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Highlights, India vs England, 3rd Test at Nottingham, Day 3, full Cricket Score: England need 498 more to win

Date: Monday, 20 August, 2018 23:08 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Pataudi Trophy 2018 3rd Test Match Result India beat England by 203 runs

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Ishant Sharma not out 1 5 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
James Anderson 25.5 8 64 3
Stuart Broad 25 8 72 3
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
James Anderson not out 1 7 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Mohammed Shami 10 2 56 1
Jasprit Bumrah 12.2 2 37 2
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Hardik Pandya not out 52 52 7 1
Ravichandran Ashwin not out 1 1 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
James Anderson 22 7 55 1
Stuart Broad 16 3 60 0
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Adil Rashid not out 33 64 5 1
Bowling 0 M R W
Jasprit Bumrah 29 8 85 5
Ishant Sharma 20 4 70 2
  • That's all we have for you today. End of another day which was dominated by India. Join us for fourth day's play as we begin our coverage from 3 pm onwards. See you tomorrow, as it might well be the last day of the Test. If it isn't it would only add more drama to what has been an enthralling Test series and will be the first Test of this series that has gone into the fifth day.

  • Stumps, Day 3

    So, Cook and Jennings survive the tricky passage of play before stumps, ensuring England have all their wickets intact. Nevertheless, India are in pole position to win the Test. Two whole days left in the match, so no need for the Indian supporters to fret. Captain Kohli leads the tourists off the field.

    Very little doubt as to whom the third day belonged to. Just for the record, England still need 498 runs.

  • After 9 overs,England 23/0 ( Alastair Cook 9 , Keaton Jennings 13)

    Ashwin clearly bowling in some pain here. Cook gets forward and is able to defend well. Looks like there will an extra catcher for the off spinner, substitute Shardul Thakur runs in from the dressing room with a helmet for the close in fielder that Virat wants to deploy. Good strategy from India to keep Cook waiting. Attracts a lot of 'boos' from the crowd. Thakur got the head covered but that wouldn't be all as Ravindra Jadeja gets the guard for the abdomen. Rahul will field at silly point. Cook defends and does it well as he negates the final over of third day's play.

  • After 8 overs,England 23/0 ( Alastair Cook 9 , Keaton Jennings 13)

    Big over stepping from Ishant to start his fourth over. He continues to attack the stumps. Jennings is able to work it away safely on the onside. Again, Ishant's delivery pitches in the corridor, draws Jennings forward, but the ball evades the outside edge. Jennings doesn't get the cut right to a short and wide delivery, ends up almost chopping it on. A full ball is driven to short cover for no run. Maiden. Three minutes remaining. One left. Can India sneak in a wicket.

    Cook will be under a lot of pressure and Virat will make sure he doesn't make it one bit easy.

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Trent Bridge

    Some fantastic bowling from Bumrah, who looks to have dusted off the rust after that first innings. Ashwin in now and will probably have two overs before stumps. 

  • After 7 overs,England 22/0 ( Alastair Cook 9 , Keaton Jennings 13)

    Touch short to start with from Ashwin as Cook goes deep in his crease and flicks it to mid wicket for a couple. Bowls a full delivery that gets some turn and plenty of bounce as the ball goes past Cook's tentative push. Remember Ashwin didn't bowl much in the first innings due to the injury. He hopped after a delivery. Looks in some pain. Not sure if he is 100% fit. Two more Tests remaining after this. Time for Jadeja to start warming up for the next two Tests? Too soon?

  • Here he is. Ravichandran Ashwin to Cook. Two slips and a short leg in place.

  • After 6 overs,England 20/0 ( Alastair Cook 7 , Keaton Jennings 13)

    Ishant Sharma gets the ball to swerve as he goes past Jennings' outside edge. Couple of solid blocks from Jennings and good leave as well.Eyes turn towards the clock as eleven minutes remain in close of play. Three overs still left. Should be able to get in. Sure Ashwin will be given the ball for an over at least.

  • After 5 overs,England 20/0 ( Alastair Cook 7 , Keaton Jennings 13)

    Cook jumps on the back foot and pushes it through the covers for a couple. Bumrah follows it up with jaffa. No way any batsman could have played that delivery. Was the scrambled seam that was pitched on good length on middle and off from round the wicket. After pitching the ball moved away from the left-hander going against angle, that completely beguiled Cook. Fortunate to not edge it. Was not too far from the top off stump either. Cook gets a boundary off the next ball as Bumrah slips it on to his pads. Three dots to finish.

