Parineeti Chopra responds after getting called out by classmate for 'lying' about school incident

FP Staff

May 30, 2017 18:39:12 IST

In a recent event at a self-defense academy, Parineeti Chopra had spoken about coming from a not so privileged family which meant that they did not have money to spend on simple things like self-defense classes. She even said that she would ride a bicycle to school everyday because her family could not afford a car. Parineeti was slammed on social media by a classmate of hers who accused her of "fabricating lies."

Parineeti Chopra responds after getting called out by classmate for lying about school incident

Parineeti Chopra. Image from Twitter.

According to a report by Indian Express, a classmate of Parineeti's, Kkanoo Gupta, called Chopra out on Facebook. Gupta claims to be from Convent of Jesus and Mary, Ambala and wrote that  the actress was “lying through the teeth in front of camera.” Gupta further claimed that Parineeti's father had a car, which was a luxury then and cycling to school was a facility that very few people enjoyed in those days. The post is now unavailable on Facebook but the text can be read in the Indian Express report.

After the revelation, Parineeti started getting shamed on social media for fabricating a whole story about her poverty. The actress then took to Twitter to reply and posted a long response for everyone to see. Though the response does not answer why she lied, it does seem highly contradictory.



According to a Hindustan Times report, many of the actress' classmates came forward after Gupta put everything out in the open and criticised the actress for lying about her financial status. Her classmates said that she took it too far with this sob story about poverty when most people at her school can vouch for the fact that she was from a privileged family, back then.

Parineeti, in her statement clarified that the car they owned was not used by her or her brothers. It was strictly for her dad to use for office chores. She also said that the larger message that she meant to send out was overshadowed by this debate about her car. She further wrote about women's safety in the tweet.

Updated Date: May 30, 2017 18:39:12 IST