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Highlights, ICC Under-19 World Cup 2018, India vs Papua New Guinea, Full cricket score: IND win by 10 wickets, qualify for quarter-finals

Date: Tuesday, 16 January, 2018 09:27 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • So India complete a clinical ten-wicket win over Papua New Guinea. No surprises there, but the ruthlessness of Indians stood out. There was no dip in intensity from the pacers,and Anukul Roy, the left-arm spinner, walked away with a five-for on a pitch made to assist the fast men.He bowled with lot of guile, and had the opposition in knots. Mavi and Nagarkoti were sharp, but they would do well to get their lengths right. India also were a bit below par in fielding, and coach Rahul Dravid would have surely taken note. India's reply was swift and serene, with skipper Prithvi Shaw's fifty leading the charge. He is the one to watch out for, and hopefully we will here more of him in coming years. For the record, the entire match lasted just 29.5 overs!

    Table-toppers India will next play Zimbabwe on Friday, which means another early start for us here! Do join us with our coverage. Untill then, it's goodbye from all of us.

    Meanwhile, it promises to be a cracker in Centurion today. If you are looking for more cricketing action before Virat Kohli's men take field, follow the fourth ODI between New Zealand and Pakistan here

  • Roy was spectacular with his spin. Recieving the award from Jeff Crowe would have made the youngester happy.

  • 100-run victory against Australia & 10-wicket win over PNG.

  • Prithvi Shaw, IND captain: I don't think our guys were relaxed. They gave it their best. We are always talking about process and not the result. All the coaches and support staff are very experienced and they keep us fit. Honoured to play with such a support staff. Really not thinking about that (being qualified).

  • Vagi Karaho, PNG captain: Good experience for us. First time so tough for us, hopefully we take a lot from this. The coaching staff helps us a lot to take us this far. We went to Brisbane for a camp. Quiet challenging for us.

  • Anukul Roy is named the Man of the Match for his career-best figures: Was feeling good. Kept my body warm and was well prepared.Feeling good, feeling very confident.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer in Tauranga

    So Prithvi Shaw's evisceration of the PNG bowlers has capped a perfect day for India,  the only blemish lying in the fact that his innings was not chanceless. Anukul Roy's maiden five-for had set it up, but then Shaw played like India had a flight to catch. It's PNG who will be flying out though. India now looking ahead to playing Zimbabwe on Friday. 

  • India win by 10 wickets!

    11 from this Tau over means India have eased to a clinical ten-wicket win. They also top the group. Anukul Roy starred with a five-wicket haul and it was all Shaw show thereafter.He hit two fours this over, the last of which - a slap over covers - brought up India's win.

  • FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries and it means India have cantered to an easy 10-wicket win. Shaw scores 57 of the 67 runs that India made. Superb win!

  • FIFTY! That boundary brings up Shaw's fifty. That's a half-volley on legs from Tau and Shaw flicks this. India almost home.

  • After 7 overs, IND 56/0 (Prithvi Shaw 48, Manjot Kalra 7)

    Morea into the attack, and he is taken for 11 runs, including a brace of fours from Shaw.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer in Tauranga

    Almost a run a ball 50 partnership for India, and the Indian skipper is channelling his inner Sehwag. This is a typical Prithvi Shaw innings, this is how he likes to play, before first class cricket mellowed him down. 

  • FOUR! Full, on off-stump which means enough room for Shaw to free his arms. He does just that. Hits this over bowler's head.

  • FOUR! Leke Morea lets go a full toss and Shaw miscues over mid-wicket. A boundary nevertheless.

  • After 6 overs, IND 45/0 (Prithvi Shaw 38, Manjot Kalra 6)

    Tau continues. Pitches first two full on middle and leg. Shaw flicks for no result. He does better on the third and punishes the full ball for four. He is dropped the next ball and takes advantage on the last ball with another four. 10 from the over.

  • FOUR! Down the track and a bit inside-out from Shaw. Lots of class. India 20 away.

  • FOUR! Shaw brings out the flick again. Left-armer Tau pitches this full on middle, and Shaw does the rest. 

  • After 5 overs, IND 35/0 (Prithvi Shaw 29, Manjot Kalra 5)

    Well, the over started with a bouncer and a stare from Kamea, but all he has to show for are 9 runs from the over, including two lovely hits to the fence. Brilliant start from India. 

  • FOUR! Third man was brought in and Shaw hits uppishly over the infield for another four. India are halfway already.

  • FOUR! Attempted yorker from Kamea becomes a full toss and Shaw almost spoons a catch to mid-wicket. All's well in the end and he collects another four.

  • After 4 overs, IND 26/0 (Prithvi Shaw 20, Manjot Kalra 5)

    Tau continues. Dot on the first ball to Kalra is followed by a single. Shaw plays out two more dots and collects a single on the fifth. Kalra defends the last ball. Good over.

