Watch: Shah Rukh Khan practicing for his TED Talk is all of us before an important event

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May 22, 2017 16:02:05 IST

In a hilarious video shared on Instagram by Shah Rukh Khan's manager Pooja Dadlani, Khan is seen practicing his speech earnestly for the Ted Talk that he gave in Vancouver on 28 April this year.

Watch: Shah Rukh Khan practicing for his TED Talk is all of us before an important event

Shah Rukh Khan practicing his speech in unique locations. Image from Instagram

What is unique about this video are the locations in which it is shot. At the breakfast table — with a plate of eggs and bacon and a glass of orange juice in front of him while he eats, in the balcony, in bed under a fluffy white blanket, on a plush couch, sitting, standing, sleeping.

The video ends with a short clip of the standing ovation that Khan received by the audience at the close of his speech in Vancouver.

Khan reposted the video that was shared from his managers account and as per his usual quick wit, put it up on Instagram and Twitter with the caption "U have made my practice sessions public! Now everyone will know I am not smart."


U have made my practice sessions public!!! Now everyone will know I am not smart.

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As expected, the internet is gushing over the video which makes Khan even more relatable. Him preparing for an important event in his life and giving it the importance it deserves has managed to make him even more endearing.

The snippets from the video are just a small part of the 18 minute speech that he delivered last month. Khan's talk was highly lauded. He compared humanity to himself — 'an ageing movie star.' The topic of his parents and their death when he was just 14 was also touched upon, peppered with a touch of melancholic humour.

He talked about the internet being a double edged sword, being both the place where 'freedom and revolution' were taking place along with the place from where exponential hate and negativity flowed. The place where 'reality became virtual,' and the 'virtual became real.'

His talk ended with some beautiful thoughts on the workings of the world, and some motivational lines that would make for great quotable quotes. Poignant, well thought out albeit slightly over rehearsed, his Ted Talk turned out to be a phenomenal success, and looking at the practice that went behind the final speech — it is no wonder that Khan is still one of the most loved and respected artists in Bollywood.

Updated Date: May 22, 2017 16:02:05 IST