East India Comedy's Fairy Fails: Check out these princesses who smash patriarchy

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Mar 09, 2017 17:37:30 IST

East India Comedy (EIC) released a video called Fairy Fails, where three fairy tale princesses tell a mother what is wrong with the stories they belong to.

It is refreshing to watch these characters behave like sarcastic feminists rather than archaic, stereotypically weak heroines.

 East India Comedys Fairy Fails: Check out these princesses who smash patriarchy

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The video starts with a mother excitedly narrating a bed-time fairy tale to her young daughter, while the daughter falls asleep after hearing the "happily ever after" ending. The mother kisses her good night, and the child asks if she too can be a princess, to which the mother replies, "Of course, sweetie!" She tells the daughter she will find her prince charming, too.

As soon as the mother says this, she is pulled into an intervention headed by Snow White, featuring two other fairy tale princesses, Cindrella and Sleeping Beauty. They ask the mother why she is still reading such "trash" to her child in 2017. They compare her to Cindrella's evil step mother, who they say is less delusional than her.

The video is pretty bold in that it compares the manipulative quality of fairy tales to that of religion. They make a comment about how pervasive and impactful the details depicted in these stories are through lines like, "We've been on a diet for 400 years! We saw pizza being invented and we didn't get to eat it!" There are also some modern jokes; the princesses throw shade at the mother for liking pineapple as a pizza topping.

They challenge the notions of "happily ever after" and Prince Charming, calling him Prince Erectile Dysfunction. They actually put the mother through a rapid fire round of questions based on the plots of fairy tales, pitting the patriarchal plot twists against the more rational, feminist choices. The mother finally realises that she needs to read stories of inspiring women to her child.

The writing is funny, with references to the actual fairy tales like climbing into the house using Rapunzel's hair.  It's hilarious to watch the characters speak in everyday lingo through line such as, "Cindrella has to bounce at 12."

This EIC video gets a little preachy and jargon-filled when the characters have to explain what exactly is wrong with fairy tales. It's like walking into Sociology class, except your professor is dressed in a colourful gown. What saves this video from becoming holier-than-thou is an impromptu dance performance to Beyoncé 'Run the World'. 

Watch the video here:

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Updated Date: Mar 09, 2017 17:37:30 IST