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DC vs KKR Highlights and Match Recap, IPL 2019, Full cricket score: Shreyas Iyer and Co beat Kolkata in Super Over

Date: Sunday, 31 March, 2019 00:40 IST

Venue: Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Match Ended

Kolkata Knight Riders tied with Delhi Capitals (Delhi Capitals win Super Over by 3 runs)

185/8 OV : (20.0) RR.(9.25)
185/6 OV : (20.0) RR.(9.25)
Match Ended:

Kolkata Knight Riders tied with Delhi Capitals (Delhi Capitals win Super Over by 3 runs)

Man Of the Match:

This over 20.0

  • 1
  • 2
  • 0
  • 1
  • 0(W)
  • 1(W)


Harshal Patel

  • 0 (0)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Prasidh Krishna

  • 33 (4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0

Lockie Ferguson

  • 38 (4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 1
Current Partnership Last Wicket

0 ( 0 ) R/R: 0



185/6 (20 over)

Colin Ingram 10 (7) SR: S.R (142.86)

run out (Robin Uthappa)

Indian Premier League 2019 Match 10 Match Result Kolkata Knight Riders tied with Delhi Capitals (Delhi Capitals win Super Over by 3 runs)

DC vs KKR Highlights and Match Recap, IPL 2019, Full cricket score: Shreyas Iyer and Co beat Kolkata in Super Over


00:39 (IST)

Phew! That was some match at the Kotla. The first Super over of IPL 2019. Though the match has gone late in the night and almost 20 minutes past midnight, it was an entralling game to witness. Thank you for your company. Hope you enjoyed as much as we did. See you for another double header tomorrow. Catch our Live blog from 2:30 pm onwards

00:37 (IST)

Prithvi Shaw, Man of the Match: I was thinking that I missed the opportunity to finish the game for the team instead of the one run with which I missed the ton but finally the boys did well in the Super Over. I spoke to my support-staff, Ricky, Sourav, Praveen Amre and I figured out that I was going a little too hard early. I decided to play more ground shots. I think the picth changed a bit, the bowlers' marks opened up and Kuldeep and Piyush were getting good turn. I have ten more matches to come and I am hoping to continue with the same intensity in the rest of them as well.

00:35 (IST)

Prithvi Shaw is the Man of the Match for his knock of 99

00:33 (IST)

Shreyas Iyer, captain Delhi Capitals: Definately it was long day in the office. We should have finished in the last or the second last over. Credit should go to Kuldeep Yadav for the brilliant over in the end. You can't control Andre Russell when he gets going. Even his mistimes go for sixes and even the bowlers find it tough to plan against him when things just don't go to plan. All our batters decided that whoever gets going should take the side home, and Prithvi Shaw did that for us. I am really happy that all of us are taking the responsibility; really happy with myself as well. Kagiso and I had a chat before the super over and he told me that he would go for yorkers all through, first, second, third, every ball. It takes some special skill to execute that.When you plan to bowl against a batsman like Andre Russell. Amazing showcase of talent by Prithvi Shaw. I am really happy that all of us have taken responsibilty and played so well. Before the super over Rabada and I had a chat and he told me he is going to bowl yorkers all through first, second, third, every ball he missed the first but nailed the rest.

00:24 (IST)

Dinesh Karthik, KKR captain: It was a great game as both teams fought very well. It went to the Super over and they finally came out on top. I think Prasidh has been bowling consistently for us death, it was a straight forward decision to make. And I think he bowled really well as he's bowling the tough overs at the death. It was a tipsy-turvy kinda game.

00:21 (IST)

That was a special over by Rabada. Five yorkers back to back after the boundary in the very first ball. His brilliance won Delhi the game in the Super Over after their batsmen messed it up in the main match. 

And KKR's poor luck in the Super Over continues. 

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance writer
00:21 (IST)
00:16 (IST)

0.6 Rabada to Uthappha, 1 run, Delhi Captials win the Super Over as Kagiso Rabada successfully defends 10 off the Super Over to win the tie break. Robin shimmies down the track and takes the low full toss but isn't able to lift the ball over mid off. In fact it tamely rolls to mid off and fielder. Rabada has his arms aloft, Iyer is ecstatic and Delhi have won at Kotla. KKR fall three runs short in the Super Over.

