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Highlights, Pakistan vs Afghanistan, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match, Full Cricket Score: Imad Wasim helps Pakistan clinch thriller

Date: Saturday, 29 June, 2019 22:49 IST

Venue: Headingley, Leeds

Match Ended

Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets

227/9 OV : (50.0) RR.(4.54)
230/7 OV : (49.4) RR.(4.66)
Match Ended:

Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets

Man Of the Match:

This over 49.4

  • 1
  • 1
  • 2
  • 4


Imad Wasim

  • 49 (54)
  • 4s X 5
  • 6s X 0

Wahab Riaz

  • 15 (9)
  • 4s X 1
  • 6s X 1


Mujeeb Ur Rahman

  • 34 (10)
  • M X 1
  • W X 2

Hamid Hassan

  • 13 (2)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0
Current Partnership Last Wicket

24 ( 3.0 ) R/R: 8

Imad Wasim 8(9)

Wahab Riaz 15(9)

206/7 (46.4 over)

Shadab Khan 11 (17) SR: S.R (64.71)

run out (Gulbadin Naib)

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 36 Match Result Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets

Highlights, Pakistan vs Afghanistan, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match, Full Cricket Score: Imad Wasim helps Pakistan clinch thriller


22:45 (IST)

That's it from us!

Phew! That was one heck of a match! Thank you for joining us but that is not the end of cricketing action from the World Cup for today! New Zealand have got off to a steady start in their chase of 244 against Australia at Lord's. Head over to the live blog of that match by clicking here.

22:43 (IST)

Sarfaraz Ahmed: Thank you for the crowd for cheering us. It's not an easy pitch to bat. Credit to Imad for how he batted, taking the pressure in and winning the match for us. It's not an easy game. The way Wahab Riaz also batted, his 12-15 runs also helped us. Shaheen is also working very hard. All the bowlers bowled really well.

22:40 (IST)

Gulbadin Naib: We fought very well but in the end, we missed opportunities to win. Credit goes to Pakistan to show how to win. In the end, Shadab and everyone did very well to rotate the strike and stay in the match. The matches we lost, we lost in the end. Bad luck for us today as Hamid Hassan was injured today. Credit goes to Mujeeb, Nabi and Rashid but losing Hamid was the turning point for us. 

22:32 (IST)

Imad Wasim is adjudged the player of the match!

Imad Wasim: I think when I went in, Rashid was bowling brilliantly. I just decided to stick there. We had decided to bat for fifty overs and see the result after that. Gulbadin was the only bowler we could have targetted. The credit goes to the crowd. This win gives us a lot of confidence. 

22:29 (IST)

What a brilliant game of cricket that was. Whilst off the pitch there were some ugly incidents, on the field the action was incredible. 

Who says low-scoring matches are dull and boring and the best matches are high-scoring encounters.

Afghanistan will point to some umpiring decisions that didn't go their way, but their lack of experience told in the end. When it really mattered they fluffed 

Pakistan will breathe a huge sigh of relief after that result. They looked down and out but an unlikely hero emerged with the bat, Imad Wasim. 

Ugly scenes at the end of the match as fans of both teams ran onto the field. Spoiling what was a great game of cricket.

Saj Sadiq, Freelance cricket writer at Headingley
22:29 (IST)
22:28 (IST)

Pakistan win thriller!

You have got to feel for Afghanistan here! They bowled so well to keep themselves in contention. The spinners led by Mohammad Nabi and Mujeeb Ur Rahman brought Pakistan to their knees only to see captain Gulbadin Naib squander a brilliant chance to notch a memorable win over Pakistan with his bowling. Pakistan are still alive in the World Cup!

22:25 (IST)

Pakistan win by three wickets!

After 50 overs,Pakistan 230/7 ( Imad Wasim 49 , Wahab Riaz 15)

Gulbadin Naib takes the mantle of bowling the last over. This despite giving away 18 in his last over His first ball is a wide full toss which Imad whacks to sweeper cover for a single. Right then, Riaz on strike. Will he clobber Gulbadin for the winning runs? He looks to scoop the ball behind but only gets a single. And Naib misses a run ouy chance! Fails to collect the ball from the fielder and Imad survives and comes back for a second off the overthrow. Imad Wasim smacks the fourth ball to the cover boundary to bring up the winning runs for Pakistan! Pandemonium at Headingley as Pakistan clinch a thriller!

