Watch: Manisha Koirala makes a point about embracing life in new video for Unblushed

FP Staff

May 29, 2017 21:39:38 IST

Blush, the digital channel of Culture Machine, has released a new video starring Manisha Koirala. The video is titled 'Manisha Unblushed: 78 Girls' and the project acts as a sort of ode to the 78 female characters that Manisha has portrayed in the entirety of her Bollywood career.

Manisha's Unblushed video focuses on how every human's personality has multiple facets to it, which amalgamate to form the sum total of the whole individual. There are various things that go into forming an individual, and each side — in all its imperfections — is necessary for a human being to truly exist.

Talking about the video Manisha said, "Life has come a full circle for me at this point where I’ve been through multiple journeys. These journeys put together encapsulate the person I am today. Similarly, the characters essayed in the video from my films like Bombay and Dear Maya including others have added meaning to my life and taught me to embrace all things coming my way.

Watch: Manisha Koirala makes a point about embracing life in new video for Unblushed

Manisha Koirala in the video 'Manisha Unblushed: 78 Girls'.

The video serves as a compilation of all the characters that Manisha has played over the years in her Bollywood journey, which she feels have all come together to make her the woman that she is today. The video goes on to show Manisha in different avatars as she recreates her previous characters and in its essence as a whole, the message that Blush along with Manisha have tried to put across, has been encapsulated rather well in the three minute 42 second long video.

Through the medium of the video, the message that Manisha tries to put across to the viewers is this — she feels that it is absolutely necessary to recognise and then embrace all the imperfections of your being in order to truly understand and celebrate the individual that you are.

Manisha has an upcoming movie called Dear Maya with actors Madiha Imam, Shreya Chaudhary, directed by Sunaina Bhatnagar. The movie is due to be released on 2 June, 2017. She is also set to play Nargis in Sanjay Dutt's biopic.

Updated Date: May 29, 2017 21:39:38 IST