'Khallas' vs 'Khallas': How Zarine Khan in 'Veerappan' song compares to the original

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May 16, 2016 13:04:26 IST

When we heard that Ram Gopal Varma would be revamping the hit song “Khallas” from Company — featuring Isha Koppikar — for his upcoming film Veerappan, we were curious to see just how the Company director would do it.

Ramu himself was gung-ho about this new version of “Khallas”, the lyrics of which had been modified to “Khallas Veerappan”. “It is a surreal setting that brings out the wildness of the jungle. Some feel that the film glorifies slain sandal wood smuggler Veerappan but once the song is out, they will only be talking about how Zarine ‘sexifies’ it,” RGV said.

Zarine Khan in "Khallas Veerappan". Screengrab from YouTube

Zarine Khan in "Khallas Veerappan". Screengrab from YouTube

Having now seen the video for the song, we aren’t entirely sure if “surreal” is quite the adjective for it. The concept is pretty much the same – gorgeous, scantily-clad woman dances amid crowd, writhes sinuously under a shower of water (among other special effects) while the camera captures it all. But how does new “Khallas” compare to old “Khallas”?

1. Asha Bhosle’s syrupy vocals are missing in the Zarine Khan version. New "Khallas" scores with the more badass tone.

2. “Sexified” Zarine tries hard to beat “sexified” Isha. Does she succeed? Despite plenty of vampish looks directed at the camera, much tossing of her mane and beating of giant drums, we’re giving this round to Isha. Sorry, Zarine. You do get a special mention for trying so hard!

Isha Koppikar in the original version of "Khallas". Screengrab from YouTube

Isha Koppikar in the original version of "Khallas". Screengrab from YouTube

3. New “Khallas” is set in a jungle. Old “Khallas” was set in a discotheque. Both look equally fake. No points for this! Back to the drawing board, people.

4. Sandeep Bharadwaj — Ram Gopal Varma’s Veerappan — makes a few appearances in new “Khallas”. Old “Khallas” had vignettes of Ajay Devgn, Vivek Oberoi. A win for both versions.

5. The beats on new “Khallas” are groovier! Old “Khallas”, you set a good standard so take heart.

6. Old “Khallas” harks back to the time when a Ram Gopal Varma film equaled groundbreaking Indian cinema. New “Khallas”, here’s hoping you herald the return of Ramu.

Which version of "Khallas" do you prefer? Watch and let us know!

Here's the Zarine Khan song:

And now, Isha Koppikar:

Updated Date: May 16, 2016 13:04:26 IST