Valentine's Day: If you are single on this day of 'love', these memes are sure to crack you up

FP Staff

Feb 12, 2017 17:06:38 IST

Well, Valentine's Day is almost here and it is time for - no not the red roses, but the memes. Love has no language or religion they say, so here they are, memes of all types and shapes from all corners of all the world! If there is one thing all you single ladies and gentlemen want to cherish about this 14th, it is the memes. Looks like they are always there for you (us), through thick and thin. Never once leaving our social news feeds, making us laugh on the most 'auspicious' day for lovers. So here are few of the hilarious ones we spotted this year.

Make way for the Valentine's Day memes of the year!

We cannot not start with this! The 'Khajoor' reference totally cracked us up and definitely made our week.


Pretty much what most of us are going to do, isn't it ?

  Let us guess, food - our true and 'only' love? Yes! The popular food reference works for almost every situation in life, so why not Valentine's Day?  

Don't worry, there is still hope after all... Ooops!


What we mean when we say 'show me some love on Valentine's Day'


Well guess what? Single people have dates too...

Table for two?

Ain't got no time for roses

This 14th, if and when Gautham Menon brings out the romantic in you, remember...

Ammi Jaan Kehti Thi...


Here you go. From us singles to you! 


In the meme world, sarcasm and Valentine's Day definitely go hand in hand.


Don't worry guys, may be it's just oxygen. Okay? Okay.


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