Sonika Chauhan death: Vikram Chatterjee, who was with the model, faces drunk driving claims

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May,08 2017 14:24:42 IST

A fresh twist has emerged in the Sonika Chauhan accident case this week, with sources close to the model-actress telling the press that Vikram Chatterjee (the actor who was with Sonika when the incident occurred) had been drinking that evening.

Times Now broadcast an exclusive video interview with one of these sources (whose identity was not revealed), where these allegations against Chatterjee were made.

Sonika, who hosted a popular show on TV, was killed in a car crash on 29 April, near Kolkata. Chatterjee, who was driving the car, also sustained some injuries and was hospitalised.

Model-actress Sonika Chauhan died in a car crash on 29 April 2017, in Kolkata

Model-actress Sonika Chauhan died in a car crash on 29 April 2017, in Kolkata

NDTV had reported that 27-year-old Sonika and Vikram Chatterjee were involved in an accident in the wee hours of 29 April, when the Toyota they were in, spun around, flipped over and hit a lamppost before tail-ending in a nearby shop. A rickshaw puller and an Ola cab driver dragged them out of the car and rushed them to the nearest hospital, where Sonika succumbed to her injuries.

Meanwhile, Chatterjee, who was also in hospital, was booked by the police under Sections 304A (causing death due to negligence) and 279 (rash or negligent driving) of the Indian Penal Code. He received bail on paying a bond of Rs 1000, after surrendering at a Kolkata court on 5 May. He has been directed to appear for a hearing on 1 September, an India Today report said.

Chatterjee addressed a press conference at which he said he was deeply sorry for Sonika's family's loss, and asserted that he was not driving in an inebriated state. He also said he was driving within the speed limit when the accident occurred.

However, Sonika's family has alleged that negligence led to her death.

In a post shared on social media, Sonika's mother Sharon Singh wrote:

"We need answers and we have not got any... Why? What? How? She took the decision to trust a friend and trust her life with him at the wheel. Why did it go so wrong? Not only did it end her life, but it was clearly reckless and rash...negligence causing her life to be snatched away. She did not deserve this. She was living life to the fullest, and planning so much more."

Times Now has quoted one of the witnesses it interviewed, as saying: “I was pretty shocked to read Vikram's statement in the newspaper, which is such a big lie. I am shocked that he can blatantly lie like this. I (saw) him drinking. How can he say he did not drink? He must have had around four pegs (that night)."

Sonika was a Miss Diva 2013 finalist.

Updated Date: May 08, 2017 14:32 PM