another person who was yet to be identified. We will make arrests only when we unearth the entire chain through which the fake certificate was obtained," Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Madhur Verma said.

The investigation, so far, has revealed that Yadav had bought the car, in which the crime took place, after taking a loan from the finance company.

The finance company provided an individual car loan on the basis that he had an All India Tourist Permit so that he can pay back the loan by plying his car.

9.05 pm: We're sorry, deeply saddened, says Uber on rape case

Under attack over the alleged rape by one its drivers, internet-based taxi firm Uber on Thursday apologised and said it will assist authorities to help bring the accused to justice as it expressed hope of operating in the city again.

"We are sorry and deeply saddened by what happened over the weekend in New Delhi. Our hearts go out to the victim of this horrible crime. We have been and will continue to do everything in our power to assist the authorities to help bring the perpetrator to justice," Uber said in a statement issued today.

The US-based company further said that events of the week have made it look into its operations in India and they are taking a number of important actions.

8.45 pm: Delhi police to deploy drones to patrol city

In a first of its kind project in the country, mini drones fitted with night vision cameras will be used to patrol the streets of the national capital by the Delhi Police in order to make the city safer for women.

The project will be launched in north district area by next month. "With this project, North Delhi will become the first district with complete camera surveillance in Delhi. This would be achieved with the combined range of with CCTVs and drones. The only areas which will be kept out of it will be the LG House, Delhi Assembly and Metcalfe House," said a senior police official. - PTI

7.08 pm: Uber driver used to prowl around Gurgaon malls looking for targets

In some more shocking details in the Delhi rape case, the Uber cab driver Shiv Kumar Yadav has admitted to have targeted other women in Gurgaon.

CNN-IBN reported that Yadav has admitted to be well aware of police procedures since he has been in custody many times. Also he used to prowl around Gurgaon malls in the lookout for soft targets.

4.00 pm: Accused sent to jail till December 24

Accused Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav has been sent to jail till 24 December.

9:05 am: Karnataka government to ban Uber

Headlines Today reports that the Karnataka government is going to be banning Uber on the grounds that it isn't a registered taxi service.

The report said that the state's transport department will be issuing a notification imposing the ban later in the day.

8:00 am: Uber, Ola and other web-based cab services banned in Maharashtra

The BJP government in Maharashtra has banned cab services that operate solely through mobile apps following Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh's orders.

The decision to ban the cabs was taken at a meeting held on Wednesday.

"We have taken the decision to ban the web-based taxi services after due consideration," Transport Secretary S K Sharma.

Updates for 10 December end

7.01 pm: Maharashtra govt to ban all web-based cab services

In the wake of the alleged rape of a 27-year-old woman by an Uber cab driver in Delhi, the Maharashtra Government has decided to ban web-based taxi services in the state.

"Orders have been issued to the Transport Commissioner to stop all the web-based cab booking services. He will take the required action immediately. Now, it is only a matter of time before the order is implemented by the Commissioner," Transport Secretary S K Sharma told PTI here on Wednesday.

The move comes after the state government received Centre's advice to ban all web-based taxi services, he said.

"We have taken the decision to ban the web-based taxi services after due consideration," Sharma added.

6.51 pm: Blame game starts over failure to enforce ban on Uber

Failure to enforce a ban on Uber cab service today triggered a blame game between Delhi Government and Traffic Police with both putting the onus on each other to restrict the US-based company from operating in the city.

Delhi Government's Transport department said it does not have adequate resources to enforce the ban while Traffic Police maintainted that those who announced the action must execute it.

"We have asked the Delhi Traffic police to immediately implement the ban on web-based cab services, including Uber, in the national capital," a Transport Department official told PTI when asked how Uber was operating three days after it was banned.

The Delhi government on Monday had announced banning Uber and other app-based taxi services with immediate effect following raging outrage over rape of a 27-year-old woman executive allegedly by an Uber cabbie. Despite the ban, Uber refused to cease operation and was continuing with its app-based taxi booking service.