22:19 (IST)

After 49 overs,Pakistan 222/7 ( Imad Wasim 42 , Wahab Riaz 14)

Rashid will bowl the penultimate over of the match. Riaz smacks the ball for a huge six to put the pressure on Rashid and give voice to the fans in green! The following ball is hit through covers for a double. He fails to pick the googly which flies dangerously past the off stump. He reverse sweeps the fifth ball and Imad ends the over with a single. Pakistan need 6 runs off 6 balls!

22:16 (IST)

SIX! Wahab Riaz goes down on one knee and slog-sweeps the fuller felivery over deep mid-wicket for a huge six! 

22:15 (IST)

After 48 overs,Pakistan 212/7 ( Imad Wasim 42 , Wahab Riaz 5)

Mujeeb into the attack and he begins with three dot balls to put the pressure back on Pakistan. However, he looks to have injured his ankle after Imad whacks the ball back at the bowler. He soldiers on and end the over by conceding just three singles. He completes his quota of 10 overs and hobbles off the field. Pakistan need 16 runs off 12 balls.

22:12 (IST)

After 47 overs,Pakistan 210/7 ( Imad Wasim 41 , Wahab Riaz 4)

Rashid into his ninth over. A lucky boundary for Shadab Khan on the second ball but he throws away his wicket going for an unnecessary second run. Wahab Riaz is bamboozled by the first ball but ends the over with a smashing cover drive. It's going down to the wire! Pakistan need 18 runs off 18 balls.

22:11 (IST)

FOUR! What a shot from Wahab Riaz! The new man smacks his second ball through covers for a boundary!

22:09 (IST)

OUT! And just like that, Pakistan have lost their seventh wicket! There was no need for a second run at this stage and Shadab Khan finds himself short of the crease! Shadab Khan run out (Naib) 11(17)

22:08 (IST)

FOUR! Shadab strides forward to defend but the ball takes a thick edge and races past the keeper for a boundary!

22:06 (IST)

After 46 overs,Pakistan 200/6 ( Imad Wasim 40 , Shadab Khan 6)

This is poor bowling from Gulbadin! The Afghan captain is undoing the good work put in by his spinners. His first ball is a full toss which is hit away for a boundary. The second ball is full and Imad mistimes it. The ball flies in the air towards mid-off. But Asghar Afghan misreads the flight of the ball and sees the ball land in front of him. To add insult to injury, Imad comes back for a second. The third ball is hit to deep mid-wicket for another double. Two poor balls give Pakistan two back to back boundaries. Eighteen off that over! Just what Pakistan wanted! Pakistan need 28 runs off 24 balls.

22:05 (IST)

FOUR! Back to back boundaries for Imad! A wide bowl once again and Imad cuts it behind backward point for a boundary!

22:04 (IST)

FOUR! Imad flashes at a wide ball and the ball flies off the edge for a boundary with third man in the circle!

22:00 (IST)

FOUR! Poor bowling from Gulbadin! A full toss wide off stump on the first ball and Imad sweeps it away on the leg side for a four!

21:58 (IST)

After 45 overs,Pakistan 182/6 ( Imad Wasim 23 , Shadab Khan 6)

Chance for Shinwari on the first ball! The ball takes the leading edge off Shadab but the ball falls just short of the diving Shinwari! After four dot balls, Shadab finally gets off strike. This is frustating to watch from Pakistan. Pakistan need 46 runs off 30 balls.

21:55 (IST)

After 44 overs,Pakistan 180/6 ( Imad Wasim 22 , Shadab Khan 5)

The skies have darkened and the lights have come on at Headingley. Rashid to bowl his eighth over and he has a slip in place. Imad dabs a first-ball googly to short third-man for a single. The required rate has just climbed above 8. Imad and Shadab sneak a couple of singles but it is boundaries that their team needs. They have to make do with a couple on the last ball.  Pakistan need 48 runs off 36 balls.

