Watch: Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd make us lose our 'Lust For Life'

Parul Sharma

May 26, 2017 20:11:42 IST

Lana Del Rey released the music video of her newest single 'Lust For Life' featuring The Weeknd (Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) on 22 May. I saw it. Then immediately wished I could unsee it. Or set my eyes on fire — whichever came first.

The video starts in space — with our cosmos taking on a strange and smoky greenish-blue tint. The screen then starts zooming out and eventually we find ourselves inside Lana's eye (!?).

What comes next is a strange phenomenon I like to call the 'Delirious Del'. After flashing the creepiest smile I have seen till date, Lana starts bobbing up and down with a pained expression on her face, making the viewer feel mildly uncomfortable — to say the least. Some awkward hand gestures follow, and then Lana does the Hollywood version of Bollywood's 'song and tree dance' as she dramatically runs around and starts climbing a ladder.

The Weeknd finally makes an appearance after these painful one and a half minutes, and as he bends down to catch hold of Lana's hand, I'm instantly reminded of that scene from the Bollywood movie Dhamaal where Sanjay Dutt is hanging off a cliff and a bunch of children have to pull him back up. At this point we also get a close look at the mosquito net that Lana is wearing on her hands and feet.

Cut to The Weeknd's face and he is wearing sunglasses in the dark — and really, that is how I would sum up this video in one sentence if I had to.

Lana and Abel are dancing at the top of a recreation of the the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles for almost the entirety of the video and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why.

There is also the slightest hint of The Weeknd secretly being a part-time magician, as he pulls out a ribbon from behind Lana's ear while his voice croons 'take off all your clothes' in a strangely high falsetto in the background. Finally — because which good music video is complete without random symbolism — a red paper boat appears out of nowhere at the top of my screen and drops down to enter my line of sight. I do not know why this happens. No I will not bother to find out why, either.

The video ends with Lana running away from Abel while closely resembling a headless chicken, and Abel awkwardly following her. She then slides off the edge of the letter 'D' of the Hollywood sign and they both collapse into a garden of yellow flowers. Life finally comes full circle as the screen zooms out and we are thrown into the cosmos once again.

Apparently this sequence of events made complete sense to the director of the video Clark Jackson. Being a huge fan of Lana Del Rey I was quite upset — to put it mildly. Even though Lana is known to have slightly eclectic music videos, they have always had a beautiful melancholy to them that somehow just sits right with the viewer. This time though — all I could do was cringe, and keep checking how many more seconds of horror I had to sit through.

The actual song however, was the only saving grace of this entire ordeal — with beautiful vocals from both Lana and The Weeknd (maybe tone down slightly on the shrillness?). Either way, two talented artists came together to create a song which is pleasant enough to the ears, but is harsh on the eyes.

Updated Date: May 26, 2017 20:11:42 IST