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Highlights, Bangladesh vs New Zealand, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match, Full Cricket Score: Black Caps post thrilling two-wicket win

Date: Thursday, 06 June, 2019 01:59 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: The Oval, London

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 9 Match Result New Zealand beat Bangladesh by 2 wickets

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Mustafizur Rahman not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Matt Henry 9.2 0 47 4
Trent Boult 10 0 44 2
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Mitchell Santner not out 17 12 2 0
Lockie Ferguson not out 4 3 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Mashrafe Mortaza 5 0 32 0
Mehedi Hasan 10 0 47 2

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 LIVE SCORE and UPDATES

  • Phew, it is over. Don't tell me, it is not? oh yes, it is. Not the most awaited game of the tournament but Bangladesh vs New Zealand delivered all the goods of a marquee contest. New Zealand collect two more points. Bangladesh go back having given their all and would aim to make a strong comeback. But wait a minute, we return tomorrow and return with a game not to be missed at any cost. Australia take on the West Indies. 3 pm (IST) tomorrow. Don't forget to come back again. For now., bye-bye and good night. 

  • Kane Williamson, NZ captain: Nice to get across the line. First innings was outstanding. The fielding was brilliant. 250 was challenging. Not the most clincal effort with the bat but nice to get the win. There were few soft dismissals that we will discuss but yes, these things can happen. Santner was outstanding. All of the guys adapted well. 

  • Mahrafe Mortaza, Bangladesh captain: It was a good wicket. I think we were 20-30 runs short. Outfield was quite slow today. I thought we lost too many wickets. Could not make big partnership in the middle. He was a set batsmen. We were able to get a few wickets. If we want to win matches, we have to get wickets. But in the end, they were able to close it professionally. I think the next one is a big match, and we will step up and give our best shot. We still have seven matches left, so we'll have to think one by one. 

  • Ross Taylor is Man of the Match for his 82 off 91 balls:

    Taylor: Very nervous at the end. Got to give credit to Bangladesh. They put a lot of pressure on us. We thought 270 was a good total. We kept losing wickets at regular intervals but nice to get it done. I do enjoy batting with Kane and hopefully we run better between the wickets against Afghanistan.

  • Michael Wagener, Freelance Cricket Writer

    It's amazing how often it's the worst balls that get the wickets. Saifuddin has bowled a number of cracking deliveries. The short wide one that got de Grandhomme and the shin high full toss that got out Matt Henry were not amongst them. But they were the ones that took the wickets. 

    It's a funny game sometimes. 

  • New Zealand win

    FOUR! Santner drives it to extra cover and fetched four, also the winning run, New Zealand win by 2 wickets.

    The cliffhanger comes to an end, much to disappointment of Bangladesh who fought till the end. Some bad effort in the field and some bad luck in the match as well resulting in 2-wicket loss for the Tigers.  

  • After 47 overs,New Zealand 244/8 ( Mitchell Santner 13 , Lockie Ferguson 4)

    This is Superman effort from Saifuddin. New Zealand on brink of victory and he has removed Henry to bring another twist in the tail. Luck does not seem to go Bangladesh's way in the match though.  New Zealand need 1 run in 18 balls.

  • FOUR! The scores are level. Could you believe it? The edge off the bat of Ferguson and the ball runs away for four to third man. Insane.

  • Michael Wagener, Freelance Cricket Writer

    Lots of people love high scoring games, and I understand that. But give me a match where there's something in it for the bowlers anyday. There's so much drama in a match like this. It's why a lot of us fell in love with cricket to start with. 