21:55 (IST)

Pakistan shooting themselves in the foot here at Headingley with some dismissals that you would find at a schoolboy's match.
What a farcical dismissal of Sarfaraz Ahmed - the skipper who should have been leading from the front and ensuring that he saw his team home succumbed to pressure yet again. There has to be question marks over Sarfaraz's ability in pressure situations as time and again he flops when calmness and responsibility is needed.
With not much batting to come, Afghanistan must fancy their chances as Rashid Khan is all over Shadab Khan and Imad Wasim.
Heart in mouth moments for Pakistan fans - most definitely.

Saj Sadiq, Freelance cricket writer at Headingley
21:55 (IST)
21:51 (IST)

After 43 overs,Pakistan 174/6 ( Imad Wasim 18 , Shadab Khan 4)

Mujeeb resumes. Imad looks to play the reverse sweep off the first ball but only finds the fielder at short third man. Brave yet futile. The Afghani spinners have shown tremendous discipline is sticking to their line and lengths and not straying away from it. Mujeeb doesn't do that on the last ball. Imad plays a late cut for a couple of runs. Pakistan need 54 runs off 42 balls.

21:48 (IST)

After 42 overs,Pakistan 169/6 ( Imad Wasim 14 , Shadab Khan 3)

Pakistan have been able to get singles but at this point, they desperately need boundaries. They have only hit 13 fours and no sixes. Gulbadin comes back into the attack. His third ball is short which Shadab pulls towards deep mid-wicket. A better batsman would have been able to clear the fielder for a six. However, the next delivery is a low full toss which Imad slams down the ground for a four. Eight runs off the over. Pakistan need 59 runs off 48 balls.

21:47 (IST)

FOUR! Gulbadin bowls a low full toss and Imad whacks it beyond the fielder at mid-off for a much-needed boundary.

21:44 (IST)

After 41 overs,Pakistan 161/6 ( Imad Wasim 8 , Shadab Khan 1)

The required rate is now above 7 runs per over. The Pakistani batsmen have failed to navigate spin today at all and so Gulbadin brings back Shinwari. The leg-spinner continues being stingy with the ball as he gives away only four. Pakistan need 67 runs off 54 balls.

21:43 (IST)

Good question

21:40 (IST)

After 40 overs,Pakistan 157/6 ( Imad Wasim 5 , Shadab Khan 0)

Shadab Khan has joined Imad Wasim in the middle. Mujeeb comes back for his third and final spell. He gives just a single. Pakistan need 71 runs off 60 balls.

21:38 (IST)

After 39 overs,Pakistan 156/6 ( Imad Wasim 4 , )

Rashid continues. Begins with a googly and Imad pulls out of the shot at the last moment. Nearly edged it behind. He finally gets off strike on the penultimate ball. However, Sarfaraz throws away his wicket going for a second run. Pakistan need 72 runs off 66 balls.

21:37 (IST)

OUT! Sarfaraz has just gone and thrown his wicket, and possibly Pakistan's World Cup chances! He pushed for an impossible second run and he runs himself out! Foolish from the Pakistani captain! Sarfaraz run out (Najibullah) 18(22)

21:31 (IST)

After 38 overs,Pakistan 154/5 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 17 , Imad Wasim 3)

The required run-rate has climbed above six now. Do we smell an upset here? Gulbadin comes back into the attack. The skipper concedes eight runs as Pakistan bring up their 150. Pakistan need 74 runs off 72 balls.

21:30 (IST)

FOUR! A slower ball from Gulbadin and Sarfaraz pulls it behind square leg for Pakistan's first boundary in 10 overs! 

21:27 (IST)

Nail-biting time for Pakistani fans as once again they give followers of Pakistan cricket concerns about their ability to chase a total. The Pakistani fans have puzzled and worried looks on their faces and so they should.
Mohammad Hafeez has largely been a liability with the bat at this World Cup and one again he flattered to deceive. Hafeez looked like a walking wicket during his stay at the crease today. The question that should be asked is should he be batting at number 4 or further down the order with Haris Sohail at the number 4 position.
Time for a captain's innings? You bet. The focus will be on Sarfaraz to guide his team to a much-needed victory for his team and himself. 

