Sacred Games 2: Before watching new season, a recap of what has happened on thriller series so far

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Aug 14, 2019 16:09:08 IST

The second installment of Netflix India's Sacred Gamesbased on Vikram Chandra's book of the same name, will be out on 15 August.

Besides Saif Ali Khan (Sartaj Singh), Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Ganesh Gaitonde) and Pankaj Tripathi (Guruji), this season has some new additions to the cast — Kalki Koechlin (Batya Abelman), Ranvir Shorey (Shahid Khan), and Amruta Subhash (Kusum Devi Yadav).

 Sacred Games 2: Before watching new season, a recap of what has happened on thriller series so far

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde. Netflix

Anurag Kashyap has directed Gaitonde’s track while Neeraj Ghaywan (of Masaan-fame) is the main man behind Singh's track in season 2. Vikramaditya Motwane and Varun Grover continue their roles of the showrunner and the lead writer respectively.

Sacred Games 2 comes after a year long wait and the story will pick up from where its predecessor ended. So, here is a recap of the episodes for when you binge-watch the show this weekend.

Episode 1 : Ashwathama 

Named after the mythological character Ashwathama from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the pilot introduces Sartaj, an anxiety-riddled, overweight policeman with a rocky marriage. He is in search of a big case that can help him cement his reputation as a good cop. It lands right into his lap after an unexpected phone call from crime overlord Gaitonde tips him about a catastrophic event that will bring down the city of Mumbai in 25 days. He also claims to have known Sartaj's father, Dilbagh Singh.

As they chit-chat over the phone, Gaitonde tells Sartaj all about his childhood, how he killed his own mother and then fled to Mumbai, embracing a life of crime. Very briefly are we shown the death of Jojo Mascarenhas played by Suvreen Chawla, in the pilot's opening along with a dog thrown from the balcony of a high-rise building.

Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh in Sacred Games. Netflix

Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh in Sacred Games. Netflix

A flashback shows Sartaj's backstory, particularly one instance, where he along with his superiors DCP Parulkar (Neeraj Kabi) and Majid Khan (Aamir Bashir) have to nab a teenager named Junaid. Even though the boy surrenders, Parulkar shoots him down. They later tell a hearing board that Junaid was shot because he attacked Parulkar first, but Sartaj is in a dilemma. Unable to lie, he walks out of the hearing.

Sartaj is able to track Gaintonde, by tapping their phone calls. But the gangster shoots himself in the head as soon as Sartaj enters his hideout.

Episode 2: Halahala

In Hindu mythology, Halahala is the poison, capable of destroying the world, that was created after the Gods and the Demons churned the ocean in their race to get the nectar of amrit (immortality). After Gaitonde's suicide begins a 25-day countdown, leading to the city's supposed destruction that can only be put to a stop by Sartaj. In comes the Bollywood star Zoya Mirza (Elnaaz Nourouzi) and it seems like she and the gangster share history.

Radhika Apte's Anjali Mathur, an agent for the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), is tasked to untangle the knots in this case. Sartaj's involvement in the Gaitonde case leads to him facing suspension for the investigation of the gangster's death. Sartaj goes against orders and teams up with Anjali and together they discover that Jojo was involved in a fake currency racket, aided by Pakistan's ISI. Not only that, she was actively involved in pimping Bollywood and TV actresses to Gaitonde.

Parallel to this the audience is taken through the beginning of Gaitonde's lawbreaking career from the 1980s to 1990s. He starts of with gold smuggling for Salim Kaka (Nawab Shah), runs a bootlegging business with Kanta Bai (Shalini Vatsa) and ruthlessly kills his rival. He also happens to meet Parulkar, who was just a sub-inspector then.

Episode 3: Aatapi Vatapi

As explained by Guruji, Atapi and Vatapi were two demon brothers in Hindu mythology. They invited saints to dine with them, for which the elder demon Atapi, turned the younger one into dinner. After the saints left and traveled some distance, Atapi summoned Vatapi, who tore himself open from their bodies and returned home.

Sartaj continues his investigation, picking up clues from Jojo's murder and finding a TV actress Nayanika Sehgal (Geetanjali Thapa), who was forced into having sex with Gaitonde's sidekick Deepak "Bunty" Shinde (Jatin Sarna). Anjali finds that Bunty is also involved in an elaborate scam. They try to entrap Gaitonde's minion via Nayanika, and hide a camera inside her handbag to record their conversation when she meets him.

Kubbra Sait and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Sacred Games. Image via Twi@Saubhag73393231 tter/

Kubbra Sait and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Sacred Games. Image via Twi@Saubhag73393231

Gaitonde's love interest Kukkoo (Kubbra Sait) along with his enemy Suleiman Isa (Saurabh Sachdeva) also make an appearance in this episode in a flashback sequence. Gaitonde eventually wooes Kukoo and the episode shows him spoiling her with a necklace once worn by Parveen Babbi.