6.43 pm: Manager of Uber cab services slapped

According to the latest reports, Congress MLA in Maharashtra Nitish Rane's aide slapped a manager of the Uber  cab services near Old Customs House in Mumbai.

According to a report in the NDTV, the representative of Uber was attacked after he finished meeting authorities of the taxi service.

Despite separate calls to ban the taxi service and a ban by the Delhi government, Uber continued to operate its web-based cab service in Delhi and other metros in the country.

5.45 pm: Madhya Pradesh makes GPS must in their cabs

In the aftermath of the alleged rape of a woman in a cab in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh government has made installation of GPS-based navigation system in taxis and drivers' police verification mandatory.

"We have made it mandatory for taxi operators to install GPS-based navigation system in their vehicles to keep a track on their movement," Madhya Pradesh Transport Minister Bhupendra Singh told PTI.

1.05 pm: Delhi Police recover accused cabbie's iPhone

Delhi Police has recovered the iPhone which was provided by Uber to the driver accused of raping the 27-year-old finance company executive on Friday night inside the cab which she had booked through the company's App.

The smartphone was recovered from Mathura by a Delhi Police team which had gone there with the accused Shiv Kumar Yadav yesterday in search of the phone. The phone was recovered at his instance.

Police have already recovered two of the three phones used by Yadav. - PTI

10.40 am: Uber defies govt ban, says will continue to operate cabs

Despite a ban by the Delhi government and a suggestion by the Ministry of Home Affairs to be banned across the country, Uber continues to operate its web-based cab service in Delhi as well as other metros in the country.

The reason cited by the cab service is that while they respect the government and existing regulations, they cannot put the livelihoods of their drivers at risk.

“We are still trying to get the details of the ban. Though we respect the government and its rules and regulations, we are also committed to our drivers and will continue to support them as their livelihood depends on Uber. They have to feed their families and we cannot abandon them at this time of need,” Uber’s operations head for South Asia, Allen Penn told The Indian Express.

09.00 am: Telangana bans Uber cab services

The Telangana Transport Department on Tuesday said that no permission has been granted to Uber taxi services to operate in the state.

Citing a message from the Union Government, an official release said a criminal case has been reported against the permit holder of a vehicle associated with Uber company.

"In these circumstances, the public including the taxi, cab owners/drivers are informed not to be associated with Uber Company in any form. No permission has been granted to Uber Company by Transport Department of Telangana government," the release said.

"Public are requested not to hire any transport services through Uber company in any form, including web-based mobile applications keeping in view the safety and security," it said. - PTI

Updates for 09 December end

11.00 pm: Uber ignored complaint about Shiv Kumar Yadav from another woman

If the fact that Uber did not conduct background checks on its drivers was not outrageous enough, now it appears that it had ignored complaints from a woman about Shiv Kumar Yadav on 26 November this year.

Times of India reports "Nidhi Shah, who lives in the US and was in India for a week, had complained to Uber that Shiv Kumar Yadav stared at her through the rear view mirror and also smiled at her in a weird way."

8.53 pm: Uber driver threatened to shove a rod inside the victim

Police officers who interrogated Shiv Kumar Yadav, who was involved in molestation cases even before the Delhi incident, said that he showed no remorse for the crime that he had committed.

In a chilling reminder of the horrific 2013 Delhi gangrape case, Yadav had allegedly threatened the woman of shoving a rod inside her.

NDTV reported: During questioning, Yadav said when he found the woman asleep, he drove on and parked the car 4 km ahead of her house, near the Najafgarh drain, the officer said. When the woman awoke, Yadav admitted that he had grabbed her by the throat and even threatened to shove an iron rod inside her unless she kept quiet, he added.

8.28 pm: Uber driver's village celebrates

Repeated sex offender Shiv Kumar Yadav's village is celebrating his arrest, because even back home he was known to harass and attack women.

