Prassthanam music review: Sukhwinder Singh shows sparks of brilliance in an otherwise forgettable soundtrack

Shreya Paul

Sep 19, 2019 08:36:13 IST

Sanjay Dutt's Prassthanam might not be a surprise for the audience in terms of narrative, since it is a remake of the 2010 eponymous Telugu cult classic. As a result, the music of the film would then be a crucial driving factor. With five distinct tracks under its belt, the Prassthanam soundtrack promises to uphold the intense political drama. At certain junctures, the efforts even succeed, but when it fails, the slip-up is less than tolerable.

Arguably, the most-discussed song, the title track of Prassthanam gives hardcore Baahubali feels. Only that this time, the song seems to have been penned by a two-year-old (lyrics have been written by composer Farhad Samji). Nothing else could justify how portions of the Gayatri Mantra find its way into the stanzas awkwardly. With a huge 'Jiyo Re Baahubali' hangover, 'Prassthanam' could have taken a different trajectory only if the lyrics and background score could have been taken seriously. Dev Negi tries his level best, but there is only so much one can do with a bad number. With its sheer mediocrity, the number could well have played as a theme song for MTV Roadies, since it definitely stands miles short of the gravitas that a Sanjay Dutt song requires onscreen.

 Prassthanam music review: Sukhwinder Singh shows sparks of brilliance in an otherwise forgettable soundtrack

Still from Prassthanam. YouTube screengrab

Ankit Tiwari thankfully saves the day (but only partially) with his fairly peppy 'Dil Dariyan'. Tiwari and Deepali Sathe create a sweet, romantic new-age number with this one. The structure of Tiwari's husky voice adds the required USP to the number. The assertive, pumping background theme could have been too much to stomach, but kudos to Ankit for his balancing act at the mixing table. Anurag Bhomia's lyrics seem common, especially since this genre has been much explored in Bollywood over the years.

'Charo Khane Chit' is the surprise element in the whole soundtrack. That Sukhwinder Singh is a magician behind the mic is evident with this track. Singh takes on 'Charo Khane Chit' almost as if he is challenging himself to top each of his last performances. His range is phenomenal, and the song showcases precisely that. Vikram Montrose composes a compelling tune, giving a Dangal-like feeling when 'Dhaakad' pumped across theatres. Yash Eshwari's lyrics form the perfect synergy with Singh's electrifying voice.

Montrose showcases his musical abilities with 'Haji Ali' yet again and produces a riveting track. A well-paced song, 'Haji Ali' oscillates beautifully between the crisp alaap sections and its slower verses. Technically a one-man show, the track is essentially a platform to display Singh's finesse with his signature voice. Though the singer-composer duo ticks all the right boxes with this one, the song has not garnered the highest audiences.

The addition of 'Dil Bevda' to the soundtrack seems most incongruent, though it may have significance in the narrative of the film. Mika Singh and Bhoomi Trivedi create the perfect "bevda" song with the necessary lyrics of overt drunkenness (Shekhar Astitwa). But average music apart, Montrose fails to inject the song with the required X-factor.

Don't know about the film, but a minute into the soundtrack, this reviewer was uncontrollably yawning. And that can never be a good sign.

Prassthanam is slated to hit screens on 20 September.

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Updated Date: Sep 19, 2019 08:36:13 IST