Watch: Cable Girls trailer tells story of four feminist switchboard operators in 1920s Spain

FP Staff

Apr,07 2017 17:35:40 IST

Netflix's first original Spanish series Cable Girls deals with a variety of subjects - the communications revolution in Spain, life in the Twenties, women's rights and romance.

Youtube screengrab

Youtube screengrab

It tells the story of four women who come from different backgrounds hired to be switchboard operators in the country's only telephone company in Madrid. The trailer describes the Twenties as an exciting but difficult time for people, but especially so for women. "We weren't free, but we dreamed of freedom," says the narrator.

The telephone company was representative of progress and modernity at the time. Despite this, the lead characters encounter situations where they are expected blindly follow what the men in their lives say. Still, they are vehemently independent and have ambitions of their own.

The producer of Cable Girls, Teresa Fernandez-Valdes, said, "What I think we can offer Netflix is a story that is mainly directed at women. Although it isn't just the female audience we are targeting, but women, strong women, are the protagonists of the series."

The visuals in the trailer are beautiful and will transport you into the world of The Great Gatsby; the fashion and lifestyle depicted in the trailer of Cable Girls is very similar to the flapper culture depicted in the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Apart from this Spanish melodrama series, Netflix is also releasing an Italian mafia called Suburra and a German thriller called Dark in 2017.

Cable Girls begins streaming on Netflix on 28 April, 2017. It is directed by Carlos Sedes and stars Maggie Civantos, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernández and Blanca Suárez in the lead roles.

Watch the trailer here:

Updated Date: Apr 07, 2017 17:35 PM