The Hindustan Times reported quoted Kushun Singh, a farmer in his village as saying, "He is a compulsive sex offender. You won’t find a single household in the village whose woman he hadn’t teased or molested. I know no less than 26-27 cases that never reached police."

8.23 pm: Thailand, Spain ban Uber cabs

Thailand on Tuesday ordered US online taxi booking company Uber to cease operations immediately for improperly using cars and unregistered drivers, a day after the firm was barred in New Delhi over the alleged rape incident in a taxi plying for it.

"They have to stop operations immediately," Director- General of Department of Land Transport Thiraphong Rodprasert told reporters after meeting officials from Uber and rival firm GrabTaxi and EasyTaxi to discuss regulating Internet taxi services.

Meanwhile in Spain a judge ruled that Uber drivers did not have authorisation to drive and posed as unfair competition to regular taxi drivers.

7.51 pm: NCP hits out at Gadkari for opposing ban on Uber cabs

NCP on Tuesday hit out at Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari for opposing the decision to ban the cab services of Uber across the country.

NCP spokesman Nawab Malik said Gadkari's comment reflect as if he was a minister of the USA and not India.

In a tweet, Malik said, "Shame on you Mr Gadkari. Are you Transport Minister of India or USA? You are supporting Uber instead of standing by the victim."

6.34 pm: Lawyer of accused claims conspiracy is being hatched

The lawyer of rape accused Shiv Kumar Yadav defended his client on Tuesday saying that even though Yadav was booked in a rape case in 2011 he was given a clean character certificate.

According to a report in the Zee News, Alok Dubey claimed that conspiracy was being hatched against his client. Zee News quoted Dubey as saying, "He (accused) has been booked under IPC 376, among other sections. However, I've not yet received the copy of the FIR."

"This is a conspiracy against my client. The police issued the certificate, and now, they are denying that the officer who signed it was posted at that station," Zee News quoted Dubey as saying.

6.06 pm: Kolkata Police begin scrutinising safety measures of cab services in the city

The Kolkata Police have begun scrutinising safety measures being offered by cab services operating in the city, following the alleged rape of a woman executive by an Uber taxi driver in New Delhi, a senior traffic official said on Tuesday.

The Kolkata Police are identifying and scrutinising safety measures put in place by the radio cabs and call-a-cab services in the city, he elaborated.

The Delhi government banned "all activities" by Uber company in the national capital. It also blacklisted the firm from providing transport services in Delhi in future.

The drastic action followed the arrest on Sunday of the taxi driver, Shiv Kumar Yadav, from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. He allegedly raped a 25-year-old woman executive on Friday night and escaped thereafter.

"We are identifying the cab services which are many in the city. We are trying to check what kind of measures they have arranged to ensure passenger safety whether they are making any kind of driver verification and whether they have installed services like GPS tracking etc.," Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) V Solomon Nesakumar told reporters on Tuesday.

However, there are no such stringent safety checks for the 30,000-odd yellow taxis that normally ply everyday.

"The cab owners and drivers are responsible for the passengers' safety and whenever we get any complaints or feedback we look into them," said Nesakumar.

4.59 pm: Legally examining action that can be take against Uber, says Commissioner

Delhi Police is examining legal liability of Uber taxi service and probing how the fake police verification certificate was provided to the accused in the rape of a 27-year-old woman in a cab in the national capital, Commissioner BS Bassi said today.

"Delhi (govt) has issued a notification banning the activities of Uber in Delhi. Police verification certificate was found to be false. An FIR has been registered and it will be probed so that the guilty are punished.

"We are also legally examining what action can be taken against Uber for not fulfilling its promises," Bassi told reporters after briefing Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Parliament on the progress of the investigation into the case.

Asked about Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari's disagreement with the decision to ban Uber cab services in Delhi in the wake of the rape, Bassi said, "I do not know about the statement. But we are examining the legal liability.

