Mohanlal calls #MeToo a fad, says movement not a concern for Malayalam film industry

FP Staff

Nov 20, 2018 16:47:48 IST

Actor Mohanlal on Monday said the #MeToo movement was not a concern for the Malayalam film industry. The president of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) also described the ongoing #MeToo wave as a fad that will eventually blow over.

Mohanlal. Image from Twitter

Mohanlal. Image from Twitter

The veteran actor was addressing members of the press at an event in Dubai to promote his upcoming charity fund-raiser Onnanu Nammal. When he was asked to share his thoughts on the movement, he said it was turning into some sort of a fashion. "There is no big problem in the Malayalam film industry. #MeToo is turning into something of a fashion. Anything like that will have a life span for a bit and will soon disappear," a Scroll report quoted him as saying. He further added: "I cannot make a comment on #MeToo. You can talk about it only if you experience it. Otherwise there is no point in commenting."

Mohanlal's tenure as the president of AMMA has been plagued by multiple controversies. The association, led by him, has been slammed by the Women's Collective in Cinema on multiple occasions for their treatment of the kidnapping and sexual assault case of a Malayalm actress. Actor Dileep, who is an accused in the case, gave up his AMMA membership in October after a continued protest by the members of the WCC.

Updated Date: Nov 20, 2018 16:54:09 IST