First Lady: Nimrat Kaur, Meghna Pant discuss the joy of living life on your own terms

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Nov 18, 2016 12:37:29 IST

This time on First Lady, host Meghna Pant got to interview Nimrat Kaur, an up and coming actor who’s already making waves in India and abroad.

Kaur is best known for her work in The Lunchbox and Airlift, but she also made quite a name for herself as Homeland’s Tasneem Qureshi.

Director Raja Sen describes Kaur as “disarmingly natural”; it’s as apt a description of her interview as you’ll find anywhere.

In the course of the interview, Kaur discussed the definition of success and said that it’s ever changing. “What I thought of success two years ago, isn’t the same today,” said Kaur.

When asked about the changing perception of Indian culture, particularly in Hollywood, Kaur had some very interesting insights to give. She believes that art always reflects the society of the time and the changing perception of Indians in Hollywood is just an extension of the changing perceptions of people the world over.

Kaur loves being an actor and loves her work, and that’s very apparent in the interview. “I love meeting new people, new energies. That’s what my core is,” Kaur added.

She also has a very down-to-earth stance on feminism.

In her own words, “The idea of a modern woman is to have a sense of self-worth and identity.” She strongly believes that women, by nature, love their families. “We’re the reason families are together. We’re born this way,” said Kaur, adding, “But what else? That’s what women need to ask themselves.”

Catch the full interview above to learn more about Nimrat Kaur and her passion for life as well as her work.
First Lady: Nimrat Kaur, Meghna Pant discuss the joy of living life on your own terms

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