Avengers: Endgame — Iron Man dies 14 million times; Hulk's already dead; Did Serena Williams leak huge spoiler?

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Feb 27, 2019 13:41:45 IST

Avengers: Endgame, the highly anticipated and closely guarded conclusion to the Avengers saga, debuts in theatres on 26 April, 2019. The speculation about the final instalment continues ever since Avengers: Infinity War ended on that cliffhanger with Thanos erasing half the population of the universe and as many of Marvel’s superheroes dissolving into the air.

After Marvel released the first trailer for the film, the rumours and theories have only increased tenfold. So, here are all the intriguing ones that have been doing the rounds over the last week or so.

 Avengers: Endgame — Iron Man dies 14 million times; Hulks already dead; Did Serena Williams leak huge spoiler?

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame

Iron Man might die over 14 million times

Redditor /u/alexandrepigeot has an intriguing new theory which suggests that Tony Stark might have to die over 14 million times in Endgame to learn from his mistakes and find a way home to save the Avengers. This is obviously a reference to Doctor Strange's revelation in Infinity War that he found only one outcome in 14,000,605 possibilities in which our beloved heroes come out on top against Thanos.

"He told Stark and Nebula (the others present got dusted) about the one winning scenario, pretended that there was a point in fighting Thanos, then willingly gave him the stone. Assuming he didn’t zap back and forth in time behind the scenes during that time, that was all he did and, apparently, that was enough to reach that one scenario," claims /u/alexandrepigeot.

Hulk's already dead and we missed it?

At least that's what Redditor /u/angrydanmarin seems to think. This fascinating, albeit quite unlikely, theory states that while Bruce Banner managed to save himself from the Thanos's Snap, his Hulk persona was not as lucky. Infinity War saw a constant internal conflict between Banner and Hulk and /u/angrydanmarin claims Endgame will completely expel Hulk from Banner's body.

"At the end of Infinity War you see Bruce banner’s head flop to one side after the characters get clicked away,” the Marvel fan says. “His head stays down like he’s unconscious. Hulk, the persona, got clicked away. This is why Hulk refused to come out. He thought that by staying inside, he’d be protected,” the Redditor suggested.

Of course, this contradicts what some of the theories based on the promo images have been hinting at — that Banner and Hulk might merge into Professor Hulk.

Alternate Reality team-ups

A previous fan theory had stated how Thanos's Snap did not necessarily destroy half of all life in the universe but it just sent everyone who turned to dust into an alternate universe. A new theory from Inverse writer Corey Plante takes it a couple notches up and posits that all the post-Endgame MCU movies will take place in an alternate reality. He also believes Endgame will have plenty of alternate reality Avengers team-ups.

"Perhaps the final scene of the movie is just a small group of survivors migrating into a timeline when Infinity War never happened? Or maybe the older Stark we’ve seen in Endgame dies, and they recruit a new one from the past or an alternate reality. The possibilities are endless, but even if Endgame focuses mostly on time travel, the very act of traveling back in time creates even more divergent timelines. So, in essence, Old Tony teaming up with Young Steve is already an alt-reality team-up," he writes.

Serena Williams reveals huge Endgame spoiler

In a now-deleted Instagram post, tennis star Serena Williams might have accidentally leaked a spoiler to Endgame. While attending the 2019 Oscars ceremony, the tennis ace shared a video on Instagram of Chris Evans aka Captain America while pretending to take a selfie and talking to an unknown person. At one point, you hear Williams say how she was “devastated that he died in that movie, Avengers.” Her friend then immediately tells her it was a "secret" and she wasn't supposed to blurt it out.

While it's impossible to confirm if what she said really does happen in Avengers, it has sure left many fans upset and furious that the tragic fate of one of their most beloved Avengers was leaked before they could see the movie, come 26 April.

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