  • After 3 overs, IND 24/0 (Prithvi Shaw 19, Manjot Kalra 4)

    Tweleve from that over with three lovely fours from Shaw. India look in hurry.

  • FOUR! And again. Same length, same spot, but an even better flick. India racing away.

  • FOUR! Full on middle and leg and Shaw flicks this stylishly past mid-wicket.

  • FOUR! Shaw joins the act. Not too full, not exactly a half-volley but Shaw drives it past square. Semo Kamea concedes his first four.

  • After 2 overs, IND 12/0 (Prithvi Shaw 7, Manjot Kalra 4)

    James Tau from the other end. He bowls left-arm medium fast. Good lengths to start. He is bowling full, which is what you need on this pitch. Shaw finding it difficult to time the ball, could be due to the lack of pace. Couple of inside edges on attempted cover drives. He jams his bat down on the fifth ball, which is again full. Kalra opens his account with a beautiful cover drive for four on the last ball.

  • FOUR! What a shot from Manjot Kalra. Full and outside off from Tau and he hits it through covers.

  • After 1 over, IND 7/0 (Prithvi Shaw 6, Manjot Kalra 0)

    Shaw takes first strike. Semo Kamea to start the proceedings. Shaw opens India's account with a couple on the second ball, and crunches the fourth for a boundary. Plays out the next and collects a bye on the last ball. Seven from the over.

  • FOUR! A bit back of the length and that's all Shaw needs. Brings out his backfoot punch to collect his first four.

  • Snehal Pradhan, ex-India cricketer in Tauranga

    Short and sweet bowling innings from India, probably exactly what they planned, playing their second game in three days. I'm surprised that Arshdeep Singh didn't get a longer spell, would have been perfect for him to get some exposure. 

  • PNG are bowled out for a paltry 64. 21 runs less than their score in the previous match. Indian bowlers ran all over the helpless PNG batsmen. Failed to last even half the innings being bowled out in the 22nd over.

    India need 65 to register their second win. It won't be a long break as Prithvi Shaw and Manjot Kalra will walk out soon and probably get to their target sooner.

  • ALL OUT! Five-for Anukul Roy! The left-arm spinner gets the final wicket after going over the wicket to the left-handed batsmen bowls it slower through the air and beats his outside edge as the ball knocks on the off-stump. Semo Kamea b Anukul Roy 0(3)

  • OUT! Kevau is drawn into the drive as he checks his shot with the ball coming on slower than expected. Simple catch for Gill in the covers.

    Kevau Tau c Shubman Gill b Anukul Roy 2(21)

  • After 21 overs, PNG 64/8 (Kevau Tau 2, Boge Arua 0)

    Shiva Singh being introduced. He finds his length straightaway. Bowls loopy, full-length delveries to Tau who resists for four balls. Good bounce on the fifth ball, but a single nevertheless. Arua plays out the last ball. Good, neat start this.

  • After 20 overs, PNG 63/8 (Kevau Tau 1, Boge Arua 0)

    Maiden wicket for Anukul Roy who has picked his third wicket. Two wickets remaining for PNG.

  • OUT! That's gone through the gate! James Tau played for the spin while the ball sneaked through the gap between bat and pad. Falling apart here. 

    James Tau b Anukul Roy 0(6)

  • After 19 overs, PNG 63/7 (Kevau Tau 1, James Tau 0)

    Only a single leg-bye in the over with a wicket for Nagarkoti. This is heading towards an early finish. Can they go past their previous score of 95?

  • OUT! Bowled! Straight and simple. Morea was never going to dig that out. Bowled the yorker over 140ks as his innings comes to an end.

  • After 18 overs, PNG 62/6 (Kevau Tau 1, Leke Morea 0)

    Looking extremely grim for PNG. Not that there were expectations of scoring at a quick rate or coming on top of this Indian bowling attack, but what they can do is curb unnecessary shots and simply throw their wickets away.

  • OUT! Easy-peasy. Sam seemed to be giving some catching practice. Finds Mavi who is positioned at mid on, slightly deep mid on. Gifted his wicket away in a temptation to loft the ball in the air.

    Ovia Sam c Shivam Mavi b Anukul Roy 15(25)

  • After 17 overs, PNG 61/5 (Ovia Sam 15, Kevau Tau 1)

    Nagarkoti is back into the attack. He got the batsman to nick it to the keeper, but nobody seems to have heard. There was no appeal from the fielding side. Very strange. He is clocking it in mid 140s now.  Maiden over.

  • After 16 overs, PNG 61/5 (Ovia Sam 15, Kevau Tau 1)

    Tau gets off the mark off with a single to backward point. Roy flighting the ball after getting the wicket with a flatter delivery, perhaps setting up another wicket. PNG batsman reluctant to come down and playing him off the backfoot.

