The definitive list of things Justin Bieber has actually asked for; don't you get these wrong

FP Special Forces

May,04 2017 16:00:26 IST

Justin Bieber, leader of the free world, is in Maximum City on 10 May. Except he perhaps took Mumbai's moniker a bit too literally, and demanded everything he could conceivably think of. In eerily specific detail and exact quantity.

Unfortunately, however, the good man has far too many enemies — those jealous of prodigious song-writing talents, his voice like a choir of angels, his movie star good looks, his flowing locks. And since they can't hurt any of these things, they just decided to hit him where it hurts the most: His image. So they have released obviously fake news reports that claim he made exorbitant demands — like 24 water bottles, one hundred clothes hangers, 12 white handkerchiefs.

But we here at Special Forces have a duty to adhere to. So, on world press freedom day, our sleuths have gone underground to get for you the very definitive list of things Justin Bieber has actually asked for. Here we are:

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Updated Date: May 05, 2017 10:00 AM