Brilliant Super Over under pressure from the Protea star, he is made for greater things in cricket. What a champion!

00:15 (IST)

0.5 Rabada to Dinesh Karthik, DK shuffles across to play the scoop and he is able to run it down to fine leg, but Iyer has made sure he has placed a fielder very very fine. Only allows a single. Five needed off one ball

00:15 (IST)

0.4 Rabada to Uthappha, 1 run, Another yorker on the offstump and Uthappha squeezes it out on the offside but only for a single. Splendid stuff from Rabada. 6 needed off 2 balls

00:15 (IST)

0.3 Rabada to Russell, OUT!, If the previous ball right in the blockhole, I don't know what is this, even better, this time it was right at the base of the middle stump and it has been uprooted. What.A.Delivery.What.A.Bowler! 7 needed off 3 balls

00:13 (IST)

0.2 Rabada to Russell, 0 run, Right in the blockhole from Rabada. Cramming him for room. Russell digs it out only to the bowler.

00:12 (IST)

0.1 Rabada to Russell, FOUR! In search of the yorker, Rabada goes straight and full, but was perhaps too straight, Russell is able to flick the full to mid wicket ropes.

00:11 (IST)

Dinesh Karthik and Andre Russell will be up against Kagiso Rabada. KKR need 11 runs to pull off a stunning comeback. Russell to take strike.

00:08 (IST)

What happens if Super Over is tied?

00:07 (IST)

Looks like Rabada will bowl the Super Over for Delhi.  Russell is coming out to bat for KKR.


Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance writer
00:07 (IST)
00:06 (IST)

KKR will require 11 runs to win the Super Over and collect the two points.

00:06 (IST)

0.6 Krishna to Pant, 1 run, Pant went for an extravagant reverse scoop but Krishna bowled it wide and short giving him no chance to execute his shot. Pant was committed and he had to go through with the shot. Perhaps was the change of pace as well, so he gets a tickle that only spoons to the keeper for one run. 10 runs from the super over.

00:05 (IST)

0.5 Krishna to Pant, two runs, short by Krishna and Pant pulls to square leg as his hand comes off. Runs two.

00:04 (IST)

0.4 Krishna to Pant, Was the slower ball bowled across the left-hander and Pant is able to clear the infield, runs back for the second 

00:03 (IST)

0.3 WICKET! Krishna to Iyer, Krishna went full this time around and Iyer mishits this one. Opportinity wasted. Hits it straight and high. Piyush Chawala gets under it and gobbles it. Remember only two wickets allotted in the Super Over. Shaw is coming out to bat.

00:01 (IST)

0.2 FOUR! Krishna to Iyer, Shreyas Iyer gets inside the line of the short ball and pulls it to fine leg boundary.

00:00 (IST)

0.1 Krishna to Pant, back of a length on the body and Pant pulls it to the deep for a single.

00:00 (IST)

Tied matches in IPL history:

KKR v RR, Cape Town, 2009

CSK v KXIP, Chennai, 2010

CSK v RCB, Hyderabad, 2013

RCB v DD, Bangalore, 2013

KKR v RR, Abu Dhabi, 2014

RR v KXIP, Ahmedabad, 2015

GL v MI, Rajkot, 2017

DC v KKR, Delhi, 2019*

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
00:00 (IST)
23:59 (IST)

Alright then! Kolkata Knight Riders will bowl first as they were the team chasing in during the match. Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant walk out to the middle, Pant to take the strike. Prasidh Krishna given the responsibilty to bowl the super over. Let's go!

23:57 (IST)

Seems like Russell can't bat in the Super Over. He had left the field with two overs before the end of the Delhi innings.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance writer
23:57 (IST)
23:54 (IST)

And we are having a Super Over here. Kuldeep defended 6 in that final over and some reckless batting down the end by Shaw and Vihari messed it up for Delhi. However, in the history of IPL, KKR have never won single game through Super Over.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance writer
23:54 (IST)
23:52 (IST)

19.6 One run and out! It is a super over! Wow how did KKR manage to pull this one. The Delhi Capitals simply imploded towards the end, pressing the self destruct button. Ingram sweeps it towards long leg and the player. Uthappa gets around and throws it to the keeper. ingram was nowhere close to making it back home. 