  • OUT! And just as when the duo were getting some time in the middle.. they lose another wicket. Half-their side back in the hut with just over 15 overs. Roy hits the off-stump. 

    Sinaka Arua b Anukul Roy 12(19)

  • After 15 overs, PNG 61/4 (Ovia Sam 15, Sinaka Arua 12)

    Five runs come of the over. Partnership building gradually for PNG. 

  • DROPPED! Mavi the fielder at fine leg has plenty of time to get under the ball but never looked confident of taking it. Sure, the strong wind must have played its part in the indecision. Arua came out of his crease and looked to hit towards midwicket but instead got a top edge.

  • After 14 overs, PNG 56/4 (Ovia Sam 13, Sinaka Arua 9)

    Roy foxes Sinaka off the first ball with a flighted delivery. Wicket-keeper whipped the bails off but the batsman had made his ground after initially charging down the wicket. huge shout for leg before wicket, but Umpire thinks he had a thin inside edge that saved him. Drinks are called on the field.

  • After 13 overs, PNG 55/4 (Ovia Sam 13, Sinaka Arua 8)

    Arshadeep changes his angle after couple of deliveries as he goes round the wicket. Arua drives and finds the gap through extra cover. They run three. Singh goes back to over the wicket for the final ball.

  • After 12 overs, PNG 52/4 (Ovia Sam 13, Sinaka Arua 5)

    Ten runs come off Roy's over with some positive intent shown by Arua, skipping down the track and playing a brave stroke.

  • FOUR! Sinaka jumps out of his crease and strikes it in the gap over mid-wicket and gets four. 

  • FOUR! Thick edge! Runs down to the third man fence.

ICC Under-19 World Cup 2018 IND vs PNG, latest updates: 11 from this Tau over means India have eased to a clinical ten-wicket win. They also top the group. Anukul Roy starred with a five-wicket haul and it was all Shaw show thereafter.He hit two fours this over, the last of which, brought up India's win with a slap over covers.

Preview: India and Papua New Guinea (PNG) could barely have had more contrasting starts to the tournament. While India’s opening game was an almost-complete performance over much-fancied Australia, Papua New Guinea were thrashed by Zimbabwe in a rain-shortened clash, which means they must win to keep their quarter-final hopes alive.

India meanwhile will want not just to win, but to lay down a marker to make sure all the other teams know to be afraid of them. Their one worry will be the fitness of fast bowler Ishan Porel, who hurt his ankle after slipping in his delivery stride against Australia. He will be sent for a scan, but India may well look to rest and rotate regardless of the results.

Highlights, ICC Under-19 World Cup 2018, India vs Papua New Guinea, Full cricket score: IND win by 10 wickets, qualify for quarter-finals

India will look to continue their winning momentum against Papua New Guinea. Image courtesy: ICC

Players to watch

Kamlesh Nagarkoti (Ind)

Most of the pre-match hype was around Prithvi ‘the new Sachin’ Shaw and his band of batsmen. But while they didn't disappoint, perhaps most eye-catching was the pace at which India’s quicks bowled, with Australia largely unable to cope. Skidding the ball on from a low height, with a smooth action and braced front leg, Kamlesh Nagarkoti was the pick and quickest of the bowlers. With Ishan Porel an injury doubt, Nagarkoti may take the new ball, and since PNG will never have faced a bowler nearly as quick as him, he could cause havoc.

Ovia Sam (PNG)

All PNG’s batsmen struggled against Zimbabwe, but Ovia Sam looked the most assured, and also the most likely to succeed in a full-length innings, relying on risk-free singles and doubles - his 24 came at better than a run a ball despite containing no boundaries. With India unlikely to offer many loose deliveries, the ability to rotate the strike will be crucial.

Head to head

India and PNG have faced off three times in the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup, India winning by over 100 runs each time, PNG dismissed for less than 100 every time.


There are showers forecast for the morning in Tauranga, but these are set to stop by the time play starts in the afternoon, though clouds may remain.


PNG: Vagi Karaho (c), Sema Kamea, Eisa Eka, James Tau, Tau Toa Nou, Nou Rarua, Igo Mahuru, Simon Atai, Leke Morea, Kevau Tau, Heagi Toua, Daure Aiga, Ovia Sam, Sinaka Arua, Boge Arua.

India: Prithvi Shaw (C), Shubman Gill, Aryan Juyal, Abhishek Sharma, Arshdeep Singh, Harvik Desai, Manjot Kalra, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Pankaj Yadav, Riyan Parag, Ishan Porel, Himanshu Rana, Anukul Roy, Shivam Mavi, Shiva Singh

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