  • OUT! Here's another twist in the game, Saifuddin delivers again, fast delivery, shaping in to Henry, who completely missed to connect it, ball took the inside edge and hit the stumps. Take a deep breath. This is not over yet. Matt Henry b Saifuddin 6(8)

    New Zealand need 7 runs in 22 balls

  • After 46 overs,New Zealand 235/7 ( Mitchell Santner 10 , Matt Henry 6)

    Santner and Henry were two of the best bowlers for Kiwis today. Now, the team wants them to finish the job. Mortaza taking his time to setup the field. Seven fielders inside the circle to save singles and create pressure. Slip in place as well for Henry. Bangladesh are going for the kill. Henry, however, strokes a fine boundary, finding the gap between the fielders in the off side. Santner defends the last ball. 10 required off 24 balls.

  • FOUR! Poor ball, half-volley to Henry, and he drives it through the line to deep extra cover and fetched four important runs for New Zealand

  • After 45 overs,New Zealand 227/7 ( Mitchell Santner 7 , Matt Henry 2)

    LBW appeal on the third ball, appeared out at first sight but umpire Reiffel said no. Turned out he was right as the ball was pitching outside the leg stump line. The next ball went for four. New Zealand need 18 runs in 30 balls. This is not getting over it seems till the last over is bowled.

  • FOUR! Saifuddin runs in and produced an edge off Santner's bat, the ball runs away for boundary to the third man region.

  • After 44 overs,New Zealand 220/7 ( Mitchell Santner 1 , Matt Henry 1)

    Mosaddek Hossain comes into the attack and not Mustafizur Rahman, who has four over remaining. The move surprises everyone, including the TV commentators but it has paid dividends already. Neesham is back to the hut. New Zealand need 25 runs in 36 balls.

  • OUT! Bangladesh have picked another one. Risky move it seemed from Mortaza to give ball in hands of Mosaddek with four overs of Rahman pending, and the move had paid off. Flight from the spinner, Neesham fell for it and went big, ended up giving straight catch to the long-off. Neesham c Soumya Sarkar b Mosaddek Hossain 25(33) 

  • After 43 overs,New Zealand 218/6 ( Jimmy Neesham 25 , Mitchell Santner 0)

    Mohammad Saifuddin comes into the attack and he has delivered the wicket. He was unlucky as the edge went to four on first ball. But he returned to remove the same batsman. Showing great heart here and also, what a catch from keeper Rahim. New Zealand need 27 runs in 42 balls.

  • OUT! What a catch from Rahim. He has made up for that blunder with this catch. Slower bouncer to CDG and he tried to play the ramp shot, the ball was going at least 2 feet above Rahim, who jumped and plucked it out from thin air. de Grandhomme c Rahim b Saifuddin 15(13) 

  • Michael Wagener, Freelance Cricket Writer

    This is the joy of World Cup cricket. 

    Chasing 33 off 48 with five wickets in hand isn't normally very difficult. 

    But doing it with the pressure of being a World Cup match? Much more difficult.

  • FOUR! Saifuddin comes into the attack and fuller in length, CDG swings the bat, ball takes the edge and runs away for third man boundary 

  • After 42 overs,New Zealand 212/5 ( Jimmy Neesham 24 , Colin de Grandhomme 10)

    Mustafizur comes into the attack and gets hit for four on only the second ball of the over. Bowls a wide as well. Second wide in two overs by Bangladesh. Criminal really at this stage of the game. CDG was foxed by the slower one from The Fizz and he hit it in the air in leg side but it landed in the safe zone. Seems like this is NZ's game. Seven off the over. New Zealand need 33 runs in 48 balls.

  • FOUR! Bad ball from Mustafizur, half-volley and Neesham plays a lofted cover drive to fetch four runs 

  • After 41 overs,New Zealand 205/5 ( Jimmy Neesham 19 , Colin de Grandhomme 9)

    Shakib comes back into the attack to bowl his last over, creates an edge off CDG's bat, which leads to two runs. He gets a slip in the face and bowls the arm ball. No run. Third ball, clips the inside edge of his bat and single taken. Neesham defends the fourth. Followed by a wide down the leg side. Single by Neesham on the fifth to off side. Last ball stopped at short cover. 10 overs done by Shakib. Finishes with 2/47. New Zealand need 40 runs in 54 balls.

