'Act of bravery': Uttar Pradesh Police to reward cop who shouted 'thain thain' to scare criminals after his gun jammed

The Uttar Pradesh Police has decided to award the 'valour' of a Sambhal sub-inspector who mimicked the sound of a gunshot after his pistol jammed during an encounter with criminals.

The video of the incident, that happened on 12 October, recently surfaced on social media. In the video, Sub-Inspector Manoj Kumar can be heard shouting 'maaromaarogherothainthain' with the intention of scaring the criminals.

The police department has lauded Kumar's actions and has hailed the incident as an exemplary "act of bravery". Kumar's name has been sent for a commendation disc and certificate from the director general of Uttar Pradesh police, reported The Times of India.

Speaking about the incident, a senior cop had told ANI, "This was due to a technical glitch of the weapon that the officer was carrying, such things are not new and may happen at times. With regard to the cop shouting, it is a tact to deal with criminals mentally and create pressure on them to surrender." During the course of the encounter, one police personnel sustained injuries, while a criminal was also nabbed after being shot.

The said criminal was wanted in a number of robbery cases and was carrying an award of Rs 25,000 on his head.

With inputs from agencies

Updated Date: Oct 18, 2018 13:06:21 IST