"It is our endeavour to ensure that women are 100 per cent safe and can go anywhere without any problem."

Delhi Police is taking all steps to ensure that crimes against women are not suppressed, Bassi said, adding that, with a view to ensuring women's safety, 5,000 cameras have been installed already while 10,000 more are proposed to be installed in various parts of the city.

4.55 pm: Committed to passenger safety, says Ola cabs

Even as cab service Uber continues to be in the eye of the storm, Ola cabs, another such cab service has come out with a statement on passenger safety.

NDTV quoted Ola as saying, "We are committed to the safety of all passengers who trust Ola."

"Driver using our software passes through stringent check of papers," they said.

4.04 pm: Uber driver was involved in another rape case in 2013

Latest reports suggest that the accused cab driver of the Uber cab Shiv Kumar Yadav has not one, but two rape cases registered against him.

NDTV reports that Yadav was booked in another rape case in 2013. He was out on bail in the case.

Meanwhile CNN-IBN reported that he was also involved in two molestation cases in 2009.

Earlier he had another rape case registered against him in 2011.

3.35 pm: Slapped, bit victim, Uber driver tells cops during interrogation

Shiv Kumar Yadav, the accused in the Delhi Uber cab rape case in his statement gave the police details of the incident.

Delhi Live Cab drivers protest against ban on Uber services

Representational image. PTI

Zee News reported that "he abused her physically. As per police, the accused slapped the woman several times and also bit her while committing the crime."

2.15 pm: Ensure all unregistered taxi services cease operations, Rajnath to states

Home Minister Rajnath Singh made a statement in the Rajya Sabha over the rape case in Delhi. He outlined the steps taken by the government in the case.

"We have advised state governments to ensure such cab companies do not hire drivers who are not registered," he said and promised swift action in the case.

Condemning the act Rajnath said, "Police took swift action in the case."

He asked states to ensure that all unregistered taxi services cease operations for now.

1.51 pm: FIR registered against Uber by police

A separate FIR has been filed against the Uber cab services by the Delhi police for cheating and violating government orders, according to reports.

The National Commission for Women has issued a suo-motu notice to Delhi Police in connection with the rape, according to PTI. "I have spoken to Police Commissioner BS Bassi this morning about the case. We have issued a suo-motu notice to the Delhi Police and sought a report within 15 days. We have also issued a notice to Uber in connection with the case," said NCW chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam.

11.40 am: Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari opposes ban on cab services

With his own government advising states to ban web-based cab services that are operation without licences, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari today said it made no sense to impose a ban and instead regulations need to be improved.

"It doesn't make sense to ban services, tomorrow if something happens in a bus we can't ban that, the system needs to be changed, he said, adding that the system of giving drivers license is faulty and a new digitalised system will be designed where everyone's track record can be viewed," Gadkari told reporters.

11.00 am: Ban all unlicensed web-based cabs, Home Ministry tells states

The Union Home Ministry today wrote to all state governments advising them to ban all unlicensed web-based cabs in their state, NDTV reported this morning.

The advisory comes a day after the Delhi government banned several cab services including Uber, Ola and TaxiForSure for not complying with existing transport regulation.

For now, the letter is only an advisory.

10.27 am: NSA Ajit Doval intervenes, calls up top Delhi cops

In an unexpected development, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has intervened in the Delhi rape case and has made calls to top Delhi police officials, news channel Times NOW reports.

According to the channel, Doval had spoken to top police official who are probing the case and will brief Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the incident.

CNN-IBN reports that Doval has summoed top police officials to review the issue of radio cabs.

10.20 am: Activists demand GPS in all autos, cabs

Activists in Mumbai have demanded that the government take immediate steps to improve safety of commuters in the city by adopting stricter regulations.

"The government is aware of the available technology through which passenger safety can be ensured. Why are we waiting for such incidents to occur? Why should commuters pay such a heavy price? The government must take preventive measures,” Shirish Deshpande, chairman of the Mumbai Grahak Panchayat told Hindustan Times.

