Bigg Boss 10 finale: How the controversial show unfolded over ten seasons

Love or hate Bigg Boss, it is the most talked about reality show in India.

Seema Sinha January 28, 2017 13:01:55 IST
Bigg Boss 10 finale: How the controversial show unfolded over ten seasons

Fist fights, love affairs, scandals and even marriages — everything taking place under the glare of arc lights and tons of cameras. That has been the 10 year long Bigg Boss experience for you.

Love or hate Bigg Boss, it is the most talked about reality show in India. All the more so after it found its permanent anchor in Salman Khan after having flirted with single season hosts like Arshad Warsi, Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan. A turning point of a show, saas bahu soap consuming Indians had an equal appetite for the drama queens and the enfant terrible of the celebrity world, and therefore for 10 seasons, Bigg Boss has seen a successful run.

Bigg Boss, Season 1 (2006)

Season 1 started out with such controversial names like Rakhi Sawant, then fresh off the Mika kiss controversy, Carol Gracias, Kashmeera Shah, Deepak Parashar and LGBT icon Bobby Darling. The show finally was won by Rahul Roy. Thank god for small mercies. For, had any of the more dramatic contestants won the first season, one shudders to think the kind of contestants the show would have attracted.

Winner: Rahul Roy

Bigg Boss, Season 2 (2008)

In between there was season 2 after a gap of two years, in 2008, skipping the year 2007, hosted by Shilpa Shetty herself fresh from the Richard Gere kiss controversy and her stint with Big Brother in the UK. Surprisingly, Mumbai’s resident drunkard and top nuisance maker Raja Chaudhary behaved well for a change throughout the season. Destiny’s favourite child, or maybe the weirdest, Rahul Mahajan went generally incomprehensible. Sambhavana Seth carried over her attempt of dethroning starlet Rakhi Sawant and then there was gangster Abu Salem’s girl friend fresh out of jail, Monica Bedi.

Winner: Ashutosh Kaushik

Bigg Boss 10 finale How the controversial show unfolded over ten seasons

L to R: Rakhi Sawant, Gautam Gulati, Sambhavna Seth and KRK.

Bigg Boss, Season 3 (2009)

2009 saw an anchor tallest in stature, Amitabh Bachchan himself. The theatrics were provided by the bulkiest cry baby ever — Vindu Dara Singh. Forever obnoxious Kamaal R Khan aka KRK, Rohit Verma of blonde wigs and multicoloured, multi layered clothing; Jaya Sawant was also part of the show. Then there was Shamita Shetty attempting to provide whatever little glamour she could. Another new element, foreign beauty Claudia Ceisla was also a part of season 3.

The highlight of the season? KRK throwing an empty plastic bottle at Rohit Verma with latter giving expressions fit for an armed assault. Surprisingly, it was Vindu Dara Singh who walked away with the trophy and prize money.

Winner: Vindu Dara Singh

Then entered superstar Salman Khan as the host of the show and it would never be the same again.

Bigg Boss, Season 4 (2010)

Though the TRPs shot up from season 4 in 2010, specially during the weekend episodes featuring Salman, the shenanigans of the contestants were not a shade paler than those of the earlier ones.

From Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik’s romantic linkup to Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s wedding, there was entertainment of all variety, and it was probably one of the best seasons it terms of TRPs. The responsibility of flowing rivers of tears in Season 4 rested on the nubile shoulders of Sara Khan, who ended up marrying on the show (and later divorcing) her boyfriend, Ali Merchant.

Incomprehensible and static, the great Khali was no match for the histrionics of Manoj Tiwari, Samir Soni, etc. But the discovery of the season definitely was Dolly Bindra whose lungs of steel with Baap pe mat jana becoming the national slogan, which remains unmatched after more than half a decade. And it was for the first time that a female contestant won the show with Shweta Tiwari taking the trophy and wad of notes home.

Winner: Shweta Tiwari

Bigg Boss, Season 5 (2011)

The makers of the show stuck to Salman as anchor for season 5 as it had paid dividends, however, the number of horror kings and queens on the show also shot up along with the ratings. Such erstwhile schemers as Akashdeep Saigal aka Sky, Pooja Missra,  Mandeep Bevli and Shraddha Sharma screamed their lungs out in a battle of cuss words. Emotional drama was provided by Mahek Chahel and Shonali Nagrani.

Actress-singer Raageshwari Loomba backed off with a special mention for the reason of her departure by Salman Khan — decency.  Pooja Bedi tried to provide romantic moment for whatever it was worth with. LGBT actress Laxmi Narain Tripathi took over the onus of promoting FabIndia sarees and big bindis.

Winner: Juhi Parmar

Bigg Boss Season 6 (2012)

By now the show had started  becoming more and more about Salman Khan. Salman started getting embroiled in contestants’ interactions and fracas. Known for his notoriety, Imam Siddique  took on Salman temporarily with his ‘time out’ refrain, suggesting that Salman shut up. But it was in Sapna Bhavnani that the actor-host found a lifelong arch enemy. Sapna continues to tweet against him  till date.

