Ocean's 8 director Gary Ross explains why Matt Damon's cameo was cancelled from latest film

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Jun 13, 2018 16:54:12 IST

The latest Hollywood outing Ocean's 8 has set the cash registers on fire in North America, ever since its theatrical release on 5 June. Be it the sharp and crisp storyline or the stellar performances by its all-female star cast — this installment of the Ocean's franchise seems to have hit the bull's eye.

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While there were reports of many stars (some even from the previous franchises) to have made cameo appearances in the film, some do not seem to have made it to the final cut. Of them all, the missing cameos of Matt Damon and Carl Reiner have raised maximum curiosity among cinegoers.

Matt Damon in Ocean's Twelve (left); poster of Ocean's 8. Facebook

Matt Damon in Ocean's Twelve (left); poster of Ocean's 8. Facebook

Speaking about this, Ocean's 8 director Gary Ross explains, "There were a lot of people who were gracious to us that just for editorial and storytelling reasons didn’t make it in and some who did,” he said. “If you know, we ended up shooting probably another 10 days afterwards so there’s a lot of material and a lot of shaping. But it really just comes to storytelling,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The doubts for Damon's cut rose from the fact that he had brought upon himself a lot of flak after he made some unfavourable comments on the #MeToo campaign. There were also reports of a certain petition doing the rounds that demanded Damon's part to be cut from Ocean's 8.

The petition alleged that he "enabled" Harvey Weinstein's conduct by trying to squash a New York Times report in 2004 that detailed instances where the now fallen Hollywood mogul exploited his status as a studio executive to harass and assault women.

Damon denied trying to bury the story and claimed he had no idea of the allegations against Weinstein who helped catapult him into an international household name.

With an all-star cast led by the ever-popular Sandra Bullock and supported by Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling and Rihanna, the Warner Bros film has so far minted around $41.6 million at the American box office.

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Updated Date: Jun 13, 2018 16:54:12 IST