Episode 4: Brahmahatya

Brahmahatya means 'killing of a Brahmin.' Gaitonde, who has Brahmin roots, commits crimes which are against his religion; like consuming meat and agreeing to poach Muslims votes for conniving politicians.

Bunty spots the hidden camera in Nayanika's bag and even finds out Sartaj's stakeout spot outside his house. While the police man tries to convince Bunty of the impending doom looming over the city of Mumbai, the gangster asks him to leave. Sartaj refuses to exit without Nayanika but Bunty does not cave to his request and takes her away.  This episode also sees Kukoo getting killed after Gaitonde professes his love for her.

Episode 5: Sarama

In Hindu mythology, Sarama is a being referred to as the female dog of the Gods. This episode shows how everyone, in the end, is like a dog on a leash. Every major character here, in one way or the other, is shown as a powerless entity being treated like a dog by someone with more authority.

Nayanika convinces Kanta Bai to inform Sartaj where exactly she is held captive. After this Sartaj approaches Parulkar to let him back on the force. Sartaj is shown lying about the Bengali Bura case, which he knew was unjust, but, in the end, bows down to his boss' pressure in order to keep his job. He, along with Majid, find Bunty's spot, where Nayanika has been held captive. Here, Sartaj confronts Bunty, who asks the cop to leave and also let him walk out scot-free. Anjali also insists on the same, but they are interrupted by the Mumbai police firing at the gangsters, which leads to Nayanika's death and Bunty running away. Soon enough he is killed and then crushed under a truck.

Unable to come to terms with Kukoo's death, Gaitonde is on a rampage and vows to kill Isa's men. Scared, his rival flees to Dubai, leaving his henchmen vulnerable to Gaitonde's attack. Parulkar informs Gaitonde of Isa's accountant, who is travelling to India from Dubai. Bunty is ordered to assassinate him.

Rajshri Deshpande as Subadhra in Sacred Games. Image from Twitter

In another sequence, Gaitonde marries Subhadhra (Rajshri Deshpande), which turns bloody after Isa's men gate crash it. Gaitonde's Paritosh bhai (Muni Jha) and his wife are killed by Isa's men and Gaitonde blames this loss on Bunty, who was caught in bed with a woman when he order to accompany them to the wedding.

Episode 6: Pretakalpa

Pretakalpa is part of the Garuda Purana, one of the 18 Mahapuraṇa texts in Hinduism. It talks about the cycle of life, death and beyond, and is read when the last rites of a deceased Hindu are performed.

Sartaj lies on the stand during the hearing of the Bengali Bura case. This episode goes back to the first one, where Zoya's boyfriend blackmails her into working on a film. She in turn frames him and gets him arrested.

The episode also includes a devastating end to beloved character. Katekar's neck is slashed by a petty criminal, during an investigation of a robbery. Sartaj ends up killing Katekar's murderer, which takes him back to Junaid's fake encounter.

Now, he only has 17 days to save Mumbai. Meanwhile, Anjali finds a witness to Bunty's murder, who is mysteriously poisoned while in a hospital.

Episode 7: Rudra

Rudra is a Rigvedic deity associated with wind or storm. One translation of the name is 'the roarer'. This episode is a representation of this very terror. Anjali suspects that the witness was killed by Malcolm (Luke Kenny), but her superior dismisses her concerns. Sartaj meets Zoya in an attempt to discover how she knows Gaitonde. The actress does not divulge in a lot of information but leads him to Trivedi (Chittaranjan Tripathy). Anjali and Sartaj set out to probe into the matter further, but she ends up getting shot in the head by Malcolm.

Back to the past, where in an unprecedented attack by Isa's men, Gaitonde's wife Subhadhra succumbs to multiple gunshot wounds, which in turn leads to Gaitonde going on a mad killing spree. It also shows the descent of Gaitonde. This sequence is set around the same time as the Babri Masjid communal tensions in the country. Gaitonde is imprisoned and meets the empathetic police man Dilbag Singh, who often fed him home-cooked meals.

Episode 8: Yayati

Yayati was cursed with premature old age and had asked his son, Puru, to swap their ages. Yayati also conquered the whole world and was the Chakravartin Samrat. In the last episode, which leaves 15 days for Sartaj, he chances upon Malcolm's den. Malcom captures him, and chops off his thumb. Eventually Guruji, whom Gaitonde calls his third father, is also shown finally convincing the gangster to join his cause. Malcolm's involvement in Anjali's murder is revealed the cops. The last episode ends with Trivedi found in Gaitonde's underground hideout.

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