Bigg Boss 12 unveils new promo amidst speculation that 'vichitra jodi' theme has been changed

FP Staff

Aug 25, 2018 15:25:15 IST

The theme for the new 12th season of Bigg Boss no longer remains that of 'vichitra jodis' (unique couples), reports DNA. A source corroborated the news to saying, "There will be no celeb jodis. 6 single celebs will enter the house. 5 commoner jodis will enter the show with 5 single commoners. Later on, the singles will be paired inside the house with the celebs and that is how the concept of 'vichitra jodis' will work."

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

There may also be a possibility that the premiere date is pushed back, adds the report. The reason behind the possible postponement are a few technical glitches. Till now, Sristy Rode and Shaleen Bhanot have been confirmed as contestants for the show.

This change in theme was apparently brought about as the makers could not get hold of sufficient celebrity couples, due to which the format was tweaked. The report also adds that a surprise factor has been introduced in the show. Not all contestants, whether celebrities or commoners, will enter the Bigg Boss house together. Some of them will be kept in a separate house for the first few days of the show.

However, contrary to speculations, Raj Nayak, COO of Colors, posted a second promo video of Bigg Boss season 12, captioning it 'vichitra jodis' of the new season.

Salman Khan, who has played host on the reality television show will be conducting his weekly grilling sessions from a set-up of a classroom instead of the Bigg Boss sets that audiences are prone to seeing. His Weekend Ka Vaar will be shown through a 'blackboard' like screen to the inmates in the house.

Updated Date: Aug 25, 2018 18:38:02 IST