Among the suggestions mooted by the NGOs are use of GPS and GRPS in all auto-rickshaws and taxis, annual verification of driver's documents, police verification at least every three years and psychological profiling of all drivers by Unions.

10.10 am: Rape accused refuses to undergo Test Identification Parade

Shiv Kumar Yadav, who was produced before a Delhi court on Monday, said he did not want to undergo a Test Identification Parade and asked the court to rely on identification documents available with Uber.

"The Delhi Police moved an application seeking Test Identification Parade (TIP) of the accused. “Do you want to undergo TIP,” the judge asked Yadav. But Yadav objected and said, “There is no requirement for TIP. My company has my photo identity. The same shall be used for my identification," The Indian Express reported.

10.00 am: No plans to ban Uber, other app based services in Mumbai

Mumbai police chief Rakesh Maria has said that there are no immediate plans of banning Uber or any other app based cabs in the city. His statement comes shortly after a comment that the police would screen all cab drivers to make sure that they were all verified.

It must be mentioned at this point however, that the decision on whether or not to ban taxi apps does not rest with the police commissioner, but the state transport department or RTO, who have not a made any statement with regards to this incident as yet.

09.20 am: Uber officials to be quizzed again, DCW summons CEO

Senior Uber officials will be questioned by the police for the second day today as they were unable to provide satisfactory answers on Monday, Delhi Police officials have said.

The Delhi Police will now focus on whether there were lapses on the part of Uber in providing cab services. The Delhi Commission for Women chief Barkha Shukla Singh has also summoned the CEO of Uber.

Meanwhile, the police will take the cab driver to Mathura to further investigate the case.

08.50 am: Mumbai Police to screen all cab services, drivers

Taking a cue from the Delhi incident, Mumbai Police chief Rakesh Maria has asked the Mumbai crime branch to verify details of all cab services and drivers employed by them.

"The big question that had arisen in Delhi case is that whether Uber had done a background check of the drivers working with them. We would want to prevent such incidents in Mumbai where thousands of such call-a-cabs would be on streets," a police officer told  DNA.

07. 55 am: Ola, TaxiForSure, Uber suspended in Delhi

In its order last night, the Delhi government suggested that cabs such as Ola, TaxiForSure, TaxiPixi and Uber, which operate on a web-based basis, have been suspended and have to go off the roads in the city until they abide by existing regulations.

"The services of Uber have been blacklisted. We have just issued an order saying Uber's activities stand banned in Delhi," Special Commissioner of Delhi Transport Department, Satish Mathur said.

In its order on Monday, the Delhi government said:

"Public is hereby informed that only Easy Cab, Meru Cab, Mega Cab, Chanson Cab, Yo Cab and Air Cab are licenced with the Transport Department to provide Radio Taxi services in the city. All other cab services which use web-based technology, which are not recognised, are prohibited from providing such services in the NCT of Delhi till they get permission from the Transport Department."

Reports last night also suggested that the Centre was considering banning Uber across the country.


Delhi Live Cab drivers protest against ban on Uber services

07.50 am: Despite being jailed in 2011 rape case, Uber rape accused given character certificate

He was jailed for 7 months in a 2011 rape case where he claims he was acquitted but the police character certificate issued to him made no mention of it. The police now say the document was forged and he will face charges for it as well.

Shiv Kumar Yadav used the certificate to land a job with Uber as a driver. He has now been sent to police custody for three days.


07.30 am: Will compensate victim financially but no question of leaving Delhi, says Uber

Facing a ban by the Delhi government and a possible country-wide ban, Uber has said they will not exist the Indian market as it was their second largest, at par with China.

Speaking to The Economic Times, Uber Asia chief of business Eric Alexander said the company was willing to set-up a call centre in the country and were also willing to be subjected to Indian laws and regulatory regime, saying they have done it in other markets and were willing to do it here as well.

