Bisht, Please! TVF's first show with a woman protagonist is all about men

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Apr,04 2017 20:37:25 IST

A small-town girl shifts to the big bad city of Mumbai. She is ordinary. People are either enamoured by her ordinariness or shy away from this simpleton.

Countless Bollywood films and web series like Girl in the City have used this plotline again and again. And now TVF's new series Bisht, Please! follows the same concept.

bisht please

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Here, we follow the protagonist, Neetu Bisht (TVF cofounder Nidhi Bisht), a girl who keeps on getting herself into trouble. Bisht plays a lovable loser who keeps yielding to the demands of her ex-boyfriend Donny (Tushar Pandey), office best friend (Amol Parashar) and her father (Vipin Sharma.)

The first episode starts with Donny dumping Neetu in the first five minutes of the show. They have been together for six years, and she still loves him while he has moved on and moved in with his new girlfriend who refers to Neetu as her ‘nemesister.’

Apparrenly, ‘nemesister’ refers to the woman one's boyfriend has moved on to.  Parnika says in the episode, “When you are sisters you come out of the same body, but when you are nemesisters, the same body has been inside you.”

And ofcourse, Donny's new girlfriend is everything that Bisht is not. She is conventionally beautiful and has a Harvard degree. Will Neetu transform into a beauty who can hold her own, who makes the boyfriend come running back to her? We will just have to wait and watch

Also, Snapdeal makes a memorable cameo in the episode twice.

Nidhi Bisht, who stars as the protagonist of the show, has also written the screenplay. She manages to incorporate stereotypical ageism and sexism together seamlessly in her show. Case in point: A friend tells Neetu that she should take her cheating boyfriend back because she is 28. Otherwise she has two options: Her dad setting her up with someone for arranged marriage, or suicide.

As for the 'humour' in the show, as a country bumpkin who has come to 'conquer' the city of her dreams, the whole episode is nothing but cringeworthy.

But the performances are acceptable. Bisht makes quite an impression and Tushar Pandey shines as the crazy ex-boyfriend.

Will Bisht, Please! break away from the age old stereotypes it is embracing?

We'll keep you updated.

Updated Date: Apr 04, 2017 20:37 PM