  • FOUR! Bumrah bowls it little to straight and Cook goes back and stroke it away to mid wicket fence.

  • After 4 overs,England 14/0 ( Alastair Cook 1 , Keaton Jennings 13)

    Cook gets off the mark off his tenth ball. The ball was angled in and then it straightens a touch, Cook had it well covered. Pushes to backward point for a single. The one extra man from the slips is removed and he standing at backward point, more like a squarer short third man. Ishant maintains good lines outside off. Couple of well-judged leaves from Jennings.

  • After 3 overs,England 13/0 ( Alastair Cook 0 , Keaton Jennings 13)

    After the boundary by Jennings through point off the second ball, a firm push through mid off for a couple, before Bumrah changes his angle to round the wicket.  He aims at his pads and Jennings get a inside edge on to his legs. He earns another boundary guiding it past the slip cordon. A full ball on off to finish. Jennings presents full face to block it.

  • FOUR! Boundary to third man. Jennings had it well under control, again played with soft hands and ensured he opened the blade very late to get it in the gap.

  • FOUR! Jennings gets forward and drives it with a slight open face to steer it through point for the first boundary of England's second innings.

  • After 2 overs,England 3/0 ( Alastair Cook 0 , Keaton Jennings 3)

    Ishant begins round the stumps to Jennings. The gully is wider for Jennings compared to where Rahane was positioned for Cook. Ishant attacks the stumps straightaway. Looking the ball to straighten after pitching it. Jennings opens the account with a crisp drive through mid off for a couple. Sharma beats the outside edge of Jennings off the fourth ball. Another man is added in the slip cordon. Dhawan comes at second slip, Rahul and Kohli move towards their left to third and fourth slip subsequently. Pujara is the first slip. Jennings turns the strike with a push on the offside. Ishant adjusts the fine leg fielder before bowling the last ball to Cook. He bowls it outside the off stump, which Cook leaves it alone.

  • Ishant Sharma shares the new ball.

  • After 1 overs,England 0/0 ( Alastair Cook 0 , Keaton Jennings 0)

    Very good start this from Jasprit Bumrah as he angles the first over across Cook. The third ball off the over clearly stands out. Hit the good length and rose sharply, whizzed past the outside edge, there was very little Cook could do as he hung his bat out in nothing but hope. Maiden over

  • Keaton Jennings shadow practices. Alastair Cook too marking his guard. Task at hand see out this phase of play. If Cook is dismissed by the pacers. Ashwin will be introduced at some point.

    England's second innings starts: Jasprit Bumrah to Alastair Cook. Three slips standing very close to eachother and close to the batsman as well in an umbrella. There is gully too, who is almost like a fifth slip.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Highest targets set by India in SENA countries in Tests:

    617 v NZ, Wellington, 2009
    521 v Eng, Nottingham, 2018*
    500 v Eng, The Oval, 2007

  • After 110 overs,India 352/7 ( Hardik Pandya 52 , Ravichandran Ashwin 1)

    Rashid's over turns out to be the last over of the Indian innings as Virat Kohli calls Hardik Pandya and Ravi Ashwin, who got off the mark off the one ball he faced, back in the pavilion. Nine overs left in the day's play. India have set England an improbable 521 to win the Test. Indian pacers stretch their way out as Cook and Jennings jog into the dressing room. Interesting passage of play to follow...

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Trent Bridge

    Nine overs remaining in the day's play. 

  • OUT! Mohammed Shami uses the long handle and goes for the big slog sweep, eyeing the cow corner boundary, a man in the deep, it is Alaistair Cook, clings on.

    Shami c Cook b Adil Rashid 3(6)


  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Indian players scoring a fifty and taking a 5-for in a Test in England:

    Lala Amarnath, Lord's, 1946
    Vinoo Mankand, Lord's, 1952
    Kapil Dev, Lord's, 1982
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Nottingham, 2014
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Lord's, 2014
    HARDIK PANDYA*, Nottingham, 2018*

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Trent Bridge

    Fifty for Pandya. This is turning out to be his Test. R Ashwin is the next batsman in. India are batting on, albeit Dhawan has now gone in from the balcony.

  • FIFTY! Pandya taps it on the offside and picks a single to bring his half-century. What a match he is having. A five wicket with the ball, now run-a-ball half-century. Still no declaration.

