Jake Gyllenhaal is teaming up with Life director Daniel Espinosa for a film on combating ISIS

FP Staff

Mar 27, 2017 14:21:45 IST

Jake Gyllenhaal is becoming one of the more recognisable faces in Hollywood after films like Prisoners, End of Watch, Enemy and Nightcrawler. His new film, the Alien meets Gravity-esque Life with Ryan Gosling has made a box office collection of 12.6 million already.

File photo of Jake Gyllenhaal. Image courtesy: Creative Commons.

File photo of Jake Gyllenhaal. Image courtesy: Creative Commons.

Now the actor is teaming up with Daniel Espinosa, the sci-fi director of Life, for another film. After tackling a film about alien invasion, the duo is now making a film about a different sort of invasion. The two are in talks for an adaptation of the Rolling Stone article, 'The Anarchists vs. ISIS' reports Variety.

The article is centered around 27-year-old Brace Belden, an American 'punk and pity criminal' better known as Twitter user @PissPigGrandad, who joined Kurdish militia YPG last year to fight ISIS in Syria reports SPIN.

The article tells the true story of a ragtag team of American volunteers, socialists and outcasts who are fighting alongside the Kurdish militia known as the YPG to beat ISIS in Syria and establish an anarchist collective amid the rubble of war.

"Thematically, we’re often attracted to material about the search for identity, especially in a world where it’s become easier to feel less and less connected," said Marker in a statement. "Seth's (the Rolling Stone reporter) story is about people who abandon everything that’s familiar as a means to connect in the most brutal of circumstances."

The Anarchists vs ISIS isnt the only real life adaptation that Gyllenhaal is attempting. He has the Boston Marathon bombing movie Stronger coming up, and he’s also signed on for The Man Who Made It Snow, a film about the only American allowed in to the inner circle of Pablo Escobar’s cartel.

Updated Date: Mar 27, 2017 14:21:45 IST