Aquaman director James Wan says he wanted Jason Momoa's superhero to stand out from Superman

FP Staff

Jul 18, 2018 16:42:44 IST

James Wan, the director of Aquaman, says he was eager to make sure that the upcoming DC film's titular superhero was as different as possible from Superman.

As the Man of Steel is often considered the strongest superhero in the DC universe, there's always a temptation to make your other characters a lot like him.

 Aquaman director James Wan says he wanted Jason Momoas superhero to stand out from Superman

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in a still from the film. Image via Twitter

But Wan insists he was cautious in making sure that "Aquaman isn't Superman." In an interview with, he said, "From a story standpoint there's a reason why Aquaman ultimately is powerful. He's strong because, like most Atlanteans, their bodies are built to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure, they live so far down. So when they come up, their body is... they're not aliens from another planet, but because of the physics of our planet and all that stuff, when they come up to the surface world their body can withstand really strong pressure. And so where bullets literally bounce off the Man of Steel, bullets can graze these guys and maybe break the skin, and break the flesh, but it doesn't necessarily penetrate because they their muscle mass and their body mass is much more dense."

The Furious 7 director recently said before agreeing to helm Aquaman, he had told Warner Bros and DC bosses that he would like give his own treatment to the film.

"I told them that I understand and respect that Aquaman is part of a bigger universe but at the end of the day I have to tell the story I want to tell and want to develop the character because its such a big part of my life as the filmmaker behind it. And that was something the studio was respectful about," he said.

Aquaman features Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa in the title role. The cast also includes Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, Willem Dafoe as Dr. Vulko, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna.

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Updated Date: Jul 18, 2018 16:42:44 IST