  • FOUR! Scrambled seam and short by Rashid. Pandya stands and hits through the line. Straight down the ground

  • After 109 overs,India 344/6 ( Hardik Pandya 45 , Mohammed Shami 3)

    Field is spread out from England, only one slip in place. it remains the same for the number eight batsman Mohammed Shami. England too battling time now. Interesting tactics this. Pandya is unable to get it away off the first three balls, runs a leg bye. Visuals of bowling coach Bharat Arun selecting the new ball for the second innings. Matter of time, or perhaps Hardik's half-century.

  • After 108 overs,India 339/6 ( Hardik Pandya 44 , Mohammed Shami 1)

    Eventful over there. A six and a thick edge over over first slip from Pandya after Rahane's wicket off the first ball. Mohammed Shami is sent in at number eight. Hardik denies a run off the final ball. Ten runs off it. Lead rises over 500.

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Trent Bridge

    Dhawan and Pujara in their training jerseys as Rahane gets out. I am not sure there is a point to declare today. But it seems it could happen. 

  • SIX! Pandya comes down the track and launces it over long on for a biggie! India galloping now

  • OUT! Wrong'un from Rashid and Ajinkya Rahane, who read it, plays inside the line of the turn. Misses and the ball just kisses the off stumps. Rahane's look vigil comes to an end.

     A Rahane b Adil Rashid 29(94)

  • After 107 overs,India 329/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 29 , Hardik Pandya 35)

    Pandya isn't able to middle an attempted loft over mid on, but nails a flick and hard slash for back-to-back boundaries in the over. The lead is now 497.

  • FOUR! Touch short and wide from Broad and Pandya slashes through cover point. What a shot! Sends the ball scurrying to the boundary.

  • FOUR! That was some wrist work from Pandya. Stood tall and simply whipped it to mid wicket fence

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    India setting 500-plus target in the fourth innings of a Test for the opposition:

    617 v New Zealand, Wellington, 2009
    550 v Sri Lanka, Galle, 2017
    516 v Australia, Mohali, 2008
    509 v Sri Lanka, Ahmedabad, 2005
    500 v England, The Oval, 2007

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    India scoring 300-plus runs in each innings of a Test:

    Overall - 25 times
    Outside Asia - 10 times
    In England - 4 times

  • Stuart Broad comes on to bowl

  • After 106 overs,India 321/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 29 , Hardik Pandya 27)

    Pandya smashes it to deep extra cover for a single. So we see substitute Shardul Thakur run onto the pitch with a bottle of drink, but obviously he has a 'message' to deliver. A reverse and a paddle from Pandya fetches him nothing. A traditional backfoot punch earns him a single off the final ball. Three off it.

  • After 105 overs,India 318/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 28 , Hardik Pandya 25)

    Is India looking at 500? Or aiming to bat out the entire day? How much more pain does Virat Kohli wish to inflict? Rahane is happy to just be out there. He isn't in any hurry, while Pandya has shown the initiative to find the fence.

  • FOUR! Pitched up from Stokes and Pandya slices it on the off stump. Was played uppishly but wide of the cover fielder.

  • After 104 overs,India 313/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 28 , Hardik Pandya 20)

    Pandya employs the sweep to a tossed up delivery from Rashid, takes two to deep square leg, tucks it for a single to square leg. Rahane is taps it to fielders for no run.

  • After 103 overs,India 310/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 28 , Hardik Pandya 17)

    Ben Stokes continues. Begins with a short ball that Rahane meets over his head and taps it down on the leg side for a single. Hardik is unable to make optimum use of the full toss bowled by Stokes mistimes it wide of cover for a single. Stokes goes past Rahane's outside edge of the penultimate delivery.

  • After 102 overs,India 308/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 27 , Hardik Pandya 16)

    Pandya frees his arms. Hammers one over mid off to end the over. Rashid actually bowled well in that over and pegged Rahane back. He bowled a very good googly and Rahane nearly chopped it on. 5 runs off the over.

  • After 101 overs,India 303/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 26 , Hardik Pandya 12)

    Stokes still struggling his lines right, he dragged one short and wide outside off, Rahane thumped it through cover-point for four. A single more made it five runs off the over.  300 up for India.

  • FOUR! Short and wide outside off from Stokes, Rahane thumps it through cover-point.

  • Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Trent Bridge

    India's run-rate hasn't increased despite Pant's arrival and departure, or in fact Pandya's arrival or departure. Clearly, this is about breaking English spirits. Keep batting on and keep them in the field. There are six sessions still left after this. Sky and BBC commentators looking for declaration, but are wasting their time. 

  • Stokes continues...

