Vishwaroopam 2 music composer Ghilbran says songs of the sequel are better than those of first part

Raja Sekar

Aug 10, 2018 08:58:56 IST

Vishwaroopam 2 is technically Ghibran’s fourth theatrical release with Kamal Haasan but the composer has an interesting story to share. “Kamal sir actually invited me to Delhi for Vishwaroopam 2 but for various reasons, the film got delayed and my other films with him including Uttama VillainPapanasam and Thoongaa Vanam got released. Among all the films I worked with Kamal sir, Vishwaroopam 2 is very special because it’s my first ever collaboration with him," smiles Ghibran.

Vishwaroopam 2 music composer Ghilbran says songs of the sequel are better than those of first part

Kamal Haasan and Rahul Bose in a still from Vishwaroopam 2. YouTube

Ghibran was nervous when he first met Haasan.“I was in trepidation about the meet and my heartbeat was super fast but it was perfectly understandable because I conversed with the one and only Kamal sir. Realising the situation, Kamal sir asked where I had my musical education and work process in general. He also asked whether I saw the first part of Vishwaroopam, only later we discussed the music required for the sequel," says the Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru composer.

Ghibran says that Vishwaroopam 2 could be termed as Vishwaroopam square as the overall impact will be one step higher. “As a music composer, I always think how music in the film could’ve been better and eventually it happened in Vishwaroopam too. Though the music in the first part was great, personally felt that I could musically add a few things," he says.

The composer says that in Vishwaroopam 2, each character has been explained in detail. “Wisam’s Afghan stay has a reason, his character travels to many places and his patriotism is unparalleled. The origin of Wisam can be witnessed in Vishwaroopam 2," says Ghibran.

Vishwaroopam 2 is both prequel and sequel to the Wisam character. In fact, I composed the 'Nanagiya Nadhi Moolamey' song in the sequel in 'Desh' raga because Wisam is a patriotic person. In the first part, we saw him as a Kathak dancer and there is a backstory behind it. I tried to musically convey his characterisation in Vishwaroopam 2," adds the composer.

Ghibran says that the music in Vishwaroopam 2 will be at par with international standards “Musically, Vishwaroopam 2 will be grand because the film travels across four countries, including India, Afghanistan, USA and Thailand. For scenes happening in Afghan, we used their native instruments and Arabic chants. We have tried to give a global music and sound in the sequel," he says.

Ghibran did a film scoring course in Singapore and his biggest aim is to work under Hans Zimmer. “I came to know that to work under Hans Zimmer, you should have a graduation degree in music and I also had a common contact. As I always had a fascination for background score by observing the works of Ilaiyaaraja and John Williams, (I) got my graduation in the film score which is actually helping me now because these days, songs have been reduced in movies and filmmakers started giving more importance to the background score. Critics have also started appreciating background score in their reviews," says Ghibran.

The composer wants his directors to explain the backstory of each character and the situations they undergo. “Thanks to Kamal sir, he is the one who taught me that directors should explain things in detail to a composer because only then, we will be able to translate the mood into music. For example, the relationship between Andrea and Kamal sir was properly explained to me in 'Uttama Villain'. Though those scenes were not featured in the film, the director would know the backstory of the characters and their conflicts but most of the times, they wouldn’t tell it to the composers and the actors. If we clearly understand the characters written by the creator, the musical output will be much better, and it wouldn’t sound vague and lifeless," says Ghibran who is also demanding other directors to explain situations like Kamal Haasan.

“Critics and fans loved the wolf theme for the villain in Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru. When Vinoth narrated me the script, he told me that the villain is very brilliant and attacks innocent people like a wolf pack so I tried to convey it musically which worked in favour of the film. I would say director-music composer relationship is like a marriage, if anything goes wrong, the entire film would collapse," he says.

“In Vishwaroopam 2, there are scenes where the characters wouldn’t speak but Kamal sir has given me the scope to convey their thought process through music. Though 'Uttama Villain' also offered me great scope, Vishwaroopam 2 got the international flavor. We have used symphony, grand orchestration; and I’m personally looking forward to the response of audiences for the score in the high octane action sequence in the climax," says Ghibran.

He claims he also loved the references given to him by Haasan.“Kamal sir would actually refer a lot of films. For instance, he told me about the Spartacus score for 'Uttama Villain' and how music would sound different if we add the traditional Theyyam music. Only thing is we should be updated to understand what he intends to say," signs off Ghibran.

Updated Date: Aug 10, 2018 08:58:56 IST

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