'I will come back with something fresh': Kapil Sharma on 'Comedy Nights..' going off air

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Jan 21, 2016 13:22:18 IST

It was no less than a shock for TV comedy lovers when it was announced that the long-running show Comedy Nights with Kapil, is going off air. One can't deny that during the course of the show, host Kapil Sharma turned out to be one of the most popular comedian and television actor of current times.

Reportedly, the show was abruptly pulled out as there were some issues between the channel and Comedy Nights with Kapil. While speaking to CNN-IBN, Sharma didn't indulge himself in clarifying the reason behind stopping the show, but he surely seemed upset by the turn of events.

I will come back with something fresh: Kapil Sharma on Comedy Nights.. going off air

Kapil Sharma in an interview with CNN IBN.

"I never thought like a producer. It was meant to be a bi-weekly show but I thought that if I do it bi-weekly just to earn money I would compromise on my content. So I asked the channel to make it a weekly show. When you have to leave your own show it feels really bad. Never mind we will come back," Kapil told CNN-IBN.

He  never thought that the show would become so popular. "When we started, we had made a small 26–episode series, but we ended up doing almost 200 episodes," adds Sharma.

Sharma is certain that he will come back with another show soon, as he feels it's his responsibility to keep entertaining the audience, who has showered him with so much love.

"I am inundated by messages asking me not to stop the show. I feel like it’s my responsibility to continue and I shouldn’t take a break. I will come back with something fresh. I am sure people will love that show as much they loved Comedy Nights With Kapil," he said.

Catch the full interview with Kapil Sharma on CNN-IBN.

Updated Date: Jan 21, 2016 13:22:18 IST