Watch: Megadeth ≠ Metallica, but someone forgot to tell the organisers of the 59th Grammy Awards

FP Staff

Feb 13, 2017 11:26:14 IST

A day that should have been all about vindication for Megadeth almost turned into violence for the four-piece outfit. Almost.

After receiving the band's first-ever Grammy for its 15th studio album Dystopia, frontman and founder Dave Mustaine remarked, "Wow. Fantastic. We took 12 tries to get this!". He seemed genuinely pleased as he related a brief story about a run-in with Kenny G the last time Megadeth was nominated, when the saxophonist told Mustaine how it took him 21 attempts before he won.

Everything seemed nice and pleasant as Mustaine even tweeted out his glee:

But all of that could have gone very very differently if the notoriously tempestuous Mustaine had taken umbrage at the fact that the intro track played as the band (completed by bassist Dave Ellefson, guitarist Kiko Loureiro and drummer Dirk Verbeuren) made its way down the aisle to receive the award, wasn't off Dystopia.

It wasn't even off 2013's Super Collider.

That said, it wasn't even a Megadeth track.

See for yourself:

Master of Puppets? Really?

The title track off Metallica's 1986 album Master of Puppets is credited as having been written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Cliff Burton, Kirk Hammett. And even though former Metallica lead guitarist Mustaine has claimed in the past to having co-written the track Leper Messiah off the same album, it's safe to assume he had no involvement in the track that ushered Megadeth down the aisle at the Grammy Awards show.

To Mustaine's credit, he didn't even sulk, never mind wigging out entirely. In fact, he threw in one of these on the way to the stage:

272arDl - Imgur

Also, don't miss the woman in the bottom left-hand corner whom Mustaine leaves hanging.

It would be easy to dismiss this error as a simple mix-up if Metallica was among the nominees for the same gong. But, KoRn, Periphery, Gojira and Baroness were the other nominees, so bang goes that theory. Considering the past Mustaine shares with Metallica, this had the potential to blow out of proportion.

Fortunately, saner minds seemed to have prevailed, Mustaine and cohorts took it in their respective strides and all's well that ends well.

At least at the time of writing.

Updated Date: Feb 13, 2017 11:27:29 IST