  • After 40 overs,New Zealand 200/5 ( Jimmy Neesham 18 , Colin de Grandhomme 6)

    Mortaza starts with free hit, got hit for a four. Then a good stop at point. That ball was travelling fast. Another loose ball and another good stop at short mid-wicket. CDG is hitting the ball sweetly, coming off that sweet part of his bat. 200 up for New Zealand. They are still favourites to win this match. Seven off the over. New Zealand need 45 runs in 60 balls.

  • FOUR! Bad start for Mortaza, front-foot no ball from him, followed by a free hit, CDG powers it to deep extra cover for four

  • After 39 overs,New Zealand 193/5 ( Jimmy Neesham 17 , Colin de Grandhomme 1)

    Crowd is back to their feet. More noise now as Bangladesh have seen the back of Ross Taylor. Fine knock from him but should have stayed there and finished things off. He can now just sit in the balcony and see Neesham and new man de Grandhomme fight it out in the middle. New Zealand need 52 runs in 66 balls.

  • OUT! Here you go again, Bangladesh. Here you go again. Mosaddek fires it one down the leg stump line and Taylor tried to play it to the leg side, the ball took the edge off the bat and Rahim collected it well behind the stumps. Huge appeal and umpire Riefel said yes. Ross Taylor c Rahim b Mosaddek Hossain 82(91)

  • After 38 overs,New Zealand 191/4 ( Ross Taylor 82 , Jimmy Neesham 16)

    Williamson still looking nervous in the dressing room. NZ have recovered well after his and Latham's fall but you just never now in this game. It could turn any moment. Like it did a few overs again. New Zealand need 54 runs in 72 balls.

  • After 37 overs,New Zealand 187/4 ( Ross Taylor 81 , Jimmy Neesham 13)

    Bad over for Bangladesh. Two boundaries in the last over. Taylor moves into 80s. He needs to be there till the end for sure. Neeshame finding the sweet spot of the bat. New Zealand need 58 runs in 78 balls.

  • FOUR! Here you go, Mosaddek fires one again, and it takes the edge off Taylor's bat and runs away to third man boundary, the fielder inside the cirlce gives it a chase and almost stopped it but his boots touched the ropes when he came in contact with the ball

  • FOUR! Relief for NZ, Mosaddek fires it in to Neesham, who sweeps him for a flat-batted four to deep mid-wicket

  • After 36 overs,New Zealand 177/4 ( Ross Taylor 76 , Jimmy Neesham 8)

    Mehidy Hasan begins a new over. Neesham hit six off the first ball. The bowler wanted him to take him on and the batsman accepted the request. A strange lull in the game again. Looks like an interesting turn awaits us. New Zealand need 68 runs in 88 balls.

  • SIX! Flight to Neesham, Hasan wanted him to go big over long-on, there was no fielder placed there and the batsman went for it, added six runs to his team's total.

  • After 35 overs,New Zealand 169/4 ( Ross Taylor 75 , Jimmy Neesham 1)

    Mosaddek completes his fifth over. Taylor is key here. 4 from this over. This match has all the makings of a close finish. New Zealand need 76 runs in 90 balls.

  • After 34 overs,New Zealand 165/4 ( Ross Taylor 72 , Jimmy Neesham 0)

    Hasan continues. And suddenly, the runs are hard to come by, not even the singles. Taylor, who was finding gaps so well moments ago, cannot even take a single now. He tries taking one and almost got his partner run out. Yet again. Hilarious and weird the running between the wickets today by Taylor and his batting partners. New Zealand need 80 runs.

  • Michael Wagener, Freelance Cricket Writer

    How quickly a match can change! In one over New Zealand went from a position that looked completely comfortable to one that looks somewhat precarious. At the second drinks break, Bangladesh were 161/4. New Zealand are 162/4. There's still life in this match. 