On compensating the victim, the company said: "We would be happy to assist in her recovery. Financially. If there are things that we can do to help her, we will do. And I think that is the right thing."

The cab company also said they were willing to  work with third party verification agencies to perform background checks on drivers, something the company claimed to have done but did not.

Updates for 8 December end

9.35 pm: Delhi Police is considering filing an FIR against Uber

Delhi Police is considering filing an FIR against Uber as investigators probing the rape of a
27-year-old woman have found "criminal negligence" and "abetment" to crime by the US-based cab company whose General Manager was grilled today.

Uber's General Manager (Marketing) Gagan Bhatia, who claims to be the in-charge of the company's India operations, during his day-long questioning has not been able to provide much information to the police regarding the company's operations and its policies.

"We may book the company under CrPc section 188 and other charges as criminal negligence and abetment to the crime have been made out against Uber," said a senior Delhi police officer.

The investigations have gathered momentum amid growing outrage over the rape allegedly by a driver of Uber who had been arrested yesterday.

"We wanted to know the role of the company while it brings the customer and the car driver into contact through its App. What is the liability of the company if the driver commits a crime as in this case. What is the business model, how it works, who are its promoters," the officer said.

Sources privy to the investigation revealed that Bhatia could not come up with satisfactory answers to these questions posed by cops and he has been asked to produce the documents regarding the operations of the company in India.

7.18 pm: Driver to be slapped with forgery charges

The Delhi commissioner of police said that prime facie, the driver's character certificate is false. "We will register a case of forgery against the driver," he said, after the court granted the police the accused's custody for three days.--CNN-IBN

5:50 pm: Despite ban on Uber, taxis still freely available in Delhi

Uber users seem unfazed by the recent government ban in New Delhi as the availability of the cab service is still looking good.

4:30 pm: Shiv Kumar Yadav sent to police custody

Accused of raping a woman in his taxi, Shiv Kumar Yadav was sent to police custody for three days by a magistrate court in Delhi. Yadav, who was due to be part of an identification parade, also refused to be part of the exercise.

Meanwhile, sources told PTI that the government is contemplating banning Uber cab services across India.

3. 50 pm: Shiv Kumar Yadav had no criminal record, shows certificate

According to reports, additional DCP southeast Delhi police had issued a character certificate for Shiv Kumar Yadav in August 2014. It shows that Shiv Kumar Yadav had no criminal record. The police, who already produced him before a local court, will conduct an identification test next.

2.14 pm: Delhi govt bans Uber services in city

Delhi government has banned with immediate effect all operations by private cab service Uber in the city, reported PTI. The order by Delhi government has said Uber was banned for 'misleading customers', reported Times Now.

"The transport department has banned all activities related to providing of any transport service by with immediate effect. The department has also blacklisted the company from providing any transport service in the NCT of Delhi in future," the Delhi government said in a statement.

CNN-IBN also said that this was a temporary suspension of Uber services, not a permanent ban.

As a result of this ban, taxies plying with Uber services will attract fines and may be impounded. "In this rape case, the victim was provided a All India Permit Taxi which is not allowed to ferry customers point-to-point in the National capital. We will also be issuing a public notice saying Uber is not authorised to provide any taxi services in the capital so that customers are aware which are the authorised radio Cab services. Uber is not a authorised radio cab service and has been operating illegally," Special Commissioner of Delhi Transport Department, Satish Mathur told Economic Times.

Mathur also said that Delhi cabs have to follow rules under the Radio Taxi Scheme, 2006 which states that the licensee must be either a company under the Companies Act, 1956 or a society under Society Registration Act, 1860, said the report.

1.58 pm: Rape accused Uber driver produced before court

Rape accused Uber Driver was produced before a Magistrate Court in Delhi for his custody hearing as Delhi police questioned officials from the company in connection with the alleged rape. The Uber regional manager was also questioned by the police in the rape case.