Saj Sadiq, Freelance cricket writer at Headingley
21:27 (IST)
21:26 (IST)

After 37 overs,Pakistan 146/5 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 11 , Imad Wasim 1)

Rashid continues and there's a big appeal for LBW on the third ball! Looked like it was pitching just in line but replays show that the ball might have hit the bat first. Another appeal and this time the inside edge saves Imad Wasim.

21:23 (IST)

After 36 overs,Pakistan 144/5 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 11 , Imad Wasim 1)

Nabi comes back for his final over. Can he cap off a brilliant day with the ball with another wicket? Unfortunately, he can't. Nevertheless, he finishes with figures of 2/23 off his 10 overs. Almost his entire team comes to congrotulate him. Pakistan need 84 off 96 balls.

21:21 (IST)

After 35 overs,Pakistan 142/5 ( Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 10 , )

Rashid comes back onto the attack. He has six over to go out of his team's 16 and needs to bowl an attacking line. He also desperately needs a wicket here and he gets it! Now that's called being impactful! 

21:19 (IST)

OUT! Rashid Khan strikes and it is the big wicket of the in-form Haris Sohail! Pitched on leg and came back in to rap Haris on the pads! Paul Wilson doesn't hesitate and Pakistan don't even have their review. They are in deep trouble! Haris Sohail lbw b Rashid Khan 27(57)

21:15 (IST)

After 34 overs,Pakistan 140/4 ( Haris Sohail 27 , Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 9)

Nabi into his penultimate over. Sarfaraz and Haris play it safe and knock the ball around the park for five singles.

21:12 (IST)

After 33 overs,Pakistan 135/4 ( Haris Sohail 25 , Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 6)

Shinwari resumes. Sarfaraz drives through covers to get a single off the first ball. Haris rocks back and cuts the fifth ball for a couple at deep backward point.

21:09 (IST)

After 32 overs,Pakistan 132/4 ( Haris Sohail 23 , Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 5)

Nabi is brought back into the attack. His job will be to get the wicket of the in-form Haris Sohail and/or captain Sarfaraz Ahmed to expose the tail. Three runs off the over. 

21:06 (IST)

After 31 overs,Pakistan 129/4 ( Haris Sohail 22 , Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 4)

DROPPED! Shinwari bowls a low full toss and Sarfaraz hits it straight back at the bowler! However, Shinwari can't keep it in and Sarfaraz gets a lifeline. Sloppy fielding from Mujeeb at sweeper cover allows Haris to come back for a second run.

21:03 (IST)

After 30 overs,Pakistan 124/4 ( Haris Sohail 19 , Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 2)

Brilliant captaincy from Gulbadin to bring back his strike bowler Mujeeb. Hafeez and Haris had just about settled in and Hafeez's dismissal will no doubt raise the Afghan spirits and plant doubt in the mind of the Pakistanis. Sarfaraz Ahmed joins Haris out in the middle. Instant impact from Mujeeb. A wicket and three runs off his over.

20:59 (IST)

OUT! Mujeeb strikes and Hafeez has to walk back! The ball was short and wide but too wide to be cut. Hafeez reaches out for it nevertheless and ends up giving a simple catch at backward point! Hafeez c Shahidi b Mujeeb 19(35)

20:57 (IST)

After 29 overs,Pakistan 121/3 ( Mohammad Hafeez 19 , Haris Sohail 18)

Shinwari bowls another tidy over. Just three runs off it. This is very good bowling from the leg-spinner.

20:56 (IST)

After 28 overs,Pakistan 118/3 ( Mohammad Hafeez 17 , Haris Sohail 17)

Gulbadin continues. The second ball is a slow leg cutter which goes past Hafeez's edge. However, it drops short of Ikram who can't collect it cleanly. That allows Hafeez and Haris to sneak a bye. The third ball is cut away for a boundary. A big shout on the last ball and once again Afghanistan are left to rue their decision to waste their review early on! The ball drifting down the leg side but there was a sound as it went past Haris. On the replay, ultra edge shows there was a definite nick there! A huge let off for Haris and Pakistan.