  • After 33 overs,New Zealand 164/4 ( Ross Taylor 71 , Jimmy Neesham 0)

    Camera cuts to NZ dressing room as Mosaddek bowls. Williamson is seen sitting gutted inside. Two quick wickets have fallen and it has given Bangladesh hope again. Moments ago, Kiwis were cruising but now the game is back hanging in balance. Jimmy Neesham joins Taylor. New Zealand need 81 runs.

  • After 32 overs,New Zealand 162/4 ( Ross Taylor 70 , )

    Hasan gets Williamson on the first ball of the over. New Zealand were still ahead but the wicket has raised hopes for Bangladeshis. Tom Latham, left-hand bat, came in to bat and straightaway Mortaza put one slip. The next ball turns away from Latham, inches from his bat. Peach. Then, two balls later, Latham plays a fault shot, getting out. Bangladesh are back in this.

  • OUT! Latham is gone. Short ball, nothing ball really, Latham rocks back and hit it straight to the deep mid-wicket fielder. He looked down and disgusted after he hit the shot, he knew he was out. Bangladesh believe again. Latham c Saifuddin b Mehidy Hasan 0(4)

  • OUT! Kane Williamson is gone. Came down the track and was looking to go straighter but the bottom hand came off his bat and he ended up giving a simple catch to the fielder at cow corner. Big wicket for Bangladesh. Williamson c Mosaddek Hossain b Mehidy Hasan 40(72)

  • After 31 overs,New Zealand 160/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 40 , Ross Taylor 69)

    Saifuddin continues. New Zealand doing it without having any issues at the moment. Bangladesh fielders have their shoulders down. No energy in the field. Need to cheer up and work hard for the wicket. New Zealand need 85 runs.

  • Michael Wagener, Freelance Cricket Writer

    While Ross Taylor is looking untroubled, Kane Williamson has looked at times like he almost doesn't know which end of the bat to hold. Williamson has traditionally been very good at hitting gaps, but today he's picked out the fielders regularly. 

    However, as the innings has gone on, he's started to get a little more fluency. Getting time in the middle may be the best thing for him with regards to the rest of the tournament. 

  • After 30 overs,New Zealand 158/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 39 , Ross Taylor 68)

    100-run stand comes up between Williamson and Taylor, The way Taylor is playing he deserves a 100 too today and it seems possible as well. Lack of creativity from Bangladesh bowling. Nothing happening for their bowlers. New Zealand need 87 runs.

  • FOUR! This is a beautiful shot, flight from Hasan from round the wicket, Taylor right behind the shot, as he plays an inside-out shot through the extra cover region.

  • After 29 overs,New Zealand 153/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 39 , Ross Taylor 63)

    Saifuddin continues. The last ball of the over rose from good length to Williamson and hit his inside edge, surprising him. New Zealand cruise towards the target. Batsmen not perturbed by the bowling at all. New Zealand need 92 runs.

  • After 28 overs,New Zealand 150/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 38 , Ross Taylor 61)

    Shakib continues. 150 up for New Zealand. Williamson inching closer to fifty. Shakib done with his 9 overs. Worries for Bangladesh as target comes down below 100. 95 to get.

  • After 27 overs,New Zealand 145/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 37 , Ross Taylor 57)

    Saifuddin returns to the attack. Substitute fielder Liton Das kept busy at deep square leg region, diving to save fours. His effort has lifted the spirits of the fans as well. More noise now. 6 off the over. New Zealand need exactly 100 runs.

  • After 26 overs,New Zealand 139/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 35 , Ross Taylor 54)

    Shakib Al Hasan back on. Bangladesh still have more than 100 runs to defend but already the fans at the stadium have begun to predict a loss as suggested by the body language. Shakis needs to deliver now for them. Just 1 off the over. New Zealand need 106 runs.

  • After 25 overs,New Zealand 138/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 35 , Ross Taylor 53)

    Taylor has played a great knock here. He has made runs for himself and also let Williamson take his time and settle down easily. He is hitting boundaries every now and then and taking quick singles. Great job by the 35-year-old. 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 9 Bangladesh vs New Zealand Live Updates: Santner drives it to extra cover and fetched four, also the winning run, New Zealand win by 2 wickets. The cliffhanger comes to an end, much to disappointment of Bangladesh who fought till the end. Some bad effort in the field and some bad luck in the match as well resulting in 2-wicket loss.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 9 Bangladesh vs New Zealand at the Kennington Oval in London, Preview: 

Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has set his sights on a memorable 200th one-day international as his side chase a second successive World Cup win against New Zealand on Wednesday.

Shakib was the key man when Bangladesh upset South Africa by 21 runs in their opening match on Sunday.

His composed 75 helped steer Bangladesh to their highest one-day international total of 330 for six before the spinner took 1-50 to restrict South Africa to 309-8.

That wicket made Shakib only the fifth player behind Sri Lanka's Sanath Jayasuriya, South African Jacques Kallis, and Pakistan pair Shahid Afridi and Abdul Razzaq to reach the landmark of 5,000 runs and 250 wickets in ODIs.

The 32-year-old's next challenge comes at the Oval against a New Zealand side who crushed Sri Lanka by 10 wickets in their opening match.

Shakib has experience of upsetting the Black Caps after inspiring their five-wicket win over New Zealand in the 2017 Champions Trophy with the most recent of his seven ODI hundreds.

Bangladesh missed Shakib when a finger injury ruled him out of the ODI series in New Zealand earlier this year, in which they were routed 3-0 by the hosts and the all-rounder hopes Bangladesh will put up a tougher fight against New Zealand this time.

"Building up to this World Cup, we knew what challenges we might face. We prepared well, so that gave us a lot of confidence and belief. We came to this World Cup wanting to do well," he said.

"We are up for the challenge but at the same time we are relaxed. We knew we had the skill to beat big teams.

"I think that we are in a good place, mentally. I think if we can continue in this manner, we can go a long way in the tournament."

Shakib will become only the third Bangladesh player to play 200 or more ODIs, behind skipper Mashrafe Mortaza (210) and Mushfiqur Rahim (206).


Bangladesh: Tamim IqbalLiton DasShakib Al HasanSoumya SarkarMushfiqur Rahim(w), MahmudullahSabbir RahmanMohammad SaifuddinMashrafe Mortaza(c), Mehidy HasanRubel HossainMustafizur RahmanMohammad MithunAbu JayedMosaddek Hossain

New Zealand: Colin MunroMartin GuptillKane Williamson(c), Tom Blundell(w), Ross TaylorHenry NichollsJames NeeshamMitchell SantnerLockie FergusonTrent BoultTim SoutheeMatt HenryColin de GrandhommeTom LathamIsh Sodhi

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Updated Date: Jun 06, 2019

World Cup 2019 Points Table

Team p w l nr pts
Australia 5 4 1 0 8
New Zealand 4 3 0 1 7
India 4 3 0 1 7
England 4 3 1 0 6
Sri Lanka 5 1 2 2 4
West Indies 4 1 2 1 3
South Africa 5 1 3 1 3
Bangladesh 4 1 2 1 3
Pakistan 5 1 3 1 3
Afghanistan 4 0 4 0 0

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3631 113
2 New Zealand 2547 111
3 South Africa 2917 108
4 England 3663 105
5 Australia 2640 98
6 Sri Lanka 3462 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 5720 124
2 India 5990 122
3 New Zealand 4121 114
4 South Africa 4647 111
5 Australia 4805 109
6 Pakistan 4107 93
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 7365 283
2 England 4253 266
3 South Africa 4196 262
4 Australia 5471 261
5 India 7273 260
6 New Zealand 4056 254