Bridesmaids or Bros? A Brazilian bride has male friends fill in for pre-wedding rituals

A young bride switches things up as she asks her male friends to be her bridesmaids.

FP Staff May 23, 2017 18:34:21 IST
Bridesmaids or Bros? A Brazilian bride has male friends fill in for pre-wedding rituals

Rebeca Sinohara is a 24-year-old woman from Itajubá, Brazil that got married recently, and in the days preceding her wedding she did all the things that a bride does with her bridesmaids.

There is nothing extraordinary about this piece of news. Rebeca however, was a computer engineering student. This is the bit where her story gets interesting.

Bridesmaids or Bros A Brazilian bride has male friends fill in for prewedding rituals

Rebeca Sinohara with her 'bridesmaids'. Image from Facebook.

True to the engineering stereotype, Rebeca's class had 56 men and only four women none of whom she managed to get close with.

Nor was she particularly tight with any of her female childhood friends. So naturally, when Rebeca saw pictures of other brides celebrating their pre-wedding days with their bridesmaids, she was upset.

It was somewhere around that time that Rebeca had her eureka moment. She decided not to follow the traditional route and instead asked her closest 'bros' to fill in as her bridesmaids instead.

What followed was a soiree of sorts, with five grown men wearing pink satin robes, sitting around putting face packs on their faces and cucumber on their eyes, shaving their legs, while they gushed over the bride and her dress and had various shots of alcohol to celebrate the soon-to-be-lost singledom of their best bud.

They helped her in prepping for her wedding day and were as fiercely supportive and helpful as traditional bridesmaids would have been. Rebeca was always certain that her 'bros' would have her back and if she asked them to do this, they would be more than willing to oblige.

Rebeca shared pictures of her night on Facebook, and within no time her post had gone viral.

People could relate to her predicament and loved the hilarious twist that she put on what could have turned out to be a grave and depressing problem. She shared the rib-tickling pictures on Facebook with the caption, "This is what happens to a girl in computer engineering."

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