Meanwhile, Uber sent a message to all its cab drivers, asking them to stay with the company, according to reports. "Hum jaante hain ki ye mushkil ghadi hai lekin is samay humein ek doosre ka saath dena hai. Uber ne aapka hamesha saath diya hai. Uber company kahin nahin ja rahi aur hamesha aapke saath rahegi. Kripya kisi aur ki baaton mein aakar kuchch galat kadam na uthaiye. (We know that this are troubled times but we have to support each other right now. Uber has always been there for you. Uber is not going anywhere and will stay with you forever. Please don't take any wrong steps by rumours spread by others.)"

1.20 pm: Uber Officials questioned

The Delhi police questioned officials working for Uber Cab company in connection with the alleged rape yesterday. Headlines Today reported that Uber officials had been questioned in connection with the investigation.

12.30 pm: Uber CEO says 'will do everything, I repeat, everything to bring justice to victim'

What happened over the weekend in New Delhi is horrific. Our entire team’s hearts go out to the victim of this despicable crime. We will do everything, I repeat, everything to help bring this perpetrator to justice and to support the victim and her family in her recovery.

We will work with the government to establish clear background checks currently absent in their commercial transportation licensing programs. We will also partner closely with the groups who are leading the way on women’s safety here in New Delhi and around the country and invest in technology advances to help make New Delhi a safer city for women.

- Uber CEO Travis Kalanick


12.00 pm: Rajnath Singh apprises Parliament on Delhi rape case

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, in an exemplary move, stuck to crucial investigative facts of the case while making a statement in Parliament this afternoon.

With many politicians, including those of the ruling party, often targeting women for consuming alcohol and wearing 'the wrong clothes', the Minister stuck to the timeline of the case and skipped details that the woman visited a bar before she took the Uber cab home.

11.00 am: Rape accused Uber driver linked to 2011 Sahara mall rape case?

In December 2011, a 22-year-old woman working as a pub employee in Gurgaon was allegedly raped by a certain Shiv Kumar in south Delhi’s Mehrauli area.

"The victim, who works at a Gurgaon bar, had hired a cab from outside the Sahara Mall there after work around 3.30 am," police officials had said then.

The victim, when she first approached the police, said her chain was snatched by the cab driver, but she came back the next morning and said she was sexually assaulted.

The police said a PCR van stationed at the picket and an officer from the local police chased the vehicle all the way to Saket only to return empty-handed an hour later. “However, in the morning, the complainant again came to the local police station and alleged that she had been raped by the cab driver. She said he had driven her to a farmhouse in Mehrauli and forced himself upon her,” the officer said, according to this Hindustan Times report.

While the driver of the Uber cab claims he was acquitted in a 2011 case, the Delhi Police are still verifying his claims.




10.20 am: Spate of crimes against women shameful, says Rajnath

Breaking his silence, Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said, "the spate of rapes in Delhi were unfortunate and there has to be a perceptional change," adding that the government will take strict action in the case.

Activists from the Aam Aadmi Party,the Left and the Congress protested outside Singh's official residence this morning and several of them were detained. Student wings of these parties - the NSUI, AISA as well as the Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union were seen protesting.

The Delhi Police, who are currently investigating the case, come directly under the Union Home Ministry.

08.45 am: Uber rape accused arrested in 2011 case

The Uber cab driver who was arrested last evening was earlier arrested in a 2011 sexual assault case. Shiv Kumar Yadav served 7 months in Tihar jail but he was acquitted by the court.

The cab driver also did not possess a Delhi driving permit.

The cab driver will be presented before a magistrate this morning. He has reportedly confessed to the crime but his statement before the police is not admissible in court. He will have to make a statement before the court today, where the police will seek his custody.

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8.00 am: AAP protests outside Rajnath's House

Seeking to gain political mileage from Friday night's rape incident, AAP party workers protested outside Home Minister Rajnath Singh's official residence in New Delhi demanding that he take action.

