This cheeky Coca Cola ad about sibling rivalry subtly delivers an LGBTQ message

FP Staff

Mar,07 2017 15:27:22 IST

The latest Coca Cola ad about two siblings, released on 2 March, 2017, has gone viral, with over 2 million views, and is being praised for being inclusive.

In it, a pair of opposite-sex siblings are attracted to the same pool boy who works at their house.

Youtube screengrab

Youtube screengrab

At the very start of the ad, the viewer is given a glimpse of the attractive pool boy, who because of the heat, makes it evident that he is thirsty. The daughter of the family watches him and smiles, with a fan blowing air into her face. The camera shifts to a window where a boy, presumably her brother, is also seen swooning over the pool boy.

Both siblings rush to grab a bottle of Coca Cola from the refrigerator, and then run towards the pool, only to stumble and trip over each other. They make multiple attempts to outrun the other, fall on the couch, and finally reach the pool. They are amazed to find that the pool boy has already been offered a bottle of coke by their mother, who has a smug expression on her face.

The slow and melodious background music ads to the humour of the ad.

This is not the first time that a gay character has featured in a Coca Cola ad. In 2014, one of Coca Cola's Superbowl ads featured a family with two gay fathers, one of whom is also a person of colour, among several other characters.

Watch the ad here:

Updated Date: Mar 07, 2017 15:27 PM