After Sukma attacks, Maoist spokesperson Vikalp releases audio clip to justify killing CRPF jawans

The Maoist cadre that attacked and killed 25 CRPF personnel at Burkapal in Sukma district on 24 April in an ambush, has justified its action by releasing a purported audio

Debobrat Ghose April 28, 2017 08:03:07 IST
After Sukma attacks, Maoist spokesperson Vikalp releases audio clip to justify killing CRPF jawans

The Maoist cadre that attacked and killed 25 CRPF personnel at Burkapal in Sukma district on 24 April in an ambush, has justified its action by releasing a purported audio on Thursday, mentioning the reasons for the gruesome killing of security force personnel.

The audio clip allegedly released by the political outfit of the Maoists — the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of CPI (Maoist) — has claimed that they unleashed attacks on CRPF personnel on 11 March and 24 April in order to give a befitting reply to the government, its 'fascist forces' and Operation Green Hunt. In the 16 minute 42 second audio clip in Hindi, the spokesperson of the banned CPI (Maoist), Vikalp has hailed the commanders of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), foot soldiers, party cadre and all those who helped in unleashing the attack in the form of ambush.

And while the CPI (Maoist) claimed to have no enmity with Central para-military forces, it justifies the killing of jawans by stating that the latter were a part of the government machinery and acted as an obstacle in the path of revolution.

"In 2016, the government had led barbaric attacks on our cadre and killed nine of our people and villagers in Chhattisgarh and 21 in Odisha. The ambush and attacks (on CRPF) at Chintangufa should be seen in light of these barbaric killings and sexual violence against tribal women. As a mark of protest we were compelled to take action," claimed Vikalp.

PLGA (People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army) is the armed wing of the CPI (Maoist), which aims at overthrowing the government by raging people’s war. It’s this wing of the Maoists cadre that has been attacking CRPF personnel and the police. The CPI (Maoist) has tried to justify its killing of security force personnel to protect 'national property from being looted by the government and its agencies'.

"Our party has been actualising incidents like the ones at Chintangufa in the interests of the people, who have been suppressed, exploited and targeted by government machinery," the spokesperson said in the audio file. After the clip was released on Thursday, it went viral on social media, which is precisely what the Maoists set out to do. While after the 11 March attack, the Naxals remained silent and didn’t own up to the action, they have now justified their barbaric acts by calling the government 'fascist', which according to them is guided by imperialists, foreign MNCs, corporate houses and capitalists.

After Sukma attacks Maoist spokesperson Vikalp releases audio clip to justify killing CRPF jawans

A CRPF man showing the attack site in Sukma, Chattisgarh. Firstpost/Debobrat Ghose

The veracity of the purported audio and the claims made by the CPI (Maoist) could not be confirmed. However, a senior official of the Chhattisgarh Police told Firstpost that they have found out about the audio being released by the Maoist outfit in Bastar. At the end of the audio clip, the Maoists have appealed to the jawans of the para-military forces and lower-ranked police personnel not to serve the government-guided police and para-military forces who have been targeting social activists, journalists, NGOs and even Opposition parties.

In the audio clipping, the Maoist outfit attacked the BJP government alleging that the police force under the protection of BJP government unleashed atrocities and oppression on tribals and Dalits, gangraped women and killed villagers in encounters.

"Instead they should target the government. To oppose this anti-democratic and fascist environment created by the government, we were compelled to take action like the ones at Chintagufa," claimed Vikalp, the official spokesperson of Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of CPI (Maoist) while signing-off.

Highlights of the audio text transcribed from Hindi to English

-Hail the PLGA and revolutionary masses for defeating Mission 2017 (Mission 2017 ko parasth karne keliye PLGA aur Krantikari Janata ki Jai Jaikar).
-Chintagufa incidents (Maoist attacks) are a befitting reply against the actions taken by the fascist forces to curb revolutionary mass movement and Operation Green Hunt.
-Red Salute (Lal Salaam) to PLGA commanders, comrades and to the active public who helped in actualising the Chintagufa incident.
-The present ambush (at Burkapal on 24 April) is a continuation of the 11 March attack to protect our revolution.
-We don’t subscribe to violence per se, and are not against the jawans of the para-military forces. But we stand by those who are being exploited by the government that represents imperialist forces, MNCs, large corporate and capitalists. We’re compelled to take action against them.
-It is at the behest of the fascist government that the para-military forces have been killing our cadre. They have taken photos of our ‘martyred’ women comrades who got killed during an encounter, made obscene videos out of them and released them on the internet and mobile phones.
-Roads and rail tracks are being laid in this region to loot the minerals and natural resources belonging to tribal by the government agencies.
-We appeal to the policemen, CRPF jawans and junior officers to stop serving the exploiters, foreign MNCs, corporate houses, capitalists, big contractors, businessmen and big traders, goons, mafias and Brahmanical Hindutva Fascists — who are anti-poor, against the tribal, backward castes, Dalits and women.
-Don’t lose your lives protecting these people. Personally, these jawans are not our enemies, but as they are a part of the oppressive government machinery, which is an impediment to the path of our party and the PLGA’s revolution, they are being attacked. Instead of targeting innocent and exploited people, we appeal you to give up your government job and target the exploiters.

What security experts say?

Defence analyst Colonel (retd) Jaibans Singh said, "The Maoists in their flush of victory, have made some loose statements in the audio clip. It stands proved that they have little knowledge of history and even weaker ideology, otherwise, they would not look at a very popular democratically elected government as Fascist. They apparently do not know what Fascism stands for and how different it is from the political environment in India. They are grossly underestimating the resilience of the Indian security forces that have met far greater internal security challenges and emerged victorious. The unfortunate incident of 25 brave soldiers dying will only strengthen the resolve of the CRPF to finish off this menace soonest. They would be well advised to leave the path of violence and join the nation in its endeavour to develop into a strong global power."

Counter-terrorism analyst Anil Kamboj said, “Maoists don’t believe in the Indian Constitution and democratic system. They are always looking to grab power by hook or crook. Reading between the lines, it has been exposed that they have links — no matter how loose — with Islamic fundamentalists. Similar to Al-Qaeda, they too have been releasing audio and video messages, which also shows that they are being guided by external forces. They are claiming themselves as a revolutionary force and are against the established government. It’s like Islamic militants and extremists not following any government establishment."

"They have also tried to justify their killings by saying that they have been protecting minerals from being looted by the government agencies. Minerals belong to the nation and not to any particular individual or government. Who are they to decide on the nation’s treasure? They don’t want any development and that’s why they attacked the road opening party of the CRPF. The sad part is that there is no national strategy to combat them and ultimately the Central forces who are at the forefront are getting killed," added Kamboj.

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