Watch: Mumbai's Royal Opera House to have first full-fledged opera 'Il Matrimonio Segreto'

Neerja Deodhar

Jul,14 2017 17:43:43 IST

After being shut for 23 years, Mumbai's Royal Opera House, a heritage structure which is a reminder of Mumbai's lively and rich cultural past, finally re-opened in 2016. Now, it is all set to host its first ever full fledged opera — Il Matrimonio Segreto (The Secret Marriage). This two-act comedy, composed by Domenico Cimarosa in Italian, will be performed in India for the first time.

Bringing this 18th century opera by to life are Giving Voice Society, who have put together an Indian cast. It is directed by Rehaan Engineer with music direction by Patricia Rozario and Mark Troop. The producers remark that opera may remind Indian viewers of Bollywood films, seeing as how both art forms share romantic plots, comedic twists, dramatic scenarios, and a major focus on music in common.

Il Matrimonio Segreto was first performed a year after Mozart's death, and it remains watchable till date because of its plot. It tells the story of a wealthy noble called Geronimo, who has two daughters, Elisetta and Carolina. The younger of the two, Carolina, is secretly married to Geronimo's secretary Paolino. Shreya Nayak, the actor who will essay the role of Carolina, says that she likes her character because she is free-spirited and has a mind of her own. Sandeep Gurrapadi, the actor who plays Paolino, spoke about how Indian audiences will appreciate the love story between the two characters.

Firstpost got a glimpse of the production and its cast in action; watching them sing bits and parts in the Royal Opera House was mesmerising to say the least. Even though they sang for merely a few minutes, the voices of the singers reverberated through the opera house.

Updated Date: Jul 15, 2017 11:11 AM