  • After 100 overs,India 298/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 21 , Hardik Pandya 12)

    A very good over from Rashid. Pandya went for a swing across the line but only managed to mistime it to the leg side for a single. Rashid then kept Rahane in check with his variation which included a very good googly. And the last one beat Pandya's outside edge. 2 runs off the over.

  • Adil Rashid into the attack now...

  • After 99 overs,India 295/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 19 , Hardik Pandya 11)

    Stokes is getting some late movement. But he struggled to get his lines right. ne was sprayed down the leg side which was called wide and one on the pads. 3 runs off the over.

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Latest Updates: Stumps, Day 3

So, Cook and Jennings survive the tricky passage of play before close of play, ensuring England have all their 10 wickets intact. India in pole position to win the Test. Lot of time left in the match – two whole days – as well Kohli leads the team off the field. For the record, England still need 498 runs if any one is interested.

Without a shadow of doubt this has been an out and out India's day.

India were 124 for two in their second innings at stumps on Sunday's second day, an already commanding lead of 292 runs in a game where victory would see them keep the series alive at 2-1 down in a five-match contest.

Cheteshwar Pujara was 33 not out and India captain Virat Kohli, whose 97 was key to his side's first-innings 329, eight not out with three days left in the game.

Joe Root and Virat Kohli with the Pataudi Trophy. AP

Joe Root and Virat Kohli with the Pataudi Trophy. AP

Earlier, England collapsed to 161 all out in a first innings that lasted a mere 38.2 overs.

All-rounder Pandya took five wickets for 28 runs in six overs as he revelled in the swing-friendly conditions.

This was the second time this year that England had lost all 10 wickets inside a session of Test cricket following an embarrassing 58 all out against New Zealand in Auckland in March.

The irony was that England didn't lose a wicket in 40 minutes before lunch where India bowled poorly and failed to make the most of the overcast conditions.

They were 54 without loss early in the second session but left-handed openers Alastair Cook (29) and Keaton Jennings (20) both exited on that score, sparking a collapse that saw eight wickets lost for 74 runs.

Only Jos Buttler's 39 denied Kohli the chance of enforcing the follow-on.

'Tighten up'

"As a bowling unit we got together and focused on bowling in the right areas," Pandya told Sky Sports.

"The ball was swinging in the morning and we tried things with the new ball and they didn't work out," added the 24-year-old, playing just his tenth Test.

"Me and Ishant (Sharma) said we had to tighten the runs up and see what happens."

Sharma did just that when he drew a tentative outside edge from Cook that gave Pant an easy first catch in Test cricket.

Next ball, Jennings, one of 12 batsmen to have opened in Tests with Cook since Andrew Strauss retired six years ago, was squared up by Jasprit Bumrah and nicked to Pant.

New batsman Ollie Pope fell for 10 when a genuine glance off Sharma was well caught down the legside by the 20-year-old keeper.

England captain and star batsman Joe Root (16) then edged all-rounder Pandya's first ball low to KL Rahul at second slip.

The umpires called for a review but made a 'soft signal' of out and the on-field call was upheld.

Ben Stokes, recalled just days after being acquitted of an affray charge on Tuesday following an incident outside a Bristol nightclub in September last year, walked out to a few boos from the crowd.

He could only manage 10 before he nicked Mohammed Shami to Rahul.

Chris Woakes had rescued England with a maiden Test century in an innings and 159-run win at Lord's last week.

But trying to hook Pandya on eight, he got a top edge and Pant, changing direction following the deflection, lept high to his right to hold a brilliant one-handed catch.

England were now 118 for seven.

The first ball of Pandya's next over saw Adil Rashid well-caught by Pant.

Stuart Broad survived the hat-trick ball but was still out for a duck, the left-hander plumb lbw to a Pandya inswinger.

At 128 for nine, England needed two more runs to avoid the follow-on.

They got them when Buttler's leading edge off Shami narrowly cleared Ajinkya Rahane at cover-point.

'Let it slip'

Buttler, with just last man James Anderson for company, hooked and drove sixes off Shami and Sharma respectively before he holed out off Bumrah.

"It's very disappointing — after a really good start to the day as well, picking up those early wickets and being fifty for none," Buttler told reporters. "We let that slip."

India's openers put on a brisk 60 before Rahul (36) played on to Stokes and Shikhar Dhawan (44) was stumped by Bairstow off leg-spinner Rashid.

But when play ended in bright sunshine, England needed to surpass the record fourth innings score to win a Test at Trent Bridge, their own 284 for six against New Zealand in 2004, to achieve an improbable success.

With inputs from AFP

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Updated Date: Aug 20, 2018

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