20:53 (IST)

FOUR! Gulbadin bowls it short and wide and Haris punishes him by cutting the ball towards backward point for a four.

20:51 (IST)

After 27 overs,Pakistan 113/3 ( Mohammad Hafeez 17 , Haris Sohail 13)

Poor start from Shinwari to his third over. The first ball is cracked through covers by Haris and Shinwari follows that up with a wide down the leg side. However, he makes a good comeback and bowls five dot balls to end the over.

20:50 (IST)

It's the Afghanistan fans who are dancing in the stands at the moment as they look to their team to cause a huge upset against Pakistan. Afghanistan are right in this match with their spinners looking threatening.
The experience of Mohammad Hafeez is crucial here for Pakistan. During the World Cup he has been dismissed by part-time bowlers 3 times and has played some injudicious shots which have not gone down well with Pakistani fans. If ever there was a time for Professor to show that he still has the appetite for international cricket it's now.
Meanwhile trouble continues in the stands with more fans being removed from the stadium by security after entering the stadium without tickets.

Saj Sadiq, Freelance cricket writer at Headingley
20:50 (IST)
20:49 (IST)

FOUR! Shinwari bowls it short and wide allowing Haris to drive through covers for a much-needed boundary.

20:48 (IST)

After 26 overs,Pakistan 108/3 ( Mohammad Hafeez 17 , Haris Sohail 9)

Gulbadin brings himself back into the attack. Tidy over. Five singles off it.

20:43 (IST)

After 25 overs,Pakistan 103/3 ( Mohammad Hafeez 15 , Haris Sohail 6)

Shinwari continues. Haris gets off the strike with a single down at long-on. Nabi comes in at first slip for Hafeez. The third ball is short and wide and good enough to be cut away which is exactly what Hafeez does for a couple of runs. A much-needed boundary brings up the 100 for Pakistan! 

Pakistan vs Afghanistan LIVE SCORE, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match Updates: You have got to feel for Afghanistan here! They bowled so well to keep themselves in contention. The spinners led by Mohammad Nabi and Mujeeb Ur Rahman brought Pakistan to their knees only to see captain Gulbadin Naib squander a brilliant chance to notch a memorable win over Pakistan with his bowling. Pakistan are still alive in the World Cup!

Pakistan will look to bolster their chances of qualifying to the semi-finals by beating down and out Afghanistan at the Headingley Stadium in Leeds on Saturday.

With three wins from seven matches, Pakistan are currently at sixth spot on the points table and they will leave no stone unturned to win their remaining two matches. The players' confidence is high after they defeated Kane Williamson's New Zealand in their previous match.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan had a disappointing World Cup having lost all their seven matches so far in the tournament.

After defeating the Kiwis, Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed said, "Whenever Pakistan team is pushed to the corner, we do well. It's a great team effort. The way (Mohammad) Amir started and then Shaheen (Shah Afridi)... Shadab (Khan) in the middle overs and the way Babar and Haris (Sohail) batted

"To me, Babar played one of the best innings I have seen. It's a tricky pitch, we wanted to bat fifty overs. Credit to Haris as well for the way he handled the pressure."

Asked about the comparisons between their campaign and the one in 1992 edition, Sarfaraz said, "We are not thinking about the 1992 World Cup, we are taking game by game here. We are confident as a team and hopefully, we will do well."

Full Team Squads

Pakistan Team Players: Imam-ul-HaqFakhar ZamanBabar AzamMohammad HafeezShoaib MalikSarfaraz Ahmed(w/c), Imad WasimShadab KhanHasan AliMohammad AmirWahab RiazHaris SohailAsif AliShaheen AfridiMohammad Hasnain.

Afghanistan Team Players: Mohammad Shahzad (wk), Hazratullah ZazaiRahmat ShahHashmatullah ShahidiAsghar AfghanMohammad NabiNajibullah ZadranGulbadin Naib(c), Rashid KhanDawlat ZadranMujeeb Ur RahmanNoor Ali ZadranSamiullah ShenwariAftab AlamHamid Hassan.

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