After on screen marriages it was the turn of on-screen divorces and reconciliations – the drama was taken upon themselves by television actors, Rajev Paul and Delnaaz Irani. Husky voiced Sana Khan came from nowhere claiming to be a film actress and post show went on to boast of being Salman’s heroine, which turned out to be a false alarm and went nowhere.

The biggest brand of Bigg Boss was launched when Indo-Canadian adult star, Sunny Leone walked into the show as a wild card entrant. She did not win the show but she didn’t have to bother, instead she won many film contracts and the rest as they say is history. In keeping with the trend of a female and a soap star winning the show, Urvashi Dholakia won it despite her numerous showdowns and occasional breakdowns.

Winner: Urvashi Dholakia

Bigg Boss, Season 7 (2013)

Not one but two torrid romances took place in this season making it some sort of a love special. While Gauahar and Kushal managed to put up a facade of politically correct balanced lovers who would never explode at each other, surprisingly they did not have the same composure while interacting with other contestants.

However, it was the sadomasochistic and totally gender insensitive relationship of Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukerji that caught people’s eye.

However, Armaan had to leave the show and go to police station when he tried the same violent physical strength with another female contestant Sofia Hayat, a future nun. A more tragic future awaited another contestant Pratyusha Bannerji, television actress, who committed suicide three year later, in 2016. The fourth female contestant Gauahar Khan emerged as winner.

Winner: Gauahar Khan

Bigg Boss, Season 8 (2014)

One of the major highlights was the romance between Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna, who at the start of the season was very vocal about her boyfriend (Rushabh Choski). Then, there was a little love story with friends-turned-foe-turned-friends Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares hitting it off since day one. Their bathroom antics became the talk of the town. But their love story was cut short with Gautam’s mother’s interference and like an obedient son, he started maintaining distance from Diandra.

There was also lot of violence with Puneet Issar physically attacking Arya Babbar during a task, Sonali Raut slapping Ali Quli Mirza for his inappropriate comment, and catfights between Sambhavana Seth and Dimpy. From hurling shoe at Dimpy to talking about her personal life, Sambhavna left no stone unturned to show her hatred towards Dimpy.

It was the hi-jack task that made Gautam Gulati a hero outside the Bigg Boss house. His fan following increased after this incident where Karishma applied chilli powder on his face, and he eventually won Bigg Boss 8. Although there was no controversy involved, but Bigg Boss and Salman fans were heart-broken, when the actor left the show temporarily as he was unable to host the extended version of Bigg Boss 8 -- Bigg Boss Halla Bol due to his prior commitments. That is when Farah Khan stepped in.

Winner: Gautam Gulati

Bigg Boss, Season 9 (2015)

It can be called the season of ironies. Despite unwilling and uninteresting contestants, the show sprang up a controversy every week. However, it still couldn't garner good TRPs. Before Priyanka Jagga, there were many others who displayed the do-or-die spirit by peeing during a task. After the bold and brazen Priya Malik took a pee in a car,  others like Rochelle and Kishwer followed her.

Kishwer Merchant got back at Rishabh Singh in what became a first-of-its-kind act to be shown on national television. She spat in Rishabh's drink to teach him a lesson for tormenting her and the other housemates in the task wherein Rishabh had forced Kishwer and her boyfriend Suyyash to go down on all fours and act like dogs while playing Go Fetch.

There was loads of violence, too. When Kishwer got a little too close to Mandana while trying to heckle her, Mandana retaliated by kicking her in the stomach. Bollywood actress and Salman’s co-star from Kyon Ki, Rimi Sen, too, managed to create controversy. She survived six nominations (in spite of wanting to quit 24/7) and several taunts from Salman for not participating in any task.

Despite all the criticism, she refused to leave the house when the main doors were thrown open for whoever wanted to leave. It was the hunky but cheesy Prince Narula who beat Rishabh Sinha, Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao to emerge winner and pocket the prize money.

Winner: Prince Narula

Bigg Boss, Season 10 (2016)

Season 10 promised to be bigger and better in comparison to its previous seasons and the big twist of hosting commoners in the house gave the makers of the show a hope for soaring TRPs. The show did gain popularity but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons thanks to self-proclaimed godman Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga.

It was extremely difficult for the housemates to keep Swami Om in his limits. He was violent, urinated on national television, passed derogatory and personal remarks on female contestants and was finally expelled from the controversial reality show after he urinated on his fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra.

Besides that, we saw Gurbani Judge aka VJ Bani J, who despite maintaining an indifference throughout her Bigg Boss journey, didn’t stop at physically attacking Lopamudra Raut, her staunch rival in the show. However, Bani J is one of the most popular contestants, and giving her tough competition is Manveer Gurjar , a commoner, who in a way represents the face of a common man of the country.

The show also saw few link-ups, and the most controversial one was the ‘romance’(were they faking it?) between Manu Punjabi and Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa which led to a scandal of sorts with the respective partners of both the contestants appearing together for a discussion on the show. The ‘romance’ eventually ended with Mona’s beau, Vikrant Rajpoot entering the house and both getting married in an extravagant pomp in the Bigg Boss house.

With two days left for the finale (January 29) the finalists include two commoners and two celebrities, and if a commoner emerges winner, it will create a history of sorts and probably open the doors for the commoners even in future seasons.

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