"What has the government done in the last six months to improve the safety of women in the country?" AAP's Manish Sisodia had said.

Delhi Police detained several of the protesters.

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7:30 pm: Uber cab driver arrested after suspected rape

Police on Sunday arrested a cab driver suspected of raping a female passenger who hailed a ride with him via Uber, the US online taxi service that has launched an aggressive international expansion.

"The prime accused in the case has been arrested," Madhur Verma, deputy commissioner with the Delhi police, told Reuters.

The suspect was arrested in his home town in Uttar Pradesh where his car was earlier found abandoned. He will be brought before a court in New Delhi on Monday.

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4:45 pm: Uber top management to be questioned

According to some television news reports, the top management of the taxi-app service Uber are to be questioned by the Delhi police on Monday.

4:30 pm: Driver still at large, says police

So it turns out the driver of the vehicle who is accused of raping the woman passenger is still to be arrested. According to reports, the police has detained four persons in connection with the case, but all of them are only relatives of the man accused of the crime.

According to a NDTV report, the police has announced a reward of Rs one lakh for information leading to the arrest of the driver.

The Mathura police has reportedly found the vehicle in which the crime was committed and has handed it over to the Delhi Police, which is expected to conduct forensic tests.

1.2o pm: Govt should ban Uber, says DCW chief Barkha Singh

Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Barkha Singh today called for a ban on Uber after one of its cab drivers raped a 27-year-old woman on Friday night.

"The cab company in question should be banned, gender sensitisation should be taught. I came to the police station to see whats being done about the case, the girl is traumatised," Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Barkha Singh told reporters.

The Aam Aadmi Party, though, chose to play politics over the incident questioning what kind of red alert the police had put in place if a rape could not be prevented.

"What kind of a high alert is this in Delhi that a girl got raped in a cab? It is condemnable," AAP's Rakhi Birla told reporters.

10.45 am: Accused to be produced before magistrate

The Delhi Police will produce accused Shiv Kumar Yadav before a Delhi magistrate and seek his custody. The driver, who hails from Mathura, had deleted the app from his phone and switched off his GPS before raping the woman who dozed off on the back seat of the car.

The police formed 12 special teams to raid localities in Mathura where the accused was believed to be hiding.

The victim had clicked a picture of the car's license plate while the driver was fleeing, which helped the police track down the car.

10.00 am: Delhi Police arrest cab driver

Thirty-two-year-old Shiv Kumar Yadav was detained by the Delhi Police this morning from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh where he had fled leaving the car behind.

Delhi Live Cab drivers protest against ban on Uber services

Representational image. Reuters

The police had launched a search operation following Uber's failure to record the driver's details raising serious questions over the safety measures the service adopts.

Twelve police search teams were formed to nab the accused and a DCP is heading investigations in the case.

09.55 am: Our thoughts are with the victim, says Uber

In a statement released late last night, Uber said they were assisting the police in every possible manner and have already suspended the driver.

"Safety is Uber’s highest priority and in India, we work with licensed driver-partners to provide a safe transportation option, with layers of safeguards such as driver and vehicle information, and ETA-sharing to ensure there is accountability and traceability of all trips that occur on the Uber platform," the statement said.

You can read the full statement issued by the cab service here.

A 27-year-old financial executive was raped by the driver of private cab service Uber on Friday night when she was returning home from a party in Gurgaon.

According to her statement to the police, the victim said she dozed off on her way home and woke up to the driver groping her on the back seat of the car.

"The woman had gone to a restaurant for dinner with some friends after her shift ended at 7 pm. One of her friends dropped her till Vasant Vihar from where she hired a cab run by a private company to take her to Inderlok," police said citing the complaint filed by the victim.

On the way, the woman dozed off on the back seat of the car only to wake up and find that they had stopped at a secluded spot. She found that the car doors were locked and, when she tried to raise an alarm, the driver thrashed her and then committed rape, police said.

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