Vox Lux trailer: Natalie Portman struts as pop star amidst glimmering light, thundering applause

FP Staff

Aug 29, 2018 17:59:23 IST

A teaser for Natalie Portman's upcoming film Vox Lux was released on 28 August, ahead of its world premiere at Venice Film Festival.

Natalie Portman in Vox Lux. Venice Film Festival

Natalie Portman in Vox Lux. Venice Film Festival

The teaser opens with blacked-out screen, with faint cheer growing increasingly loud and the camera slowly panning up to the glittery cape of a stage-performer. The camera follows her from behind as she confidently struts among the glimmering lights, the thunderous applause and the excited people.

Portman will be seen alongside Jude Law; they have previously worked together in Mike Nichols' 2004 film adaptation of the Patrick Marber play, Closer. Raffey Cassidy, Stacy Martin and Jennifer Ehle constitute the supporting cast of the musical-drama.

According to director Brady Corbet's official statement Vox Lux is “a historical melodrama set in America between 1999 and 2017. Its protagonist is a pop star called Celeste and it chronicles, via her gaze, key events and cultural patterns that have so far defined the early 21st century.”

Sia will be scoring the music for the Natalie Portman's film, along with the 60s pop icon-turned avant-garde musician Scott Walker.

While initially it was reported that Rooney Mara was slated to play the lead role, she was later replaced by Portman.

Vox Lux will also be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer here:

Updated Date: Aug 29, 2018 17:59:23 IST