Ingram run out (Uthappa/Karthik) 10(7)

23:52 (IST)

19.5 OUT! What has Vihari done here. He too goes for the glory shot and is caught out in the deep. Shubman Gill takes the catch at the boundary. KKR come back and how! Irresponsible batting by Vihari. He has thrown it away. Quick short ball digged in by Kuldeep and he pulls it straight to the fielder.

Hanuma Vihari c Shubman Gill b Kuldeep Yadav 2(3)

23:51 (IST)

19.4  one run, some width outside off, struck down the ground for one by Ingram. 2 needed off 3.

23:50 (IST)

19.3 Dot ball. Massive delivery. This one spits and turns away past Ingram's outside edge. 3 off 3.

23:49 (IST)

19.2 Ingram carves it to deep extra cover and hares back for the second. Vihari was never going to make it but a fumble from Kuldeep allows him to make his ground. Nerves. 3 needed off 5 balls

23:48 (IST)

19.1: Single was flat and quick towards off, worked to leg for one by Vihari to get off the mark. 5 needed off 5

23:47 (IST)

After 19 overs,Delhi Capitals 180/4 ( Colin Ingram 6 , Hanuma Vihari 1)

Shaw misses out on a great opportunity to complete a magnificent century and then a chance see his team home in what would have been a fantastic run chase. He is ought to get motre such opportunities. Ingram getting the important boundary to bring the equatrion down to six runs needed off the last over.

23:47 (IST)

Players to be dismissed on 99 in IPL:

Virat Kohli v Delhi, Kotla, 2013

Prithvi Shaw v KKR, Kotla, 2019*

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
23:47 (IST)
23:45 (IST)

FOUR! Ingram has put a slower short of length delviery from Ferguson to mid wicket fence. Important boundary for Delhi Capitals.

23:45 (IST)

23:44 (IST)

23:44 (IST)

OUT! Dear me! That is an agonising end to what has been a wonderful knock. Got to feel for the 19-year old. Short ball from Ferguson and Shaw though it was his chance to smash the ball through mid wicket, instead he gets a thick top edge that flies straight up with Dinesh Karthik taking the catch. Ponting, Ganguly et all rise in the dug out. Shaw walks back shaking his head.

Prithvi Shaw c Karthik b Ferguson 99(55)

23:40 (IST)

After 18 overs,Delhi Capitals 171/3 ( Prithvi Shaw 98 , Colin Ingram 0)

Kuldeep went round the stumps to Pant. The wicket-keeper batsman went for style over substance and ended up throwing his wicket. Shaw still out there and now DC require 15 off 12 balls

23:38 (IST)

OUT! Do not really know what Pant was trying to do there. He wanted to go for a big shot when the required rate was just  run-a-ball. Skips down the wicket and looks to slog against the turn, was never in control, giving a simple catch to deep mid wicket.

Pant c Chawla b Kuldeep Yadav 11(15)

23:35 (IST)

After 17 overs,Delhi Capitals 168/2 ( Prithvi Shaw 96 , Rishabh Pant (W) 10)

Big over for the home side – 16 runs. Delhi Capitals cantering towards the target and Shaw is galloping towards his maiden IPL century.  Krishna gave 17 off his first three and almost gave the same in his final over. Ends with a wicket and 33 runs off his four overs. DC need 18 off 18.

23:33 (IST)

FOUR! Four more! That's three in a row. Shaw galloping towards his century here. Shaw with good looking straight drive that was good enough for two runs but Russell isn't able to gather it cleanly as the ball goes through his hands 

23:31 (IST)

FOUR! Krishna misses his length as he searches for a yorker. Ends up bowling a full toss and Shaw, who was backing away, throws his hands and gets a thick outside edge to third man fence

23:30 (IST)

FOUR! Off-cutter on sliding down the leg stumps and Shaw has helped it on its way to fine leg fence. Not a good start to the over by Krishna.

23:29 (IST)

After 16 overs,Delhi Capitals 152/2 ( Prithvi Shaw 81 , Rishabh Pant (W) 9)

Shaw single handedly taking the attack to the KKR bowlers. Strikes couple of boundaries off Feguson to move into the 80s. However, he might have had his heart up his mouth after some miscommunication between him and Pant, with the latter sending him back for the second run. A full-length dive helps him to make his ground. Another spectacular piece of fielding from Russell to save three runs as he dives to his left to save three runs for his side. In the process he might have done more damage to his left shoulder. Time out taken. Delhi Capitals need 34 runs from 24 balls.

23:26 (IST)

With the asking rate less than 10 in the last five overs and eight wickets still in the bag, it is Delhi's game to lose from here. Though, KKR are going to bowl their seamers only at this stage but feel, they don't have enough runs to defend on this small ground. 

Nevertheless, what an innings Shaw has played tonight! Surely, he has made a name for himself in the IPL.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance writer
23:26 (IST)
23:24 (IST)

FOUR! Cracking shot from Shaw! Creates some room by shuffling to square leg and Shaw goes over backward point for another boundary.

23:24 (IST)

FOUR! Short ball by Ferguson andled into Shaw. Ferguson had rolled his fingers over to bowl the cutter, Shaw wasn't in complete control while pulling the ball but the important thing was he got it into the gap past short fine leg boundary.

23:22 (IST)

After 15 overs,Delhi Capitals 140/2 ( Prithvi Shaw 70 , Rishabh Pant (W) 8)

Shaw continues the assault, however Pant has taken his time today. Couple of dots before turning over the strike. Chawala completes his four overs giving away 36 runs with a wicket to his name.

23:20 (IST)

FOUR! He might be diminutive figure but Shaw really packs a punch. Was the googly that was pitched slightly short and outside off and Shaw thumps it over covers 

IPL 12 Match 10 DC vs KKR at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi: Delhi Captials win in Super Over as Kagiso Rabada successfully defends 11 off the Super Over to win the tie break.

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IPL 2019, DC vs KKR, Today's Match Preview: The tenth match of IPL 2019 will see Delhi Capitals host Kolkata Knight Riders at their home ground Feroz Shah Kotla. Capitals started off their campaign on a winning note, beating Mumbai Indians at Wankhede by 37 runs. Their winning run got a hit in the second game of the tournament against the mighty Chennai Super Kings, who handed them a six-wicket loss.

DC vs KKR Highlights and Match Recap, IPL 2019, Full cricket score: Shreyas Iyer and Co beat Kolkata in Super Over

File images of Delhi Capitals captain Shreyas Iyer and Kolkata Knight Riders captain Dinesh Karthik. Agencies

On the other hand, Kolkata Knight Riders have got off to a blistering start in the tournament, winning both their encounters so far. They beat Sunrisers Hyderabad in their opening contest by 6 wickets and then Kings XI Punjab by 28 runs. This is their first match away from home in the tournament this year and it comes with many other challenges like getting accustomed to the conditions and pitches. Andre Russell is in supreme form of his career right now and his power-hitting has been a key factor for KKR in last two matches. He is expected to play a big role in Saturday's game as well.

Kotla pitch is expected to play slow again. Anything above 160 can be a challenging total. The team which wins the toss, should look to bat first and defend a total.

Delhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight Riders Full squads

Delhi Capitals Team 2019 Players list: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Colin Ingram, Keemo Paul, Axar Patel, Rahul Tewatia, Amit Mishra, Kagiso Rabada, Ishant Sharma, Hanuma Vihari, Ankush Bains, Harshal Patel, Manjot Kalra, Chris Morris, Sherfane Rutherford, Jalaj Saxena, Sandeep Lamichhane, Trent Boult, Avesh Khan, Nathu Singh, Bandaru Ayyappa, Colin Munro

Kolkata Knight Riders Team 2019 Players list: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Andre Russell, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Shubman Gill, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Lockie Ferguson, Prasidh Krishna, Rinku Singh, Nikhil Naik, Joe Denly, Shrikant Mundhe, Carlos Brathwaite, Sandeep Warrier, Harry Gurney, Yarra Prithviraj, KC Cariappa

Updated Date: Mar 31, 2019