Miley Cyrus offers feminist commentary on inclusivity and empowerment in Mother's Daughter

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Jul 03, 2019 11:31:52 IST

New Delhi: Singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus has been unveiling a string of new projects right from her single 'She is Coming' to starring in the latest season of Black Mirror. Yet again, the singer has dropped her NFSW music video of her single 'Mother's Daughter', that celebrates inclusivity, sexuality, and freedom.

The video begins with the text 'Every woman is a riot', and then proceeds to pose a commentary on non-conformist standards of beauty with a montage of clips celebrating women of all shapes, sizes and skin colour.

 Miley Cyrus offers feminist commentary on inclusivity and empowerment in Mothers Daughter

Screenshots from Mother's Daughter music video. YouTube

This three-minute forty-second video is embedded with powerful statements like 'Virginity is a social construct, 'She is in your eyes', 'Not an object' and the refrain, 'Don't fuck with my freedom.'

Cyrus is seen wearing a red half face shield with other women shown as superheroes. It also features cameos from Aaron Philip, Amazon Ashley, Angelina Duplisea, Casil McArthur, Lacey Baker, Mari Copeny, Melanie Sierra, Paige Fralix, Tydryn Scott, Vendela and Cyrus' mother, Tish.

Prior to dropping the video, Cyrus posted a series of pictures of the people shown in the clip who shared their struggles in the caption.

Cyrus shared Ashley's picture who is a dancer, and captioned, "Sometimes I feel so helpless and discouraged because there is so much injustice discrimination and hatred in the world we live in."

In another post, Cyrus shared about McArthur, she wrote, "I try to live as authentically as I can and I want to create a space where everyone else can do the same."

"I don't want people living in fear - because of how they choose to identify and express themselves to the world. I want people to live and love freely. My existence shouldn't be upsetting to people, but if it is, good. People like me and my community aren't going anywhere. We're coming into a generation where it's way more accepted to express ourselves and our identities," the post ended.

Her new EP, titled 'She is coming', with six songs released in May and is the first of three EPs planned by the singer.

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Updated Date: Jul 03, 2019 11:31:52 IST