American Made trailer: Tom Cruise's new film will remind you of Knight and Day

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Jun 07, 2017 16:58:11 IST

The official trailer of Tom Cruise's upcoming movie has finally been released. The movie which was initially titled Mena, was later renamed American Made. The release date too, had been pushed back from 7 Jan, 2017 to 29 September, 2017.

American Made trailer: Tom Cruises new film will remind you of Knight and Day

Tom Cruise. Image from Getty Images.

American Made comes from the director of A-list movies Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity — Doug Liman.

Tom Cruise plays Barry Seal, a hustler for drug king-pin Pablo Escobar in his latest venture, and the story line is based on his real-life exploits. Seal was a daredevil airline pilot who went on to make millions of dollars by flying almost 60 tons of cocaine into the United States of America back in the 1970s and 1980s.

He was then unexpectedly recruited by the CIA and he went of to become the Medellin drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's — the most famous drug lord in modern history — top hustler.

Seal ran one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. history, an operation that almost brought down the Reagan White House through the Iran Contra scandal. Seal ended up dying in a hail of bullets at the hands of 11 Colombian hit men. The entire operation along with Seal's death was a murky spot in American history. Cruise — a trained pilot himself, was the obvious choice for the role.

The trailer gives us major Knight and Day vibes — another movie in which Cruise played an undercover secret agent. Apart from his role in Knight and Day, the overall feel of American Made is also strangely reminiscent of Cruise's previous action comedy. A peppy soundtrack, with an overall theme of blue and white accompanied by a vibrant and energetic trailer. Cruise is seen landing a plane in both the clips. With so many perceived similarities between the two movies - one can expect American Made to be received as warmly by the audiences as Knight and Day was.

American Made was in the headlines back in September 2015 as a plane carrying the movie's crew members had crashed in Colombia, killing two people — American film pilot Alan David Purwin and Colombian Carlos Berl — and seriously injuring a third, reports Variety. The movie was once again embroiled in controversy thereafter, as the makers were sued for two wrongful death lawsuits along with the families of both Purwin and Berl suing each other